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My best friend was replaced by government with Tom Cruise and everyone was acting as if it was always this way. But I knew it wasn’t. So Tom Cruise kidnapped me and tried to force-feed me with 18 giant meatballs. I somehow recognized it was made of my friend, so i started crying, then I tricked Tom Cruise and killed him with a fork.

This is the most vivid nightmare I have ever had. In second grade, I dreamed that I was floating over my casket, and a bunch of people were crying on the bleachers. My mom went for a walk with me, and pointed to a group of people eating someone in the street. She told me that I got the flu, and I got eaten.

Then, I had to go to my next door neighbor and explain to him that I was dead and not coming back and his mom cried. It was the scariest dream I ever had and I’ll never forget it.

τῷ δ᾽ ὥς ποθι Μοῖρα κραταιὴ
γιγνομένῳ ἐπένησε λίνῳ, ὅτε μιν τέκον αὐτή,
ἀργίποδας κύνας ἆσαι ἑῶν ἀπάνευθε τοκήων
ἀνδρὶ πάρα κρατερῷ, τοῦ ἐγὼ μέσον ἧπαρ ἔχοιμι
ἐσθέμεναι προσφῦσα: τότ᾽ ἄντιτα ἔργα γένοιτο
παιδὸς ἐμοῦ
Thus mighty Fate spun for [Hector] at his birth
with her flaxen thread, when I myself gave birth to him:
Quick-footed dogs would eat their fill of him, far from his parents,
before a brutal man, whose inmost liver I wish I could
devour, clinging on: at that moment would acts of vengeance for my son be born.

Iliad 24.209-14

Translation notes: Hecuba uses a different word for “swift-footed” than the famous epithet of Achilles, but synonyms aside, it seems likely that she is purposefully associating him with corpse-desecrating dogs. (The beginning of the epic also hints at this, when it relates that the rage of Achilles made many heroes prey for dogs.) Hecuba’s own rage over Hector’s death then drives her to wish, viciously dog-like herself, that she could eat Achilles’ liver out of his torso.

If Alexis Kennedy has any significant role in the next Dragon Age game, there will be at minimum 500% the expected quantity of cannibalism. We will see a LOT more ghouls. We will have to choose which party member to permakill and eat. Broodmothers are back and this time they’re really big and you have to walk around inside their guts for some goddamn reason. The game is set entirely inside a Broodmother. You have to eat a party member more than once, twice mandatory third time optional. The speaking cast are ALL ghouls. Everyone’s ghouls, Hawke.

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Wait is she really a cannibal?

if you refer to this post, you can review a bit of worldbuilding and – most importantly – the Three Taboos

  1. thou shalt not mate with another species
  2. thou shalt not consume raw flesh or flesh that has been unlawfully prepared
  3. thou shalt not sever the soul from the body

in some form or another, Sevila has committed all three of these – be that of her own volition or not. Which is the long way of saying: yes. 

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What is the relevance of heart eating in Nordic culture? Is it just a one time thing that Loki happened to do?

Heart-eating is by no means a one-off event. Heart-eating also occurs in the stories of the heroes Sigurd and Böðvarr Bjarki. This topic is quite near and dear to my… soul, so I’m quite excited to discuss it.

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I was at what appeared to be a group therapy session when suddenly a man with an oversized gun walked in. Stefan Karl Stefansson (the actor who played Robbie Rotten in Lazytown) handed the man a giant lollipop, and the man just walked out. Only a few seconds later (despite never having left the room), Stefan informed everyone in the room that the police had arrested the man who was a wanted cannibal and that they had confiscated his truck full of “food”.

I’ve been hearing theories about the thistle man being a zombie, but he sounds more like a ghoul or a monsterously tangible omen of death something similar… He’s probably a thing all on his own but definitely too intelligent and singleminded and sadistic to be a zombie, which are mindless and and motivated by hunger, whereas he seems probably soulless and with motives indeterminate beyond pursuing and terrifying our protagonist.

Romance/cannibalism/demon butlers

 So I see this reoccurring theme in Kuroshitsuji/Sebaciel fanworks, where writers characterize Sebastian as having fallen love with Ciel in spite of their contract, suggesting that even though their ultimate interaction will be Ciel’s murder and the consumption of this soul, that Sebastian some how managed to develop almost human feelings of love/attraction/etc during their time together and no longer wants to eat Ciel as a result. Often times these stories will resolve in Sebastian’s willful termination of their contract. Ie, “I love you so I no longer want to kill you and eat your soul.” 

While I get this in theory, I think it is SO MUCH MORE Romantic (albeit also more fucked up) to characterize Sebastian as having fallen in love with Ciel as a result of their contract, meaning the cultivation and damnation of Ciel’s soul is the process by which he fell in love with him, and Ciel’s murder and the consumption of that carefully crafted soul serves as the most true and absolute consummation of their love. Ie, “I want to kill you and eat your soul because I love you.” 

Aside from seeming OOC, any termination of their contract just feels less intense and Romantic than Sebastian’s overwhelming, canonical desire to eat Ciel. I just don’t buy that this demon from hell would want to call of their agreement because of love, I think its more likely he would be driven to complete their agreement out of love, that killing and eating Ciel is or at least has become an act of love. 

I also like the idea that Kuroshitsuji literalizes a lot of beautiful metaphors about love, about the selfish, honest unhealthy model of love people don’t talk about: humans like to think that the idea of love is calling off the contract. Agreeing to never hurt the one we love, to spent an eternity with them free of the power dynamics which define other human interaction, as if we are somehow above that when we’re in love. But a more common model for love is not calling off the contract. Taking everything from the one we love, changing them into the work of art we want, and then ultimately killing them and consuming their interior. 

Maybe this is because I legit think that the abstract idea of cannibalism is Romantic, and because I similarly think that love ending in death/absolution is Romantic. (Thanks DXH).

Anyway, the point of all this is to encourage writers to pander to my sick self and write more about Sebastian loving Ciel, and having that love inform and intensify his desire to kill and eat him rather than destroy it???!!