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Excerpts from an article in USA Today:

Tom Hardy rolls into the Peninsula Hotel incognito in a full beard, cargo shorts and a T-shirt, wraparound sunglasses dangling off the back of his neck. Once in his room, he peers suspiciously at a tray of chocolate truffles. There sits a delicate, disgusting hair.

Hardy, 37, erupts with laughter before ordering poached eggs and greens.

Hardy has spent the last decade slaying critics in Bronson, playing the masked supervillain in The Dark Knight Rises and a brooding bartender in The Drop, and giving a tense one-man performance in Locke. Tattoos snake the British actor’s biceps. (A fashion house — he won’t say which one — would have paid him millions for a nearly nude campaign but asked to airbrush them off. He refused: “Keep your money.”) But there’s something new: He’s vegetarian now.

“I’m just a bit foggy in the cockpit,” says Hardy, who roars to life this Friday in Mad Max: Fury Road, a new chapter in George Miller’s apocalyptic franchise (which last saw the light of day in 1985’s Beyond the Thunderdome). “My mind is a bit slow and sluggish sometimes, I notice.”

So it’s veggies only before Hardy goes back into the wild with Leonardo DiCaprio to finish shooting The Revenant, a 19th century revenge thriller about a fur trapper mauled by a grizzly bear, then left for dead by cohorts who rob him. “I’m not perfect,” he shrugs. “Every so often I do snatch a burger out of its cage.”

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Tom Hardy Apologizes to George Miller During Touching ‘Mad Max’ Conference

“I knew he was brilliant, but I didn’t quite know how brilliant.”

Prompted by a journalist who asked the cast what it was like to see Miller’s vision brought to the screen in all its glory, Hardy said that he finally “got what George was talking about. “For seven months, I think the most complicated or most frustrating thing was trying to know what George wanted me to do at any given minute so I could fully transmute his vision.

"Because he’s orchestrating such a huge vehicle, literally, in so many departments, because the all the vehicles are moving and the whole movie is just motion, I have to apologize to you [looking at Miller] because I got frustrated. There was no way that George could have explained what he could see in the sand when we were out there… I knew he was brilliant, but I didn’t quite know how brilliant.”

Likely inspired by Hardy’s heartfelt act, Miller, unprompted by a question from the press, paid tribute to his actors.

“Normally there’s a master scene, there’s dialogue, you can block out the scene,” he said. “But this is made up of so many small fragments that by the time you say action, three seconds go by then you say cut, so it’s very hard for people to get into that; there’s no continuity. Acting is athletic. To ask a runner or a football player to keep stopping and starting again, it gets really tough. I just want to acknowledge that I was very aware of that – I’ve never really told [the cast].”  (X)

Tom…being utterly honest and baring his heart. It takes a big man to do that at a Cannes press conference (from where it’ll become a soundbite, possibly used out of context). Respect.

Photos: MMFR press conf. 68th Cannes FF | May 14, 2015 | Clemens Bilan/Getty + Sky Cinema HD + AP/Lionel Cironneau



1. Uma Thurman in Versace Couture- “Clouds of Sils Maria” Premiere

2. Araya A. Hargate in Zac Posen - “Clouds of Sils Maria” Premiere

3. Juliette Binoche - “Clouds of Sils Maria” Premiere

I swear I almost cried when I saw Uma wearing that yellow gown. It’s just perfect. For some reason I’m picturing Angelina Jolie stabbing a doll with Uma’s face, she could kill to be the first to put her hands on it.

Araya opted for a big gown with a back that reminds me to the classic Balenciaga’s dresses. The feathers clutch might not be the obvious choice for this dress but now I can’t picture it with another clutch style. On the other hand Julitte opted for a more confortable style but not less glamorous.


Chloe Moretz feathers dress. That’s a difficut dress tu pull off but Chloe does a good job. She shows lots of confidentce which is xtraordinary considering her young age.