canid paw

BLFC badge: TK Coyote

I couldn’t submit all the badges I did for BLFC 2017, which was two weekends ago (June 1st to 4th). So upcoming days I will submitting more.

This was for my friend TK coyote, who I wanted to meet in real life in Reno, and wraaaargh we could meet each other!! X3

I love when interent friends turn into real ones, that way the friendship turns even more special. I love this coyote, he’s really funny and sweet.

Completed Commission~ Custom OC Design

A Pokesona design for my brother @heroic-tune. I really think the black-tipped mane makes this just right spiffy. x3 And the spitz-curled tail~ 
I’m stupid-rusty on canid paws though. xD Oh well! Been ages!

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