cannabis song

Cannabis Kisses

Kissing you is like smoking weed
Your lips taste like cannabis
Our source is flames our souls in bliss
Sensless senses in motion
Calm and common in commotion
My sunshine rains all the time
He swears he’s happy that he’s mine

The super awesome @xhailfirex-gaming tagged me to take a hit so here’s a nice rip from Absolem 😊

I’m gonna tag @bong-rips-pretty-tits, @denvercaphilldabber, @weed-breath and @cannagal420 to take a hit to whatever song is stuck in your head(if you can)

just a little sesh video i took before i had to go to the dmv & register for my driving test😑😑lolol
i was just trynna jam out & get high before going to that hell hole,
i fucking love this song & i thought i looked kindof cute💞
((for once)))
someone else send me a video of you smoking to your favorite song🎶🎶