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dont blame me blame the fact that Sleepy Hollow has one of the most good-looking men I have ever seen in my entire life



SO this is the being Canicus. He is one of the last phoenixes on Earth, and also the oldest and one of the most powerful. His last ‘rebirth’ was in 1774 and he regenerates every 500 years. He is a little younger than Corona but they have seen each other time and time again throughout their lifetimes so he is closer to her than anyone else. He is also friends with Cecile-she helps him control his rampant powers of flame and he in turn continues to find a way for her to get her wings back. He’s described as having some of the purple-red feathers of the phoenix in his hair and purple-red wings, as well as an orange-roseish color in his irises. He can take the form of his natural bird form but doesn’t like it because that form is weaker-he still has his wings in human form and is stronger in his human form because he can fight with swords and flame. When he is reborn he often has complete amnesia and takes the form of a child, growing much slower than regular humans do so by 500 years he is an old man. The only thing he remembers as he gets older is his real name, though he has used many aliases in the past (naturally he forgets them as soon as he is reborn).

Is FC, of course, is Tom Mison:

i like his face okay hes british

I’m not going to make him an official muse YET-I’m not feeling him. When I decide to go back to my muses and see who I’m going to delete (might delete Donn and Magdalena-I’m not sure yet, just a thought) I’ll decide if I want to keep him.


if you want to interact with Canicus PLEASE send me an ask and I would be glad to!

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Canicus Factoids~!
  1. Canicus is the youngest of three
  2. He is a hopeless romantic
  3. His scythe is an extendable tree pruner
  4. He chose to live at the Academy during his last year to experience a bit of adulthood
  5. He is the Spears with the sharpest eyesight; he technically doesn’t need glasses to see
  6. He wears four-inch heels to be the same height as Alexander
  7. Whenever he had nightmares as a child, he went to William first
  8. He’s been labeled by many as easy in the Academy, but he is actually very selective of his partners
  9. He’s been mistreated in the past, and is therefore the possessive and jealous type
  10. Out of him, Scarlett, and Alexander, he had the lowest grades at the Academy
  11. He started the trend of calling Alexander “Xander”
  12. He liked to wear Grell’s red coat when Grell’s not looking
  13. He is openly gay
update: list of potential new muses

OKAY so since these aren’t on my Muses list I’m listing these people as potential. If one or more of them seems popular enough then I will post official long bios and headcanons and such about them, but until then i’ll sorta post starters and little things and if people seem interested then i will keep them!

anyone who is an RP blog (which is like most of my followers XD) and wants to interact with ANY of the muses below is more than welcome to send me a meme that i reblog or simply plot out a thread with me! just message me to let me know!

okAY so first up is Canicus, who is pretty much as old as Corona and he is a phoenix. I haven’t really come up with a story for him yet but if i do keep him i’ll think of something for him. 

His FC is Tom Mison:

nEXT is the muse I just added, Aaron Wakefield. please see the post here to read the short bio i gave him. He already seems pretty popular on this blog and since i developed him a lot already so far he seems to be a keeper so yay!

His FC is Kyle Schmid: 


Since I have added two male muses and my vampires on here are all male there is something seriously wrong with that like noo I have decided to add a badass female villain to the lovely mix of my ‘evil’ muses.

SO here is Moira Blackfyre, one of the only female Generals of Uriel’s army and pretty much one of the only relevant and awesome enlisted females in the Vampire Council as much as i hate to say it the VC is still very much patriarchal. Her power is mind control, which is something most vampires in my universe have, but unlike most vampires her ability to mind control is more developed so she can control multiple people and literally no one can resist her once they are put under her 'spell’. This, plus her superb combat skills, is why Uriel has appointed her General over tens of thousands of his men.

Her FC is Evan Rachel Wood:

again, if you want to interact with any of them just shoot me an ask or a meme!

thank you!

“Come on, now, this is silly. Dry your eyes, there’s no need to cry. I’m here, you’re perfectly safe now. Nothing can touch you while I’m here.”


Sketch-a-day requested by Damon.

Little Canicus and William.

Canicus has just had a nightmare and has, as he is wont to do, gone to William.

What is anatomy. William, your arm is coming from nowhere. Canicus, your head is huge. What is this. I don’t even XD

Hope you all like it <3

God of Fire Canicus: 


Sexuality: Homosexual

Romantic Orientation: Biromantic 

Race: Indian

Appearance: Tall, generally wide frame, muscular, tanned skin. Long, thin, flat nose. Thin lips but wide mouth. Perfectly straight teeth. Hair is deep brown and is kept in an bun. Lots of jewelry, gold eyes, red horns. 

Notable characteristics: A god

Story: Sanguine Sun