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Good to know someone agrees. I feel like Max was just someone to help her become a better person after the whole rape situation but I never felt like it was some epic love that was supposed to last forever. I definitely prefer her with Austin. There dynamic is amazing. He just seems like the perfect kind of guy for Naomi imo. Plus his character is much more tolerable when he's with Naomi. So far, PJ is cool too.

Yes! I definitely agree! I did like her with Max for a little while, but that whole storyline definitely was just about making Naomi mature a bit and move on after the rape storyline as well. I think that she worked really well with Austin and the chemistry between them is amazing. Yeah, PJ is pretty cool too, but I mostly only like him because I already have a crush on Nick Zano. I hope the writers still give Naustin a chance, although it doesn’t look too good right now. :/

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Lol your anons are hilarious. Yes, Silver cheated on Dixon & Ethan cheated on Naomi & Naomi cheated on Max & Annie cheated on Charlie & Liam cheated on Naomi & Ade cheated on Navid & Teddy cheated on Silver & Navid cheated on Ade. Dixon's the only one who hasn't really cheated so everyone can stop making Silver out to be the devil. Difference is Navid is the only one who never even seemed apologetic about breaking Adrianna's heart. He has his good moments but he's been a douche since season 3.

Gurrrl, you know whats up.