canis simensis simensis

for those of you who don’t know about the Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis) im gonna save you

take a look at that snout

this is an endangered species with only a few hundred individuals remaining, and they live in packs, but unlike grey wolves they hunt alone, and the packs consist of mostly all the males born into the pack and a few females, and adults will help raise each other’s pups

“Very warm greetings” by Anup Shah

For a few minutes each morning wolves engage in a greeting ceremony, with lots of sniffing, yipping, nipping, pawing, licking, and looking. This daily ritual strengthens the pack’s solidarity and helps maintain its pecking order. Then the wolves head out to patrol their territory, which they mark by strategically peeing on rocks and shrubs. Other wild animals might respect these limits, but not the local people, who seek fertile farmland in the mountains-a quest that’s gradually eating away the wolves’ habitat.