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Gators' Callaway cited for marijuana offense
Antonio Callaway, the Gators' leading receiver over the past two seasons, admitted to marijuana possession during a traffic stop, according to police records.

I know it is a little off topic for me, but I wanna “watch the circuses while Nero burns Rome,” so to speak, and I want my football and basketball teams to win, i.e. may as well enjoy the violin music if the life boats are gone, and you’re on the Titanic. A little more on topic: it’s a bullshit rule. These guys (most young men and women of color, which makes it even more disgusting) suffer physically under the plantation system of the NCAA, while coaches, Universities, and ESPN make billions. For what? Tuition the student earned 10 times over? And, the NCAA wouldn’t give a shit if Callaway drank a fifth of Vodka, which is far more harmful to the athlete. I adore McElwain. Some of his talks have helped me through tough times, and reminded me of things I had forgotten. But obviously, along with the NCAA and other sporting agencies, McElwain doesn’t know dick about addiction. Although, I’d rather believe the one bullet theory than the notion that Callaway has an addiction problem with cannabis. It’s more likely that the rest of college and professional sports has a problem with prudishness and ethics.