one day the Ari and Dante movie is gonna come out and I’ll be physically a mess I’ll be brought to tears in the opening scene where he wakes up to hearts alone and when he meets Dante for the first time and when I see my beautiful boy and his wonderful parents and my other beautiful boy and his beautiful parents and how everyone cares for each other and loves unconditionally and all the moments and all the tragedies and then that final drive out into the desert when ari finally does the thing and I will be alive and I will drag my future partner to go see it with me and they’ll have to sit next to this crying mess of a young adult in the theatre because mark my words I will be broken down and rebuilt again in the duration of that movie just like that first time I read the book

14 weeks

We made it to the second trimester!! This is such a huge milestone. I’m feeling pretty good. Got to hear the baby’s heartbeat the other day and Bill got to hear it too, it was a nice moment. When I stretch to bend over I can feel the pressure my growing uterus is putting on my body. Super achy, especially my back. I’m getting to the point where I can’t sleep on my stomach.

We find out the baby’s sex tomorrow!!!! I can’t wait

Sometimes I regret calling this dumb Pokemon AU “edgy pokemon”, cause it really isnt an “edgy au” as much as me making my own dumb interpretations+playing around with ideas for some pokemon trainer characters I was thinking of over the summer.

But two years of “people interpreting or redesigning cartoon characters differently or somewhat darkly means they are a terrible edgelord who hates fun” posts made me not want to do anything involving fanart out of fears of being interpreted as “edgy” or some shit. Calling it “Edgy Pokemon” is just me accepting that my interests and tastes are still rooted in my feelings as a dumb teenager who loved dark broody bullshit. People who have that much hatred against those kinda “reinterpretations” probably arnt gonna like my art anyway, so why should I try to distance myself from people who do like it.

Also to be honest the crusade against “edgy” art and fanwork quickly devolves into “lets make fun of inexperienced teenaged artists and writers on the internet” stuff all over again. Youngins who like dark interpretations of things they like arnt gonna be healthily deterred from being distasteful by having grown adults yell at them for being the worst for ruining their cartoons on the internet. 

you know when people have a “tumblr relationship” and it lasts 2 weeks during which they would die for eachother and then have a really big, dramatic breakup only to get into a new one after a month? it’s really weeeeeird..