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Concept: a D&D campaign where every party member has been co-opted or replaced by some sort of hostile intelligence; e.g., the fighter has been possessed by a ghost, the wizard is being mind-controlled by her sapient magic ring, the rogue is actually a shapeshifting blob-monster who devoured the original and stole her form and memories, and so forth. Each of them is totally unaware of the others, and believes itself to be the only monster in a group of unwitting human adventurers.

I once saw a space australia post that aliens would freak out about our current way to treat people with medicine, surgeries and stuff. Lets say, transplant an organ from a dead person into a not so healthy, still living person, but this is, in my eyes, pretty humane and we can ensure that everything is sterile and the patient will survive at this point in time.

Aliens could freak about it, I’m not saying they couldn’t do that, but they would really lose their minds when they found out about our medical history of treating patients. Lets say they ask a doctor about medical history or found earth shows about this topic and end up aghast and nauseated at what humans done to themselves in earlier times.

I’ve been listening a lot to Sawbones, a podcast about medical history, lately and boy howdy am I glad that the medical field isn’t a giant guessing game anymore and we can cure a lot of things, if not all, but at least the doctors now know what they’re doing for most things.

I’m not even talking about when we blamed a sickness on the supernatural, but when we would do stuff like trepanation or lobotomies. Or patent medicines, that weren’t patented at all, but cure alls that cured absolutely nothing and tobacco, alcohol and opium much like some pretty poisonous things, like mercury, arsenic and radiation, were also in this category.
There was also the four humors system, were humans thought that there were four fluids in your body that you had to keep in balance to be in perfect health, were most likely the trend to go to your local barber surgeon for bloodletting came from, you’d also go there to get your rotten teeth removed.
Or how we treated woman and mentally ill people in the past. Or dead humans that were used in medical cannibalism.

Medical history on earth would be the biggest horror story for aliens.

Then there are always humans who romanticize almost every part of history. I don’t get this at all, like we still have milk shakes and racism, why would anyone want to live in the 1950’s? And if you would go back even further down in history, health conditions and everything else would just get worse and worse. Aliens would be flabbergasted at this.

massachusetts gothic

-The snowbanks are melting, revealing what has been sleeping beneath them all winter. They are hungry. 

-Western Mass is a myth, they laugh. Their eyes are wide. Western Mass is a myth, they repeat. You cannot go there. No one can. 

-Why is that field red? The children ask. It’s a cranberry bog, the adults repeat. Just a cranberry bog. The eyes in the bog do not blink. 

-The screaming at night is the fisher cats, we promise. 

-The beaches are rocky. They are pointed, and jagged. They have teeth. Do not go swimming alone. 

-”They’re not safe to eat unless you boil them alive.” The old fisherman tells you. You think, you hope, he means the lobster. But he never specifies, and you never ask. 

-There is a reason everyone says “wicked.” 

More favourite memes:

  • “I’m not an expert, but [absurd solution to mundane problem].”
  • “I’ve tried everything - [reasonable approach], [reasonable approach], even [something totally off the wall]!”
  • “It’s not gay if it’s [impossible scenario].“
  • “Could be worse - at least it’s not [implausible misfortune].“
  • “Eat him.“

I was at what appeared to be a group therapy session when suddenly a man with an oversized gun walked in. Stefan Karl Stefansson (the actor who played Robbie Rotten in Lazytown) handed the man a giant lollipop, and the man just walked out. Only a few seconds later (despite never having left the room), Stefan informed everyone in the room that the police had arrested the man who was a wanted cannibal and that they had confiscated his truck full of “food”.

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I agree on the whole riverdale thing...but what about cole sprouse? Is he an abuser? Like i've never heard anything about that

yes, he emotionally abused his ex. she made this post in relation to her breakup with cole, and there was another that she’s since deleted because dylan went out of his way to send fans to harass her. he also compared black lives matter criticizing bernie sanders to CANNIBALISM, as if bernie is the savior blm needed (literally wtf) and has openly refused to acnowledge white privilege. the posts have been deleted but he made some nasty comments about hurricane sandy too.

and really, we can just write off both twins because dylan posted this nasty shit on insta.

Actual lessons from trees which may or may not be helpful to a non-tree

-Community keeps you strong; stand together
-Remember to let go of things you no longer need regularly
-Make your own climate one that best serves you
-Pace yourself
-Don’t keep too much water in you in winter or you might explode
-The sun is hugely fucking important
-You can be a home to others
-Being connected is vital; but don’t hold on so tightly that you fail if they do
-Growing takes time
-There are different types of fungus out there–some want to help and some want to eat you
-Help each other–we can’t go anywhere else, we need to make it work
-Without you, the inner lands of continents would be barren wastelands with no life
-Eat your parents when they die; it’s what they would have wanted

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Re: guardians of the galaxy/dnd parallels: Even the sci-fi setting? I'm only marginally familiar with dnd and as far as I know it's all high fantasy stuff?

(With reference to this post here.)

It’s a common misconception that “Dungeons & Dragons” refers to a particular fictional setting. This isn’t actually the case; Dungeons & Dragons is a set of tabletop roleplaying rules for a particular style of play, which can be employed in a variety of settings, both officially published and fan-made.

With respect to the former, officially published D&D settings include:

  • A post-apocalyptic wasteland drained of life by vile sorcerer-kings, variously inhabited by tribes of cannibal hobbits, claustrophobic parrot-men, and giant psychic praying mantises, all of which are playable races (even the last one!)
  • A spacefaring setting in which enchanted galleons sail the luminferous aether protected by magical force fields; though most crews are human, one might also expect to encounter gunslinging hippopotami, brain-sucking tentacle monsters, or gadgeteering gnomes whose vessels are powered by giant hamsters running on wheels (yes, really)
  • An industrialised quasi-Victorian city constructed around the inner side of a giant ring hovering at the top of an infinitely tall spire at the centre of the universe, the streets of which are ruled by factions of bickering philosophers who can literally think you to death (and also everyone inexplicably speaks Cockney)
  • A dystopian confederation of Gothic city-states ruled by expies of baddies from classic horror films, including Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, Victor Frankenstein, Dr. Moreau, plus an evil version of Pinocchio, because why the hell not?

I could keep going, but I suspect you get the picture!


My Big Bad femme fatale! Off Neopets, Spiderdust is the same species as Bunni (a poisontail, a species created by my friend) but on Neopets she’s a mutant zafara. She’s an organ trafficker who works with various shady groups; she buys and sells the organs and body parts of magical beasts to use in magic… I guess on Neopets that’d translate to her being one of the suppliers of those cannibalistic items and things like that-

Her home is a church that she uses magic to make it seem like it’s Giant on the inside, but when she’s gone it’s an old dilapidated church. Story of how she lost her arm is confidential info……

Concept: a vast, ancient god-monster who would really rather be rampaging about devouring humans by the score, but in this modern era of smartphone cameras and long-range artillery that’s not entirely practical, so mostly it mopes around being cryptic (and eating the occasional overly inquisitive anthropologist when nobody is looking).

Inadvisable character design questions #137:

  • If your character was a tree, what kind of tree would they be?
  • Your character has had a song stuck in their head for the last three days. What song is it?
  • In a deserted-island scenario, would your character consent to be eaten? Why or why not?
  • What’s the pettiest thing your character would at least consider selling their soul to the Devil for?
  • Muffins or bagels?


For sale? So she was a sex worker of some type? Well, that was certainly an amusing twist.  Yamori had originally approached the lady out of the simple primal desire to devour. He had planned to lure her somewhere less open to the public before ripping her pretty little body apart and shoving each piece down his gluttonous mouth.  While he still salivated at the thought of tasting her bone marrow, his plans had quickly changed as she spoke.

She stuttered like a damned schoolgirl, she had trouble looking him in the eyes.  She was afraid, she was a small timid little creature. Such beings were not Yamori’s ideal prey, not initially. A meal like this was to be savoured, left to marinate in agony for several days before the ghoul took a bite. The privacy that came with such business deals as this only made it easier for him to get her alone, he’d be sure to take his time with this one.  With a crack of his fingers and a massive grin spreading across his face, Yamori spoke.

“ Glad to hear it, babe, though I’d pay
all kinds of prices for a dynamite broad
like you…

Concept: an otome dating sim where the player character is a bizarre Lovecraftian monstrosity - except none of the boys notice, and they all treat you like you’re a perfectly ordinary teenage girl.

All of your dialogue options are incomprehensible hissing and gurgling, or cryptic gestures with unearthly appendages; you’re never 100% certain what - if anything - you’re communicating, though the boys seem to understand you.

Rather than “Athletics” or “Charm”, your stats have strange names like “Viscosity”, “Amplitude” and “Bulk”. Figuring out what they actually do is as much as part of the challenge as figuring out how to raise them.

At the end of the game, you devour whichever boy you have the strongest bond with whole; this act of consumption determines the final form you evolve into, as well as the nature of the resulting global apocalypse.