The Chijon Cannibals -  Founded in 1993, The Chijon Family had a deep-seeded hatred of the rich - so much so that they slaughtered and cannibalised them. Consisting of eight people, including a young woman, the gang targeted people who appeared to be wealthy. Whether they were wearing expensive clothes or driving fancy cars, they became fair game to the Chijon Family, who called Seoul, Korea, their haunt. 

After kidnapping their target, they would demand a ransom in return for their safe return. However, the victims were never released. Once they received the ransom and were bored of torturing their chosen victim, they would then slaughter them. Disturbingly, they often cooked and ate the flesh of their victims, believing that it would give them courage. On one occasion, they managed to extort $100,000 from a terrified family member before dispatching of their loved one. Their preferred stomping ground was an exclusive department store, where they would zone in on the flashiest looking customers. At least until they managed to get their hands on the mailing list for a Hyundai garage. This list contained names of their very best, and very richest, customers - their perfect target.

They were finally apprehended in September of 1994, when a woman they had abducted miraculously managed to escape, but not before experiencing the absolute unimaginable. She had been brutally gang raped before being forced to shoot another abductee in the head. In addition to this traumatic experience, she was then forced to hold the head of her friend as she was suffocated by a gang member with a plastic bag. After showing no remorse other than that they had wished they had killed more, they were charged with five murders. They had burnt the majority of their victims in an incinerator at their cabin.

On 31 October, 1994, the six men associated with the gang were sentenced to death while the young woman received a three year suspended sentence. The death sentence was carried out in November of 1995.


These are the photos from Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment. The jars and various containers in the fridge were filled with human organs and remains. The skulls and jaws were kept in the freezer. 

Inside the blue tub and freezer were various body parts. The police discovered a full human torso, a bag of human organs, and human flesh stuck to the inside of the freezer. In the 57-gallon drum were three more human torsos dissolving in acid. 

There were a total of 7 skulls found in Dahmer’s apartment. Four in the kitchen and three in the closest of his bedroom.