Hahahahahahahahahahahaa - I'm Sorry.

OOC: I so completely lied. It’s almost been a year and I didn’t continue this shit.

It just made me feel better to say it when I knew it wasn’t going to happen.
I’m such a dick.

It’s his 3rd anni in 9 more days on the 15th.

I might as well tell you what I was planning since it will most likely never happen.

Joey lost all memory of “Cannibal” Sam. Sam was relieved and saw it as a second chance. Which it was. But he saw it in a different way. Instead of trying to correct his ways he instead tried to repeat history in a better way.

By feeding Joey Who meat little pieces at a time to see his reaction, to see how he felt, see if he liked it or not. But every time Joey ate a piece of ‘bad’ meat he would regain lost memory.

Joey thought he was just remembering a nightmare but after so many times he remembers everything. He isn’t Paranoid!Joey though. He had his mind, but he’s disgusted, scared, and fearful of what Sam has done.

He doesn’t know what to do. This isn’t right. And he knew there was no way he would persuade Sam otherwise. So after thinking about all of his options he makes a decision. “That the fans were sorta suppose to make.”

Which was either “Kill Sam.” or “Contact the WhoPolice of Sam’s actions.”

Either, Sam would die in Joey’s arms, or Joey would watch Sam leave to WhoPrison where he would be executed. Either way he would die.

So, Cannibal Sam ends. Joey is free. But he feels empty. So very empty. Like he made the wrong choice.
He just can’t live without Sam. He can’t live without his stupid smile or his idiot actions. So he ends his life.

And that was going to be the end of this blog.

But I don’t think I will ever be able to play this out. Maybe some day I will when inspiration hits and I’m in a better place. But I can’t with my condition right now.

Thank you so much for every one of you who enjoyed Samibal. You guys made this blog one of the best things in my life. I’ll never forget this.
Thank you.

Helena looked over the letter before she folded it up and slipped it into the envelope. She had no idea if Sam would be interested in her ‘gift’, or if he would open the letter from someone he’d only met once. But as she left it on his doorstop, she hoped that the younger cannibal would find happiness.

The note read:

In all honesty, I don’t know how to begin.
I suppose I’m truly writing this on a whim.

My soul is about to leave this world,
Because of some of things that have unfurled.
And so I wanted to leave you a gift,
Something that will hopefully give you a lift.

Down below you will find a key to my home,
Which treasures you find you may keep as your own.
These are not, however, the gifts I wish to bestow,
That you will find in my little chateau.

In my box if ice, you will find your treat,
A glorious collection of all kinds of Meat.

Some from here, some from there,
Some marinated with flair,
Some cooked medium, some cooked rare,
Some made as jerky, out in the fresh air.

So eat them, eat them all I say.
Eat them and have a truly glorious day.
Seeing you always brought me great smiles,
Ryming and cooking and killing with style.

Stay wonderful, stay beautiful, and stay glorious.
I know in your life, you’ll always be victorious.

Your ever faithful fan,
Helena Stein

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cannibalsam asked:

Sam approaches what he hopes to be the girl's house, standing for a brief moment before making a few knocks at the door. Despite having just received a key to the house he thought it'd still be rude to just walk in. He waited before knocking again hoping he wasn't too late. "Helena??"

Well this was unexpected. Helena knew that voice, though she hadn’t actually heard it in quite some time.

Sam was in for a slight shock as the woman opened the door, for she looked very much different than the last time they’d met. er hair, previously flaming red, had grown out, and the woman had stopped feeling the need to dye it. Now it was a deep raven color, causing her skin to look all the more pale. Her golden eyes, so bright before, held strange little brown specks of color in them, and similar, larger tanned patches of skin found their way over her arms and back, and even on her legs.

What was most concerning however was her belly area. Even with as much as she had been eating before she’d simply stopped two days ago, she was so very skinny. If Sam tried, he would most likely be able to wrap his arms around her middle twice.

“W-well, hello there,” the woman said sheepishly. “I admit, you came a little faster than I expected. Sorry, I haven’t quite finished cleaning the place out yet. But..” She pulled open the door, unsure if he wanted to enter or not.