Greetings Fannibals! So this is my contribution to the HannibalOdyssey Fest. It is a fantasy map of the place where we spend so much of our time. I present to you

The Land of Fannibals Map

So basically you can see where you live based on which area of the fandom you spend most of you time in. Are you a writer of angsty fics, then you make your home in Fic Forest near the Cliff of Tears. Are you a maker of Gifs and Edits, then Mirror Lake is your home. Or are you a wandering minstrel that travels the entire length of the island. The cannimals and I live in the Adoraburbs of the Prairie D’Art near to the foot of Crack Mountain.

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Vintage Ladybird Hannibal the Hamster Books, Set of Four - Runs Away, On Holiday, On the Farm, Goes to School, Matte Hardback, 1970s, 00913
Set of four lovely vintage Ladybird books about the adventures of Hannibal - a brave and adventurous little hamster. This Ladybird series of

Cannimals have always been popular it seems…

“A brave and adventurous little hamster.”

(CC: @byk23 )

Our Little Murder Family is getting started on their baking already. This year they are getting a lot of help from The Feeding Hannibal cookbook and @whimsy-by-joja. A little bit of spice, a sprinkle of sugar and plenty of people!

Hanniholidays Day 1: Holiday Cookies

Hannipenguin and the Cannimals will be posting for every day of the HanniHoliday calendar!


So @trykster-maraca reminded me that i have not done a head count of the Cannimals recently. This is important as Hannipenguin has been known to ‘retire’ cast mates that he didn’t like (No,Hanni, put that down).

The cast so far…

Back row: Mason the pig, Margot Pony, Alana Zebra, Will Mongoose, Jack the bear

Middle row: Chilton the gingerbread man, Reba the tiger, Francis the (smol) great red dragon, Matthew the bird (he prefers hawk but he’s really a bird), Hannipenguin, Abigail penguin

Front left: Team Sassy Science Lab Mice Beverly Katz, Jimmy Price, Brian Zeller

Guest star appearances (not in picture): Franklyn the Walrus, Bella Crawford the bear, Morgan Verger the floppy ear bunny, Lobster Will 

Greetings New Followers!

Thank you so much for following. The Cannimals and I are so looking forward to getting to know you. But if you are wondering what in the fullerverse you have gotten yourselves into, here are some information about this blog. (All good intentions to actually put information on my page has been waylaid by procrastination. Also i’m easily distracted by Hugh Dancy)

1) Why is there a penguin on a Hannibal blog? This is the Hannipenguin origins story. Also here is a list of the Cannimals so far (list not updated to include Bedelia the cat yet)

2) But wait, i also see pandas and raccoons. The Cuddle Husbands are a Cannimals Au of Pannibal and Pandiwill as well as Nigel and Adam Raccoon from Spacedogs. Read their story here on A03

3) No, but there are actual animals. Tag me your penguins! or your raccoons, or pandas or any random animals that reminds you of the Cannimals. Share the cute. 

4) I also occasionally do Manips and Book Covers

If you are a penguin blog that accidentally followed i’m sorry but since you are here have you heard about a show call Hannibal…..

Once again Thank You for joining us. We are gonna have us some good funny times. 

Hannipenguin Explained

Dear Fannibals,

I apologise for not posting up a proper Hannipenguin Origins story before this. I had meant to put it as a FAQ on the blog but i kept getting distracted (mostly by Hugh Dancy pictures).  

 So the story goes like this. It all started with this post The idea of Hannibal being a penguin was so wonderful to me that i drew the first Hannipenguin comic as a crack

The Cannimal sanctuary grew from there and has now taken over my blog. Thanks to everyone’s wonderful ideas and support, the Cannimals and its AU (Cuddle Husbands) have life of its own. 

So why a penguin? There is no real explanation. Maybe it’s the suits. But i like the answer that Hannipenguin gave me when i asked him.  He just shrugged his little flippers and said in his little penguin voice “Nothing happened. I happened”.

@hannibalancebeam @drhanniballecter

Send me an ask drawing!

Thank you to everyone who send me an ask for Cannimal drawing. Hannipenguin is chirping with delight at being able to dress up!

Today’s ask is for No. 12: In a big scarf. Requested by

I did not do Hannipenguin in a scarf as he’s saving his scarves for Christmas (and also cos thirsty scarf dad took them all). But here’s a little surprise…

Adam likes snuggling in Mr Lecter’s scarf. I like to think Mr Graham bought him this scarf because it reminds them of the curtains in Mr Lecter’s old office.

The rest of the requests are coming soon. Asks are still open so send me something you would like to see!