Spell to dream of past memories

I have created this spell myself after studying how to create them. I hope it may help you a bit!

This spell should bring forth memories and dreams of your past lives.

It should be preformed in the time of the waxing moon, as it is to bring forth memories.

What you will need:

  • A purple candle
  • Salt
  • Bay leaf
  • A bowl of water

First, start by casting a circle. You can do this by taking a small bowl of salt and walking in a circle three times counterclockwise, sprinkling the salt as you go while saying “I cast this circle to create a sacred space, no unwanted energies may enter this place, The circle is now cast! so mote it be!”

When the circle is cast, sit down in the center of it, facing north as you light the purple candle. Meditate for a good few moments and when you feel calm, sprinkle some bay leaf into the bowl of water and say “Goddess of the divine, hear my call. A thousands lives I have lived them all. Give me some memories that come to stay and I will return to you another day. So mote it be!”. When you are done with that, pour salt into the bowl as well while stirring it three time counterclockwise. When you are done, focus your energy and intent into the bowl of salt, water and bay leaf. when you feel it is ready, close the circle and snuff out the candle. then take the bowl outside and pour it into the earth, returning it to the goddess with your intent. Then sleep. Within no time you should be getting dreams and visions of various memories!

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I know some others have mentioned this app in their posts, but I wanted to make a whole post about it because I love it so much. If you’re Therian or Otherkin/d, you should definitely try myNoise. Basically, it’s a meditation/relaxation app that lets you customize soundscapes. What’s neato about this one though is the additional downloadable tracks.

I screencapped a few that I think are neat, (I love the Arctic Wolves soundscape with the breathing/sniffing turned all the way up!!) but there’s so many I couldn’t even fit them all in the post! There’s space tracks, frog tracks, ghost tracks, TONS of habitat tracks, and seriously you just gotta check it out for yourself. I like use this when I’m journalling or feeling shifty and it’s really comforting and nice 🐾

Bare your teeth in the mirror and laugh, demon.
It’s okay to think this human body of yours is soft and silly.
Compared to what you were, it is.
But you get to live a life as one of these things, isn’t that amazing? Forget possessing people, you earned your own body! Go out an enjoy it.
Go outside, feel the rain on your skin or the sun beating down on it. Touch the snow with your fingers or let the sand fall from between them. And remember, this offer to live as a human is such a short one, so waste no time.

This life is yours, demon. Go on, live it.