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Could we have a little Kana having nightmares and going to papa Niles?

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He didn’t know what to think when Kana woke him up that night. It was so dark he could barely see, but the little flash of hair as pale as his own tipped him off that the teary-eyed child tugging his hand was Kana.

And of course, Kana would be coming to him with a nightmare the one weekend that you were gone. Niles stifled a yawn, looking down at his kid with bleary eyes.

“Kana…? What’re you doing awake?” He asked, voice husky and tired. Kana sniffed, grasping Niles’ hand tighter.

“I-I had a bad dream.” He said in a wobbly voice, looking down at his feet. “A-and Mama isn’t here and she always knows what to do, b-but she’s not and now I’m even more scared-!” Kana looked up at him hopelessly, truly terrified by whatever he dreamt. 

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Talcott Dialogue (Chapter 14)

Here is the missable Chapter 14 dialogue at Hammerhead featuring Talcott. I missed the dialogue in my first two playthroughs—I was so ready to bash some heads in that I didn’t explore Hammerhead for long—and I figured some other people might have missed them as well.

This dialogue occurs when speaking to Talcott by his truck.

Talcott on …

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Could I get some cuddling headcanons for Dwyer (and maybe for Shura too)? I-I really love your headcanons...


  • He’s very pro cuddling and enjoys laying with you all the time
  • Dwyer is pretty picky about who he cuddles with, though, and most people he really does not want to  
  • He is liable to turn “cuddling” into “laying beside each other” if it gets too hot though
  • Falls asleep easily when cuddling with you


  • He is only anti cuddling if you’re including him in it, honestly
  • Being touch starved he adores cuddling it’s just getting past all his thoughts, worries, and self worth
  • Can’t ever decide if he prefers to be the big spoon (he gets to hold you, gently, protect you, is able to bask in the trust of that thought) or the little spoon (he gets to be held, protected, surround himself with you)
  • It takes him a while to fall asleep but he never really feels as calm as he does when he’s cuddling with you