Jeffrey Dahmer was an extremely unique serial killer, and there are many reasons why:

•Studies show that most serial killers only kill people of their own skin color/race. Jeffrey crossed these boundaries, killing both African Americans and Hispanics when he was white himself.

•Most serial killers start off abusing/killing animals. Jeffrey wasn’t like this. He performed dissections, but he never directly killed animals. He picked up animals that were already dead. He was an animal lover, and when he saw a dog being run over, he felt bad for it. He had a dog himself too.

•A common trait of killers is the ability to not feel any remorse or guilt for any atrocious acts they commit. Psychological reports prove that he did, in fact, show remorse. He was driven by his compulsions, and he couldn’t stop himself.

•While most killers are narcissistic and show off in court, Jeffrey wasn’t like this. During his trials, he sat emotionless, and didn’t wear his glasses because he didn’t want to associate himself with what was happening.

•Serial killers such as Ted Bundy showed that they didn’t want to die. Jeffrey, however, said he was ready to die. Whenever his mother called him in prison and asked him if he was fine, he would tell her that he didn’t care what happened to him. When he was killed, he didn’t make a noise, not even a scream.

•Some serial killers came from abusive homes. Other than the fact that his parents were always arguing with each other, Jeffrey was never abused.

What Neighbors Had to Say About Jeffrey Dahmer:

“He never looked you in the eye. He always looked down.” — Henry Barnett

“When I saw him, he always acted like a normal person … I used to hear him over there, talking to himself, cussing to himself, talking real loud, and I knew he didn’t have anyone over there.” — Pamela Bass

“He was a little weird … kind of a square guy.” — Vernell Bass

“He was just a quiet guy who kept to himself … He was kind of dirty and he’d walk through the alleys at all hours of the night. I thought he was a little strange, but this goes beyond strange.” — Anonymous

“Just a normal white guy.” — Anita Lusk

This is the mummified corpse of Si Quey, the most famous serial killer of Thai history. His corpse is on display at the Museum of Forensic Medicine Niyomsane Songkran. Si Quey was a Chinese immigrant who moved to Thailand in 1944. Si Quey raped, murdered and then ate the heart and liver of more than half a dozen male children, he believed that by cannibalising parts of his victims he would become immortal. He was captured and executed by hanging in 1950. After the autopsy, the corpse was filled and covered with paraffin wax to preserve it. Over the years, Si Quey became a bogeyman for the Thai children, parents would scare their misbehaving children by telling them: “Behave yourself or Si Ouey will come for you.”