cangrejo de rio

Spanish acnl gives me so many giggles just from doing Literal Translations (as in the words translated directly as said, and not as meant) of the bugs and fish lmao.
Popeyed Goldfish - “Pez Telescopico” - Fish telescope
Crawfish - “Cangrejo de rio” - crab of river
Giant Snakehead - “cabeza serpiente” - head serpent
Cherry Salmon - “salmón Japonés” - salmón Japanese
Nibble fish - “Pez Doctor” - fish Doctor
Gar - “Pez Caimán” - Fish Caiman
Seahorse - “caballito de mar” - little horse of ocean
Clown fish - “Pez Payaso” - fish clown
Barred Knifejaw - “dorada japonesa” - dorado Japanese
Ocean Sunfish - “Pez Luna” - Fish Moon