From my first ever campaign into tabletops

Orc barbarian(me): I dismember the fallen enemy and stuff him into a basket

Wizard: Gurmaz….why are you doing that

Barbarian: Save money on food

GM: So your barbarian is a cannibal guys, you cool with that?

Fighter: I’m not so sure I feel safe any more. How do we know she’s not going to go native and cannabalize us in our sleep?!

Barbarian: Hey, I’m no cannibal!

Wizard: ….but you’re eating people.

Barbarian: [points at self] Orc. [points at basket] Not orc. [points at self again] Not cannibal.

GM:….she is technically correct.

I saved a lot of money on food that campaign and the GM gave up trying to karmically punish my character for it since nothing he devised could actually kill her. 



The Wendigo is a violent spirit of Native American lore.They seem to make their nests in dark, damp places, usually caves and abandoned mineshafts. They sometimes keep their victims alive for days before feeding as they prefer their food to be alive. They have been known to live in colder climates such as northern Canada. They have strong connections winter, the cold, starvation, cannibalism and greed.

A Wendigo can turn other people into Wendigos but they have to posses them. The person will start looking for food despite the fact they have weeks of it, once they break down and consume human flesh they undergo the transformation of a Wendigo.

There is one way to destroy the Wendigo. Burn it alive. Make sure to aim for the heart or else the Wendigo’s soul would still be there and would find another body to take over.

Cannibal Amai AU

I kinda wanna make an AU with cannibal!Amai where Ayano is just a ruthless killer who supplies her with human meat only to get rid of the corpses, info-chan would also exist in this au and would help Ayano find and kill people for Amai to eat. It’d be like if the victims were the rivals and Amai would be senpai except not yandere-ified (tho it might become gay because everything I touch turns gay)

I’d probably do this with pose mode btw.


anonymous asked:

dude your blog is wild. its yoi mafia au w adorable mob boss victor, all kinds of beautiful art, you respond to the posted asks so sweetly? but then you've got the time where you drew a coconut and pineapple fricking, people worship you like a god, you call yourself a pineapple and you actively promote the cannabalism of pineapples. honestly i love your blog you are a treasure im glad that i found it keep being amazing Cx 💛👌🏻✨

I am happy that you enjoy all the NONSENSE that goes on in this blog XD
what even is this anymore???
Woopa doop doop!

Supernatural reference to RE
  • RE teacher: Give a quote from the Bible
  • Me: And on the seventh day, God said 'let there be Tumblr'
  • RE teacher: ...
  • ******
  • RE teacher: @destielmybae, write a prayer for our assembly on Thursday.
  • Me: Dear Castiel, please make sure the big cheese up there doesn't smite us fanboys and girls and make sure Dean and Sam don't start the Apocalypse again. I ain't in the mood for more angst on Supernatural on this holy day of Thursday. aMeN.
  • RE teacher: We need to work on that prayer.
  • ****
  • RE teacher: * long sermon * Amen.
  • Class: Amen
  • Me: Team Free Will
  • ***
  • RE teacher: And Michael is one of the greatest ange-
  • Me: I object. Michael's a dick.
  • ***
  • RE teacher: Today, continuing on from our moral discussion of cannabalism, we will research on mythical creatures steming from this. An example of this is-
  • Me: Wendigo. You kill them with fire. They live in mines. Put a salt circle around your camp site. Alternatively, call the Winchesters.
  • RE teacher: Yes... That was very... Informative.
  • ***
  • RE teacher: The greatest angel is-
  • Me: Castiel.
  • RE teacher: I am up to my neck with you. For the last time, Castiel isn't a real Ange-
  • Me: *walking threatingly towards teacher: Don't. You. Dare. Diss. CASTIEL!!! Or I swear, I will make the monster in your closet haunt you. And I will hide all of the books saying how to kill it!
  • ***
  • RE teacher: Angels are immortal, they cannot be kil-
  • Me: Angle blades. Or if they are in Purgutory or Hell, they can be killed normally.
  • RE teacher: I give up.