Paradise together.~ Taylor Caniff Instagram Post . (Requested)

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Beach Body-Guard

Requested By- @cierrashort

Request- hey girlie, could you do a taylor caniff imagine where you guys go to the beach and some random guy hits on you? tysm💗

Person- Taylor Caniff

Warnings- None (I think)

Today we were all just kind of bored so we decided to head to the beach. I throw on my favorite swimsuit and put on a pair of shorts and a tank top over it. I throw a few things in my beach bag and grab a towel and head out to the living room. Everyone was ready so we headed out to the beach. As soon as I get there Taylor and I set up the blankets on the beach, Aaron, Cameron, and Lele run straight to the water, and (y/best/friends/n) goes to park the car. I dig through my bag “Hey, Taylor I forgot some sunscreen, I’ll go check if there is any stores nearby that sells some.” Taylor nods and I grab my wallet and phone and head off in search of a store. I found a small Walgreens about a quarter mile away. I head in and look for the sunscreen. I just grab the first brand I saw and head to check out. There was only one cashier open so it took forever. There was a guy that was in line behind you that struck up a conversation with me. “So, forget some sunscreen?” “Yeah, my friends and I were at the beach and I forgot to grab some.” “Oh day at the beach? Sounds fun.” “Yeah it’s quite hot out today.” “Yeah, that’s not the only thing that’s hot. Wonder how you look under this outfit. Maybe I could see.” He says reaching for my tank top strap. I move before he can and say. “I have a boyfriend.” “So? I’d love to meet the dope you think could please you better than I can.” He says crossing his arms. I fee arms wrap around my waist. “Hello, I’m the Dope.” I look behind me and see Taylor. “Haha, you’re dating this chump?” “Yes I am. That a problem?” “No I guess not, that is if you got for Fuckboy tools. Won’t be surprised if he breaks up with you tomorrow.” I roll my eyes and it was finally my turn to check out. Taylor made a comment back to him though. “It’s funny how you think you know who I am. I would never dream of breaking her heart. I love her way to much to let that happen. Now you go try hitting on another girl. This one is taken.” “Time to go.” I say as I finished checking out. We walked away ignoring all his stupid remarks. We get out of Walgreens and I turn to kiss Taylor, “Thanks for the help back there.” “No problem, no guy should talk to you like that. Now how about we head back and I help you with that sunscreen.” I nod and we head on back to the beach.

"California" fan lyric video
  • I'm 'hosting' a fan lyric video for Jack&Jack's "California", open to participants world wide.
  • The essence of this is fans recording a small video (sorta vine length) of them holding signs and things like that and joining all the videos to make a very different lyric video.
  • To participate, all you have to do is contact me either here or on Twitter (@/Babi__correia)
  • The participants will be credited on the end of the video itself, with their Twitter @ names. It might be a good way to get noticed by them 😉

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