Jeffrey Dahmer, (above), once had a close call with his father which could have ended his killing spree short. His father came over one day to see Jeffrey, soon finding a small metal box in Jeff’s bedroom which he had left out on accident. Since the box was locked, his father became curious and asked what was in it. When Jeffrey replied with the lie,“ Pornography, magazines,” his father didn’t believe him and after a short argument went downstairs to the garage to smash it open but Jeffrey came down to make amends with his father before it could be broken open. Little did his father know, that it was not pornos that Jeffrey was so worried about. It was the severed head and genitals of one of his victims contained in the box.


They’re always standout students…until  they kill you and eat your face…

The officers stun gunned him and then still had to use the force of 3 to get him to stop eating another human’s face. He’s lucky he wasn’t holding a toy truck the cops would’ve shot him…  


this fandom is amazing

Home video footage of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer petting a cat. Despite the popular belief that Dahmer was heavily involved in animal cruelty at young age, he was in fact an animal lover. The pleasure that he received from dissecting animals was reserved for road kill or dead animals in the woods behind his home. The idea that he tortured animals is very unlikely considering his affection for the animals he kept as pets, instead his fascination with dissection was exclusively for the dead.