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Um no I dont :/ I said get aaron cause you had to talk to him to talk to lindsey cause you did have the balls to say it to my face. And like now hiding behind the keys of a message board. You didn’t have the balls to say “hey kat let’s cut out stuff”

Nope wrong again! I talked to Lindsey before I left because she was the only one who talked to me while I was there. You were working on your cosplay, which is fine, I really do understand that you have to work on it. But I talked to Lindsey so I could tell her that I was leaving, cause I didn’t want to leave without talking to anyone. Aaron texted Lindsey on his own, in case Tori didn’t get my text, which I sent right after I left. And if you were talking to Lindsey at all, you would know WHY I left. Which has nothing to do with Aaron, OR Linda, who, by the way, sends her regards.