canned straw mushrooms


Fun fact: designing daddy and I both spent some time in Hawaii when we were kids, although I think designing daddy has way fonder memories of that god forsaken hellhole the islands than I do. Cuz I pretty much think Hawaii is a provincial, ass-backwards, podunk hellhole. But at least the eats there are yum.

Tonight, designing daddy and business papa invited us to the Château for an Ohana-style Sunday dinner. For mains, designing daddy made spam with cabbage and sweet and sour turkey meatballs, which were deloycious! For starters, I made chicken long rice, which is kinda sorta like Hawaii’s answer to chicken noodle soup. What makes chicken long rice different from your Bubbe’s chicken noodle soup is that the chicken broth is infused with fresh ginger, and instead of egg noodles, you use bean thread vermicelli.

Chicken long rice is super-easy to make. Here’s how:

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