More favourite memes:

  • “I’m not an expert, but [absurd solution to mundane problem].”
  • “I’ve tried everything - [reasonable approach], [reasonable approach], even [something totally off the wall]!”
  • “It’s not gay if it’s [impossible scenario].“
  • “Could be worse - at least it’s not [implausible misfortune].“
  • “Eat him.“

ok so last night i had a dream that dean winchester was bitten by….

a wereduck.

yes, a wereduck. and it didn’t give him any kind of special powers or bloodlust or other murderous compulsions. he literally just remained the exact same dean because there really isn’t anything special about wereducks, apparently.


every month for a week he had to turn into a duck.

and like. when the duck bit him he had no idea it was wereduck. he just. turned into a duck for a full week. and sam was panicking and frantically looking for him until a week later this fuckin. duck. just waddles into the bunker. and sam is like, “how did a DUCK get in here?” and then right before his eyes the duck transforms back into dean. and dean is just like “dude, i got bitten by a wereduck.” and sam was like, “what. the. FUCK.” 

and then my dream ended.


What do you see?

commission for @octopifer who told me to do what i wanted with cannibalism so here we are :)))) story behind this is mccree and reyes are forced into cannibalism in a survival situation. mccree is very very ill (and hallucinating). he needs food and reyes has no choice but to do the unthinkable….