The legend of melon heads hails from Michigan, Ohio, and Connecticut. They are said to be small humans with large bulbous heads. Different stories attribute different origins to these cryptid beings. On story tells how they are actually just children suffering from hydrocephalus who were hauled away to the Junction Insane Asylum. After the abuse and neglect they suffered at the asylum, they became feral and were eventually released into the surrounding forests. Another story from Connecticut says that the melon heads were inmates from an asylum for the criminally insane, located in Fairfied County, which burned to the ground in 1960, killing all of the staff and the majority of the inmates. It was said that 10-20 were unaccounted for and legend states that these inmates fled into the wilderness and survived on cannibalism and partook in inbreeding, causing hydrocephalus, and thus the legend of melon heads in Connecticut was born. Whatever the origin, most of these legends tell how antagonistic and feral these beings are; they are often said to attack and even cannibalise anybody who enters their territory.

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Cannibalised album:

  • Artist - Biomechanical mp3
  • Album - Cannibalised mp3
  • Year - 2007
  • Genre- Metal: Alternative


  • Slow The Poison
  • Predatory
  • Through Hatred Arise
  • Fallen In Fear
  • Cannibalised
  • Consumed
  • Breathing Silence
  • Reborn In Damnation
  • Violent Descent
  • The Unseen

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