African Wild Dog Kin + Savanna + Brown/Rust/Dusty Rose

We had a pretty hard time finding things within the requested color scheme, but we did our best - let us know if this is okay! You might also want to check out our savanna homes tag for other ideas.

$8 - Wild Dog Watercolor Print

$50 - Burnt Orange Throw

$102 - Red, Pink, and Grey African Woven Basket

$22 - African Baobab Bowl Filler Mix

$20 - Sheer Curtain - Rust

$5 - African Wild Dog Plush

$41+ - Savanna Tree Wall Decal (price varies based on size)

$32 - African Wild Dog Pillow

$15 - Set of 4 African Wild Dog Coasters

$93 - Brown and Pink Rug

Other Suggestions:

$96 - Hand-Woven Rust Sisal Rug

dirty paws - a mix to make you feel like your foresty self

Listen here

  • Old Pine - Ben Howard
  • The Enemy - Mumford and Sons
  • Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  • Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men
  • Wolf Like Me - Lera Lynn
  • Bur Oak - Bowerbirds
  • Honey, It’s Alright - Gregory Alan Isakov
  • Drive On (acoustic) - Avalanche City
  • Strawberry Battlefield - Aivi & Surasshu
  • Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men

if youre an otherkin/therian, please reblog and add your theriotype(s) and/or otherkintype(s) (just because im curious to see more of the community, ive only ever really known one therian and it feels a little lonely)


Shit ton of claws post!

Silver “dragon” claws (comes in multiple designs and metals; different sources)

Semi flexible claws

Claw rings

The infamous leather gloves w/ claws (come in many colours of both claws and gloves)

Jade “dragon” claws (one ring only)

“Werewolf” claws

Dragon skin leather gloves w/ claws

More ring claws I think

More ring claws (four only- expensive)

Silver plated nail tip (only one)

please remember that although otherkin get a lot of hate that they shouldn’t, we are not oppressed!!
otherkin do not get killed or impacted very negatively for being otherkin
do not equate being otherkin to being trans. trans people face an awful lot and its very offensive to consider otherkin on the same level.
a large amount of otherkin are also trans so please remember that as well!
have a nice day! i love you all!

☽        ☀        ☄        ★        ☆      ☾

hello! this is a gentle reminder to all otherkin/therians that:

  • your identity is valid
  • we are here for you
  • you should never be made to feel unsafe
  • dont engage with those who are out to hurt you
  • support and uplift your fellow kin
  • dont speak for or over other kin
  • explore, change and grow
  • be kind to yourself

this community is a safe place, don’t let anyone or anything change that, and do your best to keep it safe.

love you guys!! ( ^ u ^)/)

☽        ☀        ☄        ★        ☆      ☾