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Story titles, invented by neural network

So Prof. Mark Reidl of Georgia Tech is the best kind of geek, and used some cool scripting to extract all the things on Wikipedia with plot summaries: movies, books, tv episodes, video games, etc. That’s a lot of plot summaries: 112,936, to be exact. 

With a dataset this large, a neural network can achieve impressive results. Sure enough, when I trained this open-source neural network framework on just the titles alone, it consistently came up with titles that were both varied and (usually) plausible. 

Below are some of my favorites, arranged roughly by apparent genre:


Titanic Buffalo
Pirates: A Fight Dance Story
The Bad Legend
Conan the Pirate
O Bullets
Home Transformers
Shurk Hat Dies!
An Enemy of Bob (Homicide: Life on the Street)
Cannibal Spy II
American Hero: Fire of Crusty
Lego Man Hunt
Nancy Drew: The Last Day (film)
Surf Crisis
Legend of the Experience of Scarlet Freedom Damageboo
American Midnight: Swear Dragon


Under the Daleks
Batman and Flancles: The Fun Tree
The Legends of World Planet
Bomberman’s Love
The Enchanted Feed
The Star Wars: The Santa Contact
The Long Ninja Dove in the Air (film)
The History of the Galaxy Bunny Lada
City of the Stupid (film)
Shy Castle
Hamburger (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Swords and Batman: Summer Party ?


The Boordeeple (2011 film)
A Dog’s Toy Friends
Boop (Adventure Time)
A Dinosaur Quest
Colonel Corn (video game)
New Bear
Borky the Pig (film)
Excellent Very Broken Christmas
The Great Bother Cat (film)
Happy Cat in the Yaku Wonder
Fireman and Halloween Rules
Big Can Flower Home
The Green Yaurglar Pig
Scooby-Doo'Wagon Traps (video game)
Book Dog (film)


Terror Dog
Tree Screaming
Zombies of Florence
The Trunkelling
A Vampire Time for Monster
Murder’s Eagle
Frozen Bat (film)
Haunted Place
The Sheep of Evil
Barney’s The Devil’s Treachery
Merry Scroobers: Crown of Evil
The Steel-Pounted Murder King
The Shadow of Life of Very Worgy (film)
The Mystical Booged of California


Market that Knave
Spork at Bliss
The White Soup
An Indiana Office
The Last Fish Show
The Fish of Education

Restricted section (there were quite a few more of these)

Absilloved Lovers 2: Black Bearfly Dawn
Horse Man Academy 5-R: Cowboy Sheeper Wydex
Breed Bot 3: The Journey Kitchen
Wild Bad Party 109
Pink Moon
Indiscreet Maidman

And finally, a list of the most quintessential story titles, obtained by setting the creativity to near zero on a highly-trained network:

The Story of the Stranger (1994 film)
The Last Day of the Story
The Lost Princess (film)
The Stranger (1994 film)
The Last Star (1994 film)
The Secret of the Story of the Stranger (1996 film)
The Stranger (2014 film)
The Story of the Stars
The Story of the Stranger (1999 film)
The Last Day of the Sun
The Story of the Star Trek: The Secret of the Story of the Star Wars

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could you make a list of gory horror movies please??

  • Castle Freak
  • Re-Animator 
  • The Prowler
  • Hellraiser
  • Hellbound: Hellraiser II
  • Dead Alive/Braindead 
  • Day of the Dead
  • New York Ripper 
  • Maniac 
  • Martyrs
  • Cannibal Holocaust
  • Cannibal Ferox 
  • Zombie 
  • The Beyond 
  • City of the Living Dead 
  • Street Trash
  • The Thing 
  • The Fly 
  • Demons 
  • High Tension 
  • Evil Dead ‘81
  • Evil Dead ‘13
  • Body Melt
  • Inside 
  • Audition 
  • The Burning 

Just off the top of my head, these are some that really push for gore.

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Hi there! I hope your having a good day! ^-^ may I request todoroki and tokoyami trying to confess to their crush? (if that's all right ^-^)

(you didn’t specify so I went w fem pronouns) i’m sorry if the todoroki ones so bad but i’ve had the tokoyami one written for so damn long i’m sorry this took so long


It all happened by accident, Shouto confessing to his crush and knocking her into the fountain.

All accidents, but he only regretted the latter.

It was Saturday and the pair sat on the edge of a fountain in the middle of a surprisingly vacant park. She had roped Shouto into going on this group outing with a few of their classmates but she had messed up the meeting place landing them in the earlier mentioned vacant park.

Well it wasn’t completely vacant; there was a flock of pigeons to the pairs left.

His crushes head sat in her hands, completely mortified that she had messed up something so simple.

Todoroki sat stiff a couple feet away, unsure how to comfort his crush. He thought it’d be best if he didn’t interfere, scared he’d somehow make it worse. This didn’t actually work for him though since his crush came to him with teary eyes, rambling on about her mistakes. Todoroki was too stunned to answer, not by her emotions but by the fact that she could even think that about herself.

‘’I’m just omg, so fucking dumb I can’t believe I messed up something so simple! If I can’t read directions how am I supposed to be a hero cause I’ll get calls and they’ll be like hey we need you here at I don’t fucking know street cause there’s a giant cannibal on the loose and you’re the only hero who can stop them but I won’t be able to cause I can’t read fucking directions and their gonna eat everybody! I’ll never get to show my face again and I’l-‘’

‘’You’re amazing and uh I’ll be there to read the directions for you so you’ll never get lost and I love you.’’ Todoroki seemed caught off guard by his own statement, surprised he had just said what he’d been hiding for the past year aloud and to the one he’d been hiding it from.

She hadn’t realized it at first, laughing at his absurd comment but it quickly died once she realized what came at the end.

The teens both turned a bright red, unsure how to continue after Todoroki dropped that bomb.

‘’I uh, I love you too Todoroki-kun.’’ She swallowed; it was hard to talk since her mouth was so dry.

Todoroki smiled awkwardly and went in for a hug but of course that didn’t go so well. He had put too much weight into it and his crush was still fairly disoriented from what just happened. She was sent back into the fountain with a screech sending Todoroki into a panic.

He pulled her out and offered her his coat. She was soaked head to toe and shivering like crazy.

‘’I’m so sorry I’m so fucking dumb are you ok?’’ His hands hesitated over her shoulders for a couple seconds before he placed them down, gripping her gently.

All she did was laugh, wrapping the jacket tighter around her body.

‘’Hey Todo-k-un du-do you wanna go on a date with me?’’


It had been a bad idea for Tokoyami to go to Ashido-san for help, sure she was just trying to be helpful but none of this really seemed his style. That morning she had shoved a box of chocolates and an overbearing bouquet of red and white roses, a few bluebells scattered in it, into his hands.

Her smile encouraged him to confess big and bold manner but his heart and brain told him it wasn’t the best idea, especially considering what kind of person you were.

Shy with a mean face but kind under that hard shell, Tokoyami already knew how Ashido-sans plan would really pan out, you running away with a red face and locking yourself in your dorm out of embarrassment.

One time Uraraka commented on how cute she looked and that was the last they saw of her all day. She would completely overload and systems would fry if she even saw Tokoyami walking her way with such a large gesture sitting in his hands so that’s how he ended up hiding them in a closet near your dorm.

Knock Knock.

‘’Come in!’’ She sang from the other side of the door, the sound of feet hitting the wooden floors crossed the dorm room.

Before Tokoyami could even open the door it was swung open, revealing his crush clad in her school uniform which was strange since school ended three hours ago.

‘’Helloo Tokoyami-kun.’’ She hummed with wide eyes, clearly in a cheerful mood. He looked passed her head, seeing text books lining the floor in a semi-circle, paper strewn everywhere painting with bright colours.

She must’ve been studying for the upcoming test.

‘’Studying?’’ Tokoyami mentioned eyeing her messy room with the tiniest hint of a smirk.

Her face went red, bringing up her hand to the back of her neck, ‘’Yeah, I’ve failed the last two so I really gotta step it up according to sensei.’’ She giggled, bringing warmth to Tokoyami’s heart.

‘’Do you need any help?’’ The offer left his lips before he could even stop himself, truth be told he hadn’t done so hot on the past couple tests either so he shouldn’t be offering anyone help.

His crushes face instantly brightened with a rushed nod, ‘’that’d be amazing Tokoyami-kun, it’s great that you popped by I’ve actually been stuck on this one question for the past ten minutes.’’ She added the last part with a less enthusiastic mumble before stepping aside and letting the taller boy in.

It had only taken three steps for disaster to strike, unseen by either of them was a half full cup of peppermint tea sitting forgotten in the middle of the room.

Tokoyami’s foot collided with the cup sending the tea into the air and all over the papers and text books lining the floor only a foot and a half away.

‘’I didn’t even see that there I’m so sorry!’’ He cried head whipping from left to right searching for something to clean up the mess while his crush panicked to his left.

It took a couple seconds for her to remember the closet a couple dorms down from hers where they kept all the cleaning supplies.

That was the same for Tokoyami, but his mind wasn’t focused on the cleaning supplies.

He looked to his left hopping she hadn’t left the room yet but when he turned his head he found nothing but empty space.

‘’Fuuuuuck! Fuck! Fuck!’’

The four lettered word continued to fall from his mouth as he sprinted the hallway, it seemed longer than usual, the walls closer, boxing him in as his heart raced at an alarming rate.

He found his crush in the entrance to the small storage closet, head in her hands steam practically spiralling off of her fingers and up to the ceiling. She was facing the bouquet and box of chocolates Mina had given Tokoyami, her face was hidden behind her hands but he could tell it was beet red.

Tokoyami’s mouth hung wide open, hoping he could think of something clever or funny to fix the awkward situation but all that came out was ‘’I like your face.’’.

A strangled noise came from his crush as she uncovered her face, turning to the bird boy with a red face and watery eyes.

She choked out her response, mimicking Tokoyami’s blunt statement exactly, it seemingly being the only thing her brain could think of.

They later (like five minutes later) went on a date to the next supply closet since there weren’t actually any paper towels in the one the pair ended up confessing in, then they went for ice cream.

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choices - to kill a king (ft. bastille & friends) // cannibals with cutlery - ralph (ft. dan) // these streets - dan (ft. ralph) // get home (cover) - to kill a king // oblivion (cover) - to kill a king // bloody shirt (remix) - bastille // cut her down - annie oakley hanging // sophi is a lady - annie oakley hanging // 13 steps - annie oakley hanging // feet don’t fail me - annie oakley hanging // telegralph road - randalph // owen - randalph // keep talking - randalph // new blue dress - randalph // electric head - randalph // falling - bastille (ft. ralph) // walk to oblivion - bastille (ft. ralph)

Sister! There’s always something … about Janine.

Is Moriarty really back from the dead? Or is it Sherlock’s version of Professor Moriarty’s brother (also named James in Arthur Conan Doyle’s canon), Janine? 

It would be “Sherl” and “Mike” in reverse :

Janine -> Jaime  (or Janey) -> Jane Moriarty (gender-swapped from ACD’s James Moriarty).  

This will allow a parallel to the beginning of A Study in Pink with Harriet “Harry” Watson – and we learned from S03 that parallel callbacks are worth bonus points in Sherlock’s storylines:

Both Jim and Janine have first appeared as people that draw little attention under the circumstances.

Jim as the IT guy: ‘So you’re Sherlock Holmes.’ <- Who pays attention to the non-medical support staff at St. Bart’s?

Janine as the chief bridesmaid: ‘So you’re Mr. Holmes.’ <- Who pays attention to a bridesmaid when all eyes are on the happy couple during a wedding?

Janine worked as personal assistant to Magnussen, which is functionally similar to ACD’s James Moriarty the younger’s profession as “station master” - someone who keeps a train station (updated now to a media empire) on time and in running order (updated now to by directing people and information instead of people and trains). In any case, also a support staff role that draws little attention.

Storytelling seems to be a favorite family hobby, along with kiss-and-telling-a-lot:

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hi! i’m alaska. heart this post or give me a hi if you’re interested in throwing our muses together in a post-apocalyptic, very creepy/horrific setting. (ideally, they become partners). i would prefer to improvise the first scene (knowing very little about each other’s characters), but if you would like to discuss it in detail we can do that too. <3

more info/rambling down below…

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5 Musicals to Watch Right Now

*This was originally a freelance project for a specific name but the dates got messed up and it never got posted. Enjoy Tumblors!

NBC has announced that it plans on airing another live musical event in 2014, perhaps in hopes of satisfying those underwhelmed by this month’s production of The Sound of Music. Fortunately if you’re a fan of the multi-camera Broadway-style musical you’re in luck, as some of the greatest Broadway experiences exist in their entirety online! So congrats on scoring orchestra level seats that double as your couch, because here are some full-length musicals that nailed the whole live-broadcast thing.

Company by Stephen Sondheim; starring Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Colbert, Patti LuPone, Christina Hendricks, etc.

Company is a classic. Robert is a single man surrounded by lovers— his friends, his parents, acquaintances new and old. NPH brings amazing insecurity to Robert as his family pleads with him to settle down and take a relationship seriously, an idea that he finds complex and confusing even if nobody else thinks so. The last number is just tear-jerking and remains a timeless golden nugget within American musical archives. Bonus points for Stephen Colbert in a turtleneck and Joan Holloway-Harris looking happy for once.

Highlights: “Marry Me a Little” at 1:18:50—the lyrics are pretty much the most perfect modern-day wedding vows.

Sweeney Todd by Stephen Sondheim; starring George Hearn and Angela Lansbury

Ah, yes, the musical about quiet cannibalism and the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, back with a vengeance. Sweeney Todd has seen numerous resurrections, the most famous of which is Tim Burton’s version of the sordid tale. Benjamin Barker is a barber who lives a happy life with his dream woman and baby girl until he is summoned away by a jealous town judge. Upon returning to his former life, Barker finds his wife dead, his daughter adopted and mistreated, and, luckily for us, a new friendship with the odd baker woman who works out of the shop below his own. The newly named Sweeney and an enamored Mrs. Lovett get revenge the only way they know how—with a twist ending that is to die for.

Highlights: the darkly-funny “A Little Priest” at 1:13:00 is the first time we see Sweeney smile and it is too sinister for words.

PIPPIN by Stephen Schwartz & Roger O. Hirson, choreography and direction by Bob Fosse; starring Ben Vereen and William Katt

Stephen Schwartz is beloved by most people without them even knowing it. Only the man behind the legendary music of Wicked, The Prince of Egypt and Enchanted could be responsible for Pippin, the entertaining and disturbing story of a young man seeking fulfillment in his life—whatever that may mean. Pippin’s story is told by a troupe of traveling performers including a brand new “Pippin” every night, so if the performers and their Leading Player are a bit manipulative and dangerously persuasive of their newest member, what are we to do but just sit and watch? This Canadian taping with most of the Broadway original cast demands your full attention and will earn it in seconds; Ben Vereen as the Leading Player has won countless awards for his performance of Bob Fosse’s insane choreography.

Highlights: “Glory,” which begins at 0:26:38, depicts a gruesome war (Heads on sticks! Impaled warriors!) and famed dance segment, “the Manson Trio,” about 4 minutes later.

Legally Blonde: The Musical by Laurence O'Keefe, Nell Benjamin, Heather Hach; starring Laura Bell Bundy and Christian Borle

If Sound of Music needs a few notes from a live musical broadcast, it can take them from Legally Blonde, prerecorded from a live performance in September of 2007 and aired on MTV that October. This show is effervescent and super girly and totally fun. With several dashes of adult humor (arguably more than the much loved film on which it’s based) and enough catchy songs to fill the longest road trip, this musical invites Elle Woods onto the stage where she absolutely belongs. Elle follows her ex to Harvard where she hopes to win him back and soon meets Emmitt, a hyper-logical law student who sees potential in Elle under the blonde blowout and scant pink attire.

Highlights: “Chip on Your Shoulder” at 0:48:58 is so hummable it’s not likely to leave your head all week. Plus, if Uncle Max was one of the highlights of NBC’s Sound of Music for you, you’re in luck.

Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber, filmed in Austria. Starring Drew Sarich and Steven Seale

JCS is the ultimate musical experience for so many reasons, and this version outdoes them all. This taping includes multimedia images projected onto a scrim in addition to some not-so-subtle alterations to the musical we probably all saw done in high school. This one is darker, louder and over-the-top at times, and the result is an intense hour and a half of straight rock opera. Drew Sarich leads the show as Judas Iscariot, through whose eyes we see a loose interpretation of the last days of Jesus’ life, culminating in maybe the most famous musical chorus of all time. Drew has the voice and vocal range of a symphonic superhero and will surprise you within the first 6 minutes of this worldwide classic.

Highlights: 0:10:52—only about 10 minutes in and the tension is tangible in “Strange Thing, Mystifying.”  

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What are some of your favorite documentaries!


okay, so here’s what I can think of that the moment, I’ll edit this as I think of more! (just like a disclaimer, I like disturbing, crime and scary stuff, so some of these may be triggering, or highly disturbing to some! Please bear that in mind guys if you are bothered by stuff like this!) <3333

The Paradise Lost Trilogy (Paradise Lost 1: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills, Paradise Lost 2: Revelations, and Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory)

 West of Memphis

Just Melvin, Just Evil

Food Inc.

The Thin Blue Line

Capturing the Friedmans

 Child of Rage


 Kidnapped for Christ

Titicut Follies

The Perfect Vagina 

The Hammer Maniacs 

Interview with a Cannibal

 The Iceman


 Black Tar Heroin 

High on Crack Street 

Jesus Camp 



 The Central Park 5

 Killer Legends

 Hot Girls Wanted

 Whore’s Glory 

Bowling for Columbine

Children of Darkness

Born into Brothels

Kids Who Kill


In the Celluloid Closet 

Who Took Johnny

The Thin Blue Line


The Imposter

Room 237

Never Sleep Again


Fahrenheit 9/11

20 Feet From Stardom 

if you guys have seen any of these, message me so we can chat!!! also send me recommendations! 

<3333 Tay

Jeffery Dahmers Apartment
Adress: 924 North 25th Street, Apartment 213, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
•Cannibal killer Jeffrey Dahmer took lives in several locations, including his grandmother’s house—she kicked him out due to the parade of men arriving at all hours and the wretched smells emanating from his room. But the majority of the killing happened at his Milwaukee apartment. Here, he found it easy to lure young men with offers of money for sexual favors. Once there, he would drug them with sleeping pills and visit upon their flesh his horrifying paraphilia. He kept body parts in his refrigerator for later consumption. The torsos, however, he immersed in a 57-gallon drum of acid. Bizarrely enough, police had once visited Dahmer’s apartment; after one of his victims escaped, he convinced the officers that they’d been in the midst of a lovers’ quarrel. The officers briefly entered the apartment, and though they noticed a disgusting smell, they did nothing to act on it.
Dahmer was eventually caught on July 22, 1991 after yet another potential victim escaped. Details about the human trophies found in the house are perhaps too hideous to recount. Neighbors gathered outside, watching in shock as officers in hazmat suits carried out remains.The evil that took place in the building dictated that it could not stand for long. Community outreach programs helped residents find alternative housing. In November 1992, the structure was demolished, and today it is nothing but a weed-choked, vacant lot.

man idk how hannibal does it

if i were a cannibal i’d walk down the street and just be “HEY DID U GUYS KNOW I’M A CANNIBAL” like there’d be no hope for me