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I think possibly the most twisted side of Hannibal and Will’s relationship, but also the one that shows the most how they’re made for each other and pretty much no one else, is how they get each other’s sense of humor, in whatever form it comes. Hannibal sees Will’s bitter misanthropic sarcasm and is endeared by it, instead of kept at a distance by it like everybody else; Will should really not find Hannibal’s irony funny since it mostly involves murdering and eating people, stabbing, or making victims into art, but he tragically does. To the point that it gets him to smile, laugh, turn a dead man into a firefly, or watch an asshole eat his own face.


Woken up like an animal
Teeth ready for sinking
My mind’s lost in bleak visions
I’ve tried to escape but keep sinking

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so i just found out that Raul Esparza has been nominated for a ton of Tony awards and the dude can seriously sing and I just wonder how Hannibal would react if he found out Chilton had this one unfairly redeeming talent?

I think his chance of survival would have increased by about 42% 

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I guess Hannibal would´ve had more respect for him but not enough to not frame him : ) The victim from Fromage with the chello fits him well!

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Did Kaneki just bite Touka, so that he could heal himself (aka cannibalism)?

I’m not exactly sure of how that works (oh my god i have to read the manga again i’ve been delaying that for so long i’m the worst..) but I think it takes more than just one bite to feed yourself completely (it’s true that touka just needed one bite from him back at the church, but i think it is different this time..) even from another ghoul? if he’s planning to go and save yoriko i’m not sure if just ONE bite will be enough to give him the power he needs, and it’s not like he’s gonna eat her entire shoulder or something like that, besides she’s pregnant, i don’t think he wants to do that, it could be weird, haha.

besides, i honestly wanna believe that he truly meant what he said.. he’s not lying to her, he wants to do this bitemark thing as some kind of promise between them, a pact, to make it official somehow… and Kaneki is not a dishonest person, he won’t use all of this as an excuse just to cannibalize with her. I think he wants to make sure she knows that this is real for him too, because i’m totally convinced that he will go and save yoriko and if something bad happens to him, both have that “proof” in their bodies that what they did (making love, having this child, being together in general..) wasn’t just a rushed decision, but that it meant something for both. “.. deep enough to not fade (our relationship, what we have) even if we die.” 


10 Horror Films Directed by Women to Watch This Halloween

American Mary (Jen and Sylvia Soska, 2012)

Broke medical student Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle) stumbles into the underground world of body modification while looking for a part time job to pay the bills. 

American Psycho (Mary Harron, 2000)

Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) a wealthy, vain twenty-something investment banker, indulges in his increasingly violent and erratic fantasies.     

Black Rock (Katie Aselton, 2012)

A camping trip turns dark when three friends on vacation (Lake Bell, Kate Bosworth, and Katie Aselton) run into a male trio of campers vacationing on the same isolated island as them. 

Carrie (Kimberly Peirce, 2013)

Social outcast Carrie White (Chloe Grace Moretz) learns to harness her telekinesis to avenge herself against her abusers and tormentors. 

Jennifer’s Body (Karyn Kusama, 2009)

Best friends Needy (Amanda Seyfried) and Jennifer (Megan Fox) hit a roadblock in their friendship when Jennifer is possessed by a demon and begins eating local boys.

The Moth Diaries (Mary Harron, 2011)

At an all-girls boarding school Rebecca (Sarah Bolger) and Lucy (Sarah Gadon) grow apart after a new girl (Lily Cole), who Rebecca suspects is a vampire, begins to come between them. 

Near Dark (Kathryn Bigelow, 1987)

A small town boy, Caleb Colton, falls for a beautiful young woman who, to his surprise, is a vampire. 

Ravenous (Antonia Bird, 1999) 

Captain John Boyd (Guy Pearce) organizes a search party to save the survivors of a group of travellers who have turned to cannibalism only to find himself unwittingly lured into a trap.

Pet Sematary (Mary Lambert, 1989)

A family learns that the pet cemetery behind their home has the power to raise the dead. 

Silent House (Laura Lau and Chris Kentis, 2011)

Filmed to look as though the entire movie were taken in a single shot, Silent House features Elizabeth Olsen as Sarah, a young woman on vacation with her father and uncle, who becomes trapped in a haunted house and loses contact with the outside world. 

For 10 more women directed horror films check HERE


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beth + team prison

Demolition Lovers (63811 words) by thefangirlingdead
Chapters: 15/15
Fandom: Hannibal (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter, brief mentions of Will Graham/Alana Bloom
Characters: Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, Jack Crawford, Alana Bloom, Freddie Lounds, Beverly Katz
Additional Tags: Will Finds Out, Established Relationship, Murder Husbands, Canon-Typical Violence, Graphic Violence, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, dark!Will, ill add more as i think of it, tags are for the entire fic, but i promise i’ll list specific warnings at the beginning of each chapter, Minor Character Death, Breathplay

When Hannibal’s true identity is discovered, he forces Will to flee to Europe with him.

(I know it’s a terrible summary, but I suck at them and I don’t want to spoil anything)

beautiful in so so many ways, inspiring and can i say i cried a lot

The Grand Unifying Theory of Oatmeal

Oatmeal addiction seems to show up just once, as a one-off about chemical warfare (similar to bioweapons in 38), and then vanishes. But where did it come from? Where did the stockpiles of oatmeal by the Yeerk pool go? Are there still oatmeal addicts?

Research & Development: In 16, the Animorphs encounter Joe Bob Fenestre, a controller who has learned to live without Kandrona by a substance made from cannibalizing his fellow Yeerks. By the end of the book, Joe Bob Fenestre’s house has been burned down, and he has gone missing, never to be seen again. But perhaps he was captured by his twin, Visser 3, who rather than being just horrified by the cannibalism, also finds it interesting.

Visser 3 gets his scientists to research the substance that Joe Bob creates from Yeerks to see if they can synthesis it, replacing pools with an oral supplement. They find out that Maple & Ginger instant oatmeal has all the necessary chemicals to reproduce the process, and costs no Yeerk lives. Unfortunately, it also drives Yeerks crazy, and even if Joe Bob is still alive for them to study, he’s already crazy as it is.

While the majority of Yeerks abstain from oatmeal, some are power-hungry and crazy enough to try it. This is where Taylor comes in. The girl is already insane, and the Yeerk that infests her has such a strong drive to gain power, that they will do anything to get it. This accounts for the insanity, blurred line between Yeerk and host, and uncontrolled switching that Tobias sees in #33. It’s not simply that Taylor was crazy and drove the Yeerk insane with her, it’s that they are fused, mixed together by a combination of drugs (oatmeal) and absolutely no time apart from each other for years on end. This also explains how the Yeerk was able to survive without Kandrona for a while in 43 as part of pretending to be part of a rebel Yeerk faction, and why the real Taylor, whose personality has been subsumed through force of will, not biological Yeerk control, is able to break free and whisper “Don’t trust her” for a moment in #43. There may be other oatmeal addicts among the Yeerks, but Taylor shows us the true horror of that addiction.

Blogger comments: Honestly, Taylor being an oatmeal addict is the most likely reason for her behavior. I think it’s possible that perhaps she was the first one to try it at all. Taylor and the Yeerk were really blurred together by the time we met them in 33 and even more in 43. 

While Edelman’s situation with the Yeerk (#17) was awful, I also think he still had a sense of self. But Taylor and the Yeerk were experiencing serious identity issues by the time we met them– maybe because they had been addicted to oatmeal for so long, longer than any Yeerk that tried it as an experiment.

A/N: i hope you enjoy this! it certainly brought a smile to my face despite the angst.

im not really happy with my writing in this chapter, but…

wait. i liked the chapter but not the writing. how crazy it sounds?

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Summary: After things settle down in Richmond, Clementine is ready to go look for AJ once again. But she’s not going alone.

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building for tomorrow

Usually the smartest thing to do when a herd is involved, Clem knows, is to find a way to run from it. Put as much distance from the walkers as possible.

But she would never run if facing a herd is what stands between her and being reunited with AJ. She needs the goofball back, can’t pretend she doesn’t. It’s been too long. More than enough.

She wonders, for a brief, painful moment, if this is how Lee felt when she was kidnapped in Savannah. No matter how long it’s been behind her, she wouldn’t be able to forget the strange man who kept a walker head inside a bag. Used to speak with it, too. It makes her shiver just by thinking back.

“What’re we going to do to get through them?” Gabe asks in a small, quiet voice. He’s learning fast, she thinks with a smile. A walker can still smell them if it gets close enough, but she’s damn sure it won’t hear them.

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Nakamas, the table is set.

Take a seat for Hannibal’s third course.

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imagine Chris finding out about the prank before it happened.

  • He finds the plans somewhere in the lodge and the texts from Dr. Hill. He’s feeling like absolute shit because he didn’t know, and he should’ve known, he was supposed to be his best friend. How could he have let Josh go so long without his meds?
  • Then, he realizes (after he finds the prank outline) that it mostly revolves around him. He has to make horrible decisions, he has to get knocked out and dragged everywhere. Josh makes the assumption that Chris would probably choose Ashley, or at least be fine with him dying. 
  • This sends Chris straight to Josh. He’s crying, on his hands and knees, asking him what he did wrong. Was he really that bad of a friend? What did he do to make Josh hate him so much? Had he been that horrible to him? What did he do wrong?
  • This is what Dr. Hill had been talking about, Josh thinks. He’d not only pushed Chris away, but made him feel responsible for him doing so. Chris hadn’t done anything wrong. He’d been drunk, he hadn’t known about the prank, he couldn’t have possibly known about Hannah running off. Josh had wanted him to get together with Ashley, he wanted him to be the hero, but because of the way he’d acted and the things he’d said, he’d made Chris think that he’d been horrible, he’d been a bad friend, when he’d actually tried to reach out, but Josh spat his dummy out and refused him at every turn.
  • Chris runs off into the night when Josh freezes, too shocked and filled with guilt to give him an answer. He runs off crying, distraught.
  • Josh loses his shit. Because he literally did what Mike, Jess, Emily and everyone else did a year ago. He pranked (or at least almost pranked) a friend, they had gotten upset and ran off.
  • Josh had literally done what he was about to punish the others for doing. He was a hypocrite. He did exactly the same thing whch got Beth killed and Hannah, though unknown to him, turned into a cannibal monster.
  • He has to find Chris. He can’t let history repeat itself.

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It's really interesting to think of Hannibal as someone Will still sees as keeping him safe, which I think on some level is true. Especially juxtaposing will's inherent dislike of danger and desire for control with his desire for Hannibal's danger and loss of control to Hannibal. I find it hard to read someone who is as drawn to Hannibal as Will is as not having a degree of desire for pain, turning himself into Hannibal's knife etc, especially when it compromises his primary motivation-safety.

Anonymous said: I think it could be read as an extension of the performative submission - controlled (dubiously consensual throughout the series) danger.

[spinning off from earlier]

I was going to try to comb out some thoughts about Will & Hannibal both, each with their dark complicated shifting between wanting to hurt and be hurt by the other, but why bother when there is already THIS:

“For us, eating and being eaten belong to the terrible secret of love. … That is, we slide down that razor’s edge of ambivalence. The story of torment itself is a very beautiful one. Because loving is wanting and being able to eat up and yet to stop at the boundary. And there, at the tiniest beat between springing and stopping, in rushes fear. The spring is already in mid-air. The heart stops. The heart takes off again. Everything in love is oriented toward this absorption. At the same time real love is a don’t-touch, yet still an almost-touching. Tact itself: a phantom touching. Eat me up, my love, or else I’m going to eat you up. Fear of eating, fear of the edible, fear on the part of the one of them who feels loved, desired, who wants to be loved, desired, who desires to be desired, who knows that there is no greater proof of love than the other’s appetite, who is dying to be eaten up yet scared to death by the idea of being eaten up, who says or doesn’t say, but who signifies: I beg you, eat me up. Want me down to the marrow. And yet manage it so as to keep me alive. But I often turn about or compromise, because I know that you won’t eat me up, in the end, and I urge you: bite me. Sign my death with your teeth.”

-  Hélène Cixous, from “Love of the Wolf”