i will give you all my love if you stream mansae on tudou right now

we’re about 2.7% behind Twice so keep it up alright???? it’s still not too late to start streaming now even if you have not streamed at all for the past few days! Twice’s views are increasing at the same rate as svt so let’s not be complacent and think that “oh someone else will stream it anyways so why should i?”! let this be a beautiful end to the era for them ok?????


you’ve probably seen this alot of times but im going to repeat it anyways, 

  • click the orange button to stream
  • pls stream the video with FULL volume on the video 
  • watch the video TILL THE END, do not pause or refresh your page in the midst of the video
  • use incognito window on chrome so you can stream multiple times at once
  • avoid using any extensions so we wont have to risk anything too
  • utilise your twitter accounts as much as you can

let’s do this together alright? im sure no one wants to see all their hard work go in vain.


Now that we found the time,
We can look at each other behind the bitterness.
Now I will show you where I come from
And the broken pieces of the engine.
Now that I have found my port,
I now encounter your fierce doubt.
Now I will show you where I come from,
And what my heart is made of…Have someone dry me off your skin, my love.
Have them pull us apart
And remove you from my temple…
Let them separate us, if they can
Let them pull us apart, let them try
Let them separate us, let them try
I am your soul and you are my fate… (x)