The Chamber of Secrets: I was tagged by littlehpfreak

I was tagged by littlehpfreak

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Questions asked:

1) What’s your favourite season? Autumn or Spring

2) What do you usually do with your friends? Watch movies/tv shows or have sleepovers and have movie marathons

3) What was the last movie you saw? Aladdin at the movies at a Disney Princess film festival but the most recent movie that I haven’t seen before was either Les Mis or the Hobbit (saw the Hobbit about 3 times so not sure if it counts as most recent)

4) What are you looking forward to right now? No school tomorrow due to a teacher strike so I can try and catch up with some homework (most likely I’ll just spend the day on tumblr)

5) Where are you travelling to next? California!! It’s the first time I will ever have been over seas with my family and first time in Disneyland!! I can not express how excited I am in words!! AAKJFAKWEHBGFAELRHB~!!

6) What do you wish for your birthday? Do you mean present? Then probably a new ipod because I’ve had the same model replaced twice now and don’t want to go through the uploading process AGAIN!

7) What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten? Probably my DS but I don’t really use it so much any more so maybe my Design Tablet which I got for Christmas. I’ve never had one before and only got to spend a small amount of time using it over the Christmas holidays but hopefully I can finish a certain Disney fanart that I managed to start :)

8) What’s the worst gift you’ve ever gotten? A bra, I was 6 and my ‘friend’ gave me a training bra for my birthday (because that is what every 6 year old want for their birthday) and I gave her a Snow White doll that I wanted

9) What’s your fandom(s)? I’ll probably not list them all but this is all that’s come to my head at the moment: Disney, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, LOTR, the Hobbit, Merlin, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time, Being Human, Chronicles of Ancient Darkness (now I’m just going to start listing books that I like so I’ll stop here)

10) What’s your OTP? ALL THE DISNEY COUPLES!! I love Anita/Roger and Ellie/Carl and Tarzan/Jane and Belle/Beast (almost all of my Disney ships are canon). Rumbelle!! I broship Fili/Kili and I think I may ship Graham/Red

11) When’s the last time you hugged someone? Today, after school I hugged a girl who left last year who was in my year level because she was out the back (mainly because she came up to me with her arms out) and also at recess when my friend grabbed my leg and sat through recess hugging my leg and waving to people with it (she is a normal and mature human being as you may have gathered from this, reichenbbaby I’m looking at YOU)

My Questions:

1) Favourite trilogy, movie and book?

2) Favourite fandom song (eg. They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard)?

3) Fandoms?

4) OTP(s)?

5) Favourite fictional character (male and female)?

6) Favourite character and actor (eg. Aidan Turner and Kili)?

7) Favourite fandom parody (eg. The Hobbit an Unexpected Parody)?

8) Favourite place in the world?

9) Favourite Disney world/kingdom/universe (eg. Neverland)? Where you want to live in a Disney movie (eg. Beast’s castle)?

10) A physical quality you find attractive (eg. black hair)?

11) A personal quality you find attractive (eg. confident/shy/romantic)