“The screening of L'avventura at Cannes was a real life drama. From the very beginning, from the opening titles sequence, the audience was laughing and we couldn’t understand why. They were laughing at the most…most tragic sequences, those that we had sweated the most over and we believed the most in. And this went on throughout the projection. Very few followed and loved the screening of L'avventura. When I came out of the theater, I was crying like a baby…We had all believed in this movie and it was all in vain, it was for all for those laughing people and their mundane entertainment. The day after, something quite unexpected happened. We’d left our rooms and in the hall of the hotel we found a list, a very long list of signatures of important names, of Italian and foreign filmmakers, journalists, critics, writers, people who had seen the movie, and this list was preceded by a statement: ‘Yesterday we saw L'avventura, the best film ever screened at this festival.’”

– Monica Vitti on the premiere of L'avventura at the Cannes Film Festival

Still of Monica Vitti in L'avventura (1960, dir. Michelangelo Antonioni)

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May 19: Justin at Gotha Club in Cannes ( FF to 00:21 02:50, 03:21 for Justin)