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Your imperfections make you unique. They also make you perfect at being you, and you're awesome so no worries ^.^. Heyo! So wassup?

:o omg hai! and oh my goodness ksagdhsfdkas thank you for saying that… i mean i guess its just a thing im going through like..angsty teen self hatred and all that probably. :T and i was drawing earlier but have since been procrastinating on tumblr haha.. i think I might buy a monoprice drawing tablet soon buttt i also need to get contacts so >o< im not sure
And yourslff?

Hold up

So I’ve been reading about how jasper May to may not be a fused Gem or something along those lines because of her skin but when pearl brought up the hologram from the war Jasper’s skin was clear. And now we’ve seen her after the war and her skin is a swirly cheeto. Also, in the hologram Pearl was fighting jasper, protecting rose (in which we know Pearl would do anything for). My conclusion. what if those are scars jasper got from pearl