cannibalism mention

Let me just say up front: I mentioned the cannibalism thing only because @the-queen-of-thedas made a similar gaffe and I wanted to make her feel better.

Please DO NOT start that shit all over again. I am having a bit of a down-on-myself day already and revisiting that particular disaster will only make it worse.

More favourite memes:

  • “I’m not an expert, but [absurd solution to mundane problem].”
  • “I’ve tried everything - [reasonable approach], [reasonable approach], even [something totally off the wall]!”
  • “It’s not gay if it’s [impossible scenario].“
  • “Could be worse - at least it’s not [implausible misfortune].“
  • “Eat him.“
massachusetts gothic

-The snowbanks are melting, revealing what has been sleeping beneath them all winter. They are hungry. 

-Western Mass is a myth, they laugh. Their eyes are wide. Western Mass is a myth, they repeat. You cannot go there. No one can. 

-Why is that field red? The children ask. It’s a cranberry bog, the adults repeat. Just a cranberry bog. The eyes in the bog do not blink. 

-The screaming at night is the fisher cats, we promise. 

-The beaches are rocky. They are pointed, and jagged. They have teeth. Do not go swimming alone. 

-”They’re not safe to eat unless you boil them alive.” The old fisherman tells you. You think, you hope, he means the lobster. But he never specifies, and you never ask. 

-There is a reason everyone says “wicked.” 

Concept: an otome dating sim where the player character is a bizarre Lovecraftian monstrosity - except none of the boys notice, and they all treat you like you’re a perfectly ordinary teenage girl.

All of your dialogue options are incomprehensible hissing and gurgling, or cryptic gestures with unearthly appendages; you’re never 100% certain what - if anything - you’re communicating, though the boys seem to understand you.

Rather than “Athletics” or “Charm”, your stats have strange names like “Viscosity”, “Amplitude” and “Bulk”. Figuring out what they actually do is as much as part of the challenge as figuring out how to raise them.

At the end of the game, you devour whichever boy you have the strongest bond with whole; this act of consumption determines the final form you evolve into, as well as the nature of the resulting global apocalypse.

Inadvisable character design questions #137:

  • If your character was a tree, what kind of tree would they be?
  • Your character has had a song stuck in their head for the last three days. What song is it?
  • In a deserted-island scenario, would your character consent to be eaten? Why or why not?
  • What’s the pettiest thing your character would at least consider selling their soul to the Devil for?
  • Muffins or bagels?

…For Hannibal, all mentions of cannibalism could be replaced with “eating his feelings” and it would be equally/more accurate

  • The show contains dozens of lovingly filmed and lavishly scored scenes of Hannibal eating his feelings
  • After being breaking up with Will, Hannibal goes on an eating-his-feelings spree across Europe
  • “If Hannibal is the Ripper, what’s he doing with his trophies?” “He’s eating his feelings.” 

The Gang’s reaction to Carmen (a trans woman) marrying a cis guy in “Mac Fights Gay Marriage” is so… Surprisingly positive. O.o

Like, there’s still the slur they use as a nickname for her and this gross focus on her genitals because that’s The Gang for you, but they very clearly see her and talk about her as a woman and are baffled when Mac calls her marriage gay marriage.

I think it’s an interesting commentary on the fucked-up nature of our society that even these characters who contemplate cannibalism and murder are baffled that Mac would see a transwoman as not a woman.

A+, Sunny.