If Hitsugaya asked other characters for help with his paperwork...

As requested by anon. :)

Hitsugaya has decided he needs help with paperwork! Or perhaps he is playing a paperwork related game. Either way, he is going around asking other Bleach characters if they will help him with his paperwork. What will be the result?

1. Matsumoto

Hitsugaya: Matsumoto, I need your help with some paperwork.

Matsumoto: Ooh, captain, I’d love to, but I’ve already promised to go drinking with Kira and Hisagi!

Hitsuagaya: I’m your captain!


2. Ukitake

Hitsugaya: Ukitake, I have all of this paperwork I have to do and - 

Ukitake: Of course I’ll help you!

Ukitake: Now, which paperwork do you least mind being speckled with blood stains?

Hitsugaya: …

Hitsugaya: Maybe I’ll ask someone else.

Ukitake: Wait! At least take some candy!

3. Hiyori

Hiyori: What’s this? Some kind of weird flirting thing that short guys use?


Hitsugaya: I JUST SAID HI

4. Kenpachi

Kenpachi: Sure, I can help.

Hitsugaya: R-really?

Kenpachi: Yo! Yumichika!

Kenpachi: Help this guy with his paperwork.

Kenpachi: Yumichika loves doing paperwork.

Yumichika: Loves it?? I’m just the only one who will do it!!!

Hitsugaya: I know that feeling.

5. Hinamori

Hinamori: Why haven’t you asked me, Hitsugaya-kun?

Hitsugaya: H-Hinamori!

Hitsugaya: It’s just that you…

Hitsugaya: Well, you’ve had a rough couple of years.

Hitsugaya: And I won’t burden you any further than I already have!

Hinamori: …

Hinamori: It’s paperwork. Not a stabbing.

Hinamori: I swear, captains are so dramatic…


6. Luppi

Luppi: Look at you, tiny shinigami, trying to get other people to help you with your work!

Luppi: Pathetic!

Luppi: I could destroy eight piles of paperwork all by myself.

Hitusgaya: Do, not destroy.

Hitsugaya: I’m looking or someone to do them.

Luppi: Oh? Then why did you ask the espada of destruction?

Hitsugaya: I never even asked you!

Luppi: And you’ll come to regret that choice!

Hitsugaya: What is even going on???

7.  Cang Du

Cang Du: Give me the paperwork, Hitsugaya Toshiro.

Cang Du: I have already possessed your zanpakuto, your soul.

Cang Du: It is only right that I take from you the rest of your identity as well.

Hitsugaya: Uh, it’s paperwork, not my “identity.”

Cang Du: Well, from what I’ve heard…


8. Gin

Gin: I’m hurt, Hitsugaya.

Gin: That you never asked me for help.

Gin: You know that I love to do what I can to help out my fellow captains.

Hitsugaya: No thanks. I have enough work without getting caught up in a murder web.

Gin: A murder web? Through paperwork? How on earth would I manage that?

Hitsugaya: I don’t know.

Gin: But you want to find out?

Hitsugaya: NO

9. Aizen

Aizen: H-

Hitsugaya: NOPE

10. Karin

Karin: Well, I guess I can help.

Karin: Since you helped me with soccer or whatever.

Hitsugaya: Uh, I never asked you to -

Karin: Of course, since I don’t know anything about Soul Society really, you’ll have to teach me everything before I do the paperwork.

Karin: But that’s cool.

Hitsugaya: …is this just an excuse to learn about Soul Society?

Karin: Well it’s not like my brother is chatty!

11. Ichigo

Ichigo: Toshiro, look -


Ichigo: You know I’m always down for rescuing anybody from any situation…

Ichigo: But I’m trying to cultivate my reputation, you know?

Ichigo: It’s hard enough trying to keep my good grades and love of Shakespeare on the down low!

Hitsugaya: You like Shakespeare?

Ichigo: I don’t want people to think I’m a -

Ichigo (whispers): Nerd.

Hitsugaya: ..

Hitsugaya: Don’t think you need to worry about that.

Ichigo: R-really?

12. Byakuya

Byakuya: Help? With paperwork?

Byakuya: We are captains of the Gotei-13.

Byakuya: We do not request help.

Byakuya: - at least not with matters that are as mundane as paperwork.

Byakuya: Is this another one of your “jokes”?

Hitsugaya: …uh, yes?


Byakuya (muttering): I wish I was good at jokes.


modern game of thrones: petyr baelish

Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse. They cling to the realm or the gods or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real.


You can never completely understand her. Even though I grew up around her, like a son, I still feel afraid of her for no reason. [Guangxu]

Yuko Tanaka as Empress Dowager Cixi || The Pleiades

Mu Cang Chai - Vietnam 

Mu Cang Chai is a district in the north west region of Vietnam. The district is located at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level. 

The area has become well known for its rice terraces, which occupy 2,200 hectares of land, and have been recognised as national landscapes by Vietnams Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism. Local festivals are held in the rice fields, and attract both domestic and international tourists. It is particularly popular with tourists at the start of October, when the rice harvest begins. 

If other characters did Ishida’s laundry for him...

As requested by @harukaze87 :)

What if other characters decided to do Ishida’s laundry? Possibly as a favor but more likely because they want to torture him? How would each of them do?

1. Szayel: Refuses to use bleach

Szayel: It’s a toxic chemical and has no place on clothing!

Ishida: …

Szayel (quietly): Plus it might damage the surveillance drones I washed with your clothes!


2. Lille: Uses too much bleach

Lille: Your clothes were dirty with sin and also with dirt.

Lille: They needed to be purified by god’s light!

Lille: Or in this case by god’s five cups of bleach.

Ishida: Five CUPS?!

Lille: So dirty.

3. Ichigo: Forgets to use bleach at all

Ishida: …it’s the name of our show, Kurosaki.

Ichigo: Y-you know I’m not good with names!

4. Grimmjow: Uses unscented detergent

Grimmjow: Don’t see the point of scents.

Grimmjow: You’ll soon smell like blood anyway!

Ishida: Actually in my day-to-day life there’s very little in the way of bood baths.

Grimmjow: Wow, your life sucks!

5. Orihime: Uses a flowery detergent

Orihime: It’s such a happy smell! I thought you’d like it!

Ishida: And the, uh, fresh bread in my laundry basket?

Orihime: That’ll make you happy too!

6. Nanao: Carefully separates his clothes into whites and colors

Nanao: Here we have the massive pile of white clothing.

Nanao: And here we have the one pair of bright red boxer briefs that read “Cupid’s Arrow Strikes True.”

Ishida: I-I have those as a joke!

Nanao: I am not one to judge.

7. Bazz-B: Accidentally washes all of Ishida’s clothes together

Bazz-B: And by “accidentally,” I mean I just didn’t give a shit.

Bazz-B: So anyway, all your clothes are pink now.

Ishida: …

Bazz-B: Good thing it’s a cool color!


Bazz-B: You’re welcome!

8. Nemu: “Improves” Ishida’s clothes

Nemu: These cloaks have poisons sewn into the lining.

Nemu: These cloaks have the antidotes.

Nemu: Don’t mix them up.

Ishida: …

9. Urahara: “Improves” Ishida’s clothes

Urahara: As you can see, your formerly boring Quincy clothes are now superhero clothes!


Urahara: Green’s a great color!


10. Kurotsuchi: “Improves” Ishida’s clothes

Kurotsuchi: I washed your clothes in my special detergent.

Kurotsuchi: They are now a bit smaller than they used to be.

Kurotuschi: But if we just trim your arms and legs a little…


11. Riruka: Delivers his clothes in the “cutest” way she can

Riruka: Here’s your laundry.

Ishida: …this is a tiny pink box.

Riruka: Cute, right?

Riruka: Anyway just let me sneeze on them to get them out…


12. Yoruichi: Delivers the clothes in a wrinkled pile

Ishida: …

Yoruichi: Yeah…I forget that clothes need to be folded for them not to get like that.

Yoruichi: Clothes - so confusing!

Yoruichi: Whelp, you can always go naked!

Ishida: T-that’s not an option!!

13. Chad: Delivers the clothes neatly folded

Ishida: Sado, thank you!

Ishida: These clothes actually look -

Ishida: …

Ishida: Is this cat hair?

Chad: Turns out kittens love to play in fresh laundry.

Chad: They were so happy. I could not say no.

Ishida: …

13. Cang Du: Delivers the clothes neatly folded and perfect

Ishida: Cang Du, these clothes are beautiful! How did you - ?

Cang Du: You know the answer.

Cang Du: For I am - the Iron.

Ishida: …

Cang Du: You’re welcome.

2018 is gonna be a good one !

  • 2018 is gonna be a good one !

2018 is gonna be a good one !

2018 is gonna be a good one !

2018 is gonna be a good one !

  1. 2018 is gonna be a good one !

2018 is gonna be a good one !

2018 is gonna be a good one !

No Hate Awareness Week: Love your Content Creators.

I was late to do the last couple of days in time, so I have decided to put the 3 days together in one post. It’s thanks to content creators that fandoms stay alive and active, and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to show them my appreciation!

Some of these people have been here for a long time, blessing us with their works for months or even years. Others joined us recently, or I just met them, but I also appreciate their efforts and look forward to enjoying more of their content. And some others might have moved on to other fandoms, or stopped creating. But even today, I still appreciate everything they did.

So thanks to all of you for all the amazing contributions you gave us! (*^∀゚)

Love your Artist Day:

@966-ua, @alemanriq, @alempe, @aliahoy, @apetitan, @aphin123, @aplevi, @asaaahi, @atoarut, @attack-on-passion, @ayhiroshi@bev-nap, @blauerozen, @cang-ye-ji, @captain-redchar, @chaelabot, @citronella-yato, @constant-catastrophe, @cymphony, @daydream24-7, @dinklebert, @doodledominic, @doodlingclown, @dreamxxdream, @drinkyourfuckingmilk, @duckie520, @emememe22, @erenbaegerr, @erenspencil, @ereribuns, @ererichi, @eryen-art, @eveblum, @felixora, @fishnatu, @flanpu, @flapppper, @gloomikasa, @hana-tox, @hatoji, @hime1999, @hishikawa0217, @idrawr16yt, @ihasmagic, @illopii, @j-witless, @jager-princess, @k0zuha, @kaine-log, @kanakanadraws, @katttttttttttto, @kenken-chan, @kingkoganes, @kiokushitaka, @kokonoehhh, @kyo224, @lampurple, @lesly-oh, @lilredgummie, @lolakasa, @maji-meryo, @meandheichou, @medeakarn, @miawrly, @michijm, @mmmaoh, @mokyu1203, @morebeesthanyoucouldimagine, @mstrmagnolia, @nayawata, @nekobanca, @nikkiyan, @oekaki-chan, @omattttsu, @pandagulung, @peachymess, @redfairyart, @renoidan, @saltceller, @scottissue, @shira-aot, @shiroerika813, @shivv, @shymln, @snk-shit, @sookashira, @strawberry-bell, @sugarplum-senpai, @sulkingmoon, @synstruck, @tanekore, @uncklerman, @varrix, @waya-wayaya@well–i-dont–know, @whiteyoukai, @yure-ru

Love your Writer Day:

@agent-2-6, @appleapplepeach, @bfketh, @canon-rivamika, @captain-cleanliness, @crying-abt-fictional-people, @dallyingdivergent, @dirtylevi, @dominant-eren, @eren–gayger, @erenbaegerr, @erenfanclub, @erensjaegerbombs, @etoincognito, @falcon94ssy, @foreverautumnblog, @fuzzyporcupine, @ghostmartyr, @glassesgirl0401, @gray-x-natsus-matching-hip-scars, @guyinlovewitheremika, @haberkonium, @icecat45, @kahleniel, @kingkoganes, @kiokushitaka, @kuchenackerman, @leapingtitan, @leviheichouackerman, @milleandra-nebula, @missmichellebelle, @momtaku, @mongoose-bite, @monsoondownpour, @morebeesthanyoucouldimagine,, @perfectfearsomebeauty, @perksofbeingawaifu, @pinkheichou, @pocketsizedtitan, @porcelain-blue, @pureren, @raefill, @raindrop-rouge, @reinamycloud, @ryuusea, @sailorheichou, @sciencefictioness, @scrangie, @snkception, @sugarplum-senpai, @teapotscandal, @twisting-vine-x, @wasterella, @wishingsebastianstanwasmyman, @writer-person, @xandiepandie-blog, @zaevran, @zhedang.

Love your Edit Maker Day:

@ackermanss, @ackersoul, @anojima, @aplevi, @attackontitans, @bertltolt, @dirtylevi, @erensjaegerbombs, @fudayk, @fyshingekinokyojin, @guyinlovewitheremika, @hannahreiss, @kuchenackerman, @omeinfreund, @ravenliz, @shitpost-no-kyojin, @simsmono, @sookashira, @sukerokus, @tatakaeeren, @the-eren-plush-blog, @uttsukushi.

I am sorry if I forgot someone! I’m sure I have, but there’s so many people on this fandom, and my memory isn’t that good haha. But for the rest that aren’t listed here, and create any kind of content, please know that I appreciate you as well ♡.

And finally I want to thank @snkartists for running this amazing event week. It definitely was super successful: I saw so much positivity on the past few days, it was a great idea and just what we needed! So thank you ♡.


A leopard can’t cange its spots. Had I heard this a few years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. I have changed completely, thanks to my kids, James and Henry Tadeusz. I used to be proud, self-centered, often drunk and quarrelsome, I thought I had to constantly challenge the world, me against everyone else. Not anymore.