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I was just thinking about the covenants in Bloodborne and it occurred to me I don't know much about them besides the obvious, I figured I'd ask one of the lore masters their opinion. So, thoughts on their relationship with each other? (Obviously we know how the Church and the Vilebloods feel about each other) but what about the League? How do they fit in? And the Hunters of Hunters? Their duty is clear to us but what's up with the Bloody Crow? Why does he wear the garb of two covenants?


Personally, I think that the League has no ties with the Church or the town as a whole with the exception that they recruited Henryk and the Madaras Twins into their ranks. But the Twins can be barely considered ‘citizens’ if you ask me ;).

Valtr and Yamamura are Outsiders just like the player character is and Henryk being a confederate makes very little sense to me. It kinda feels like a retcon but after all, the League was patched in later so its place in the story is a bit up in the air to begin with. Nothing in the item descriptions states that Henryk is part of the League and I usually tend to consider ‘summons’ and multiplayer in general as non-canonical as far as the story is concerned. This is a personal choice and many people disagree with me on this aspect but hey, what can I do? The idea of multiple universes only adds to the complexity of an already convoluted story imho. But, let’s analyze Henryk a bit more :D

He drops the Heir Rune, which reads:

Perhaps the “Heir” is a hunter who bears the echoing will of those before him.

Which reinforces my idea that he is, in fact, one of the last surviving Old Hunters who might have joined the League at some point, (his life was tragically long, after all) but this would mean that he was hanging around both with Valtr&Friends AND Gascoigne (who is a Church Hunter) at the same time. I don’t know, is just very confusing.

The reason why I think Henryk is/was an Old Hunter is the stylistic resemblance of his set to the Old Hunter set

and the fact that all of the item descriptions that refer/are related to him put a lot of emphasis on the idea of ‘inheritance’:

Henryk’s unique yellow garb is resistant to bolt and will be of great help to any hunter who has inherited the onus of the hunt. [Henryk’s Hunter Garb]

Which obviously reminds me of the Old Hunter Badge:

It should be left in peace, unless one is truly prepared to assume the will of those gone before.

Yamamura on the other hand, is found beating his head against the wall, obsessively repeating that “Only ye are the true blades of the Church”  while being held captive in a prison where a Church Servant and a Blood Minister act as jailers.

This Eastern warrior pursued a beast for honourable revenge, then became a hunter of the League. But when he stared straight into impurity, it drove him mad. [Khaki Haori]

My theory is that the guy went mad when he realized that Valtr himself was infested by the same Vermin he wanted to purge the world from and that poor Yamamura fell into the hands of the Healing Church doctors (like the jailers and the two fine ladies we meet upstairs in the Nightmare Cathedral) who brainwashed this already damaged soul into submission to the Church.

Now, moving onto the Hunters of Hunters:

This is another covenant of Outsiders but thanks to Eileen’s weapons we can assume that the Hunters of Hunters and Gehrman were allies at some point. And no, I don’t say this just because Eileen also happens to be one of the two Hunters who we know for certain to have been Hunters of the Dream before our arrival, but because the Blades of Mercy are, and I quote “ One of the oldest weapons of the workshop.”

Both the Burial Blade and the Blades of Mercy are forged in siderite, “a rare mineral of the heavens” and the HoH consider the Hunter’s Dream as some sort of ‘heaven’ (possibly in opposition to the Hunter’s nightmare = hell) as stated in the Crowfeather Garb description:

The first Hunter of Hunters came from a foreign land, and gave the dead a virtuous native funeral ritual, rather than impose a blasphemous Yharnam burial service upon them. with the hope that former compatriots might be returned to the skies, and find rest in the Hunter’s Dream.

So, no allegiance to the Church, nor the Vilebloods (see my thoughts on the Bloody Crow’s identity for further details) but they SURELY had something to do with the Dreaming Hunters. Some more clues regarding this alliance between the two groups can be found in the similar way Gehrman and the HoH see the hunt, aka as a “dirge of farewell”.

[And let’s nor forget that Gehrman’s cane handle is a two-headed crow…]

Trollhunters Dadswap AU part 19

things are getting dangerous and fast! Buckle up, Trollhunter! cause you’ve got a dinner date with The Jailer! And he’s here to collect!

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50 Days of Doctor Who

Day 8: Favourite Episode — Midnight

“We look upon this world through glass, safe inside our metalboxes. Even the leisure palace was lowered down from orbit. And here we are now, crossing Midnight, but never touching it.“

In the intro scene, we see the illuminated hole from which the human fell from. You can see the light pour in from that little hole, revealing all the stalactites. What many don’t notice, is that it’s also an angel, with spread wings, staring down with its robed hands on a cane.

Think I’m crazy? lets have a look at the image with my crappy outline of that angel.

even the outline looks like it. still think its pareidolia like those people that see Jesus in their toast? lets see some bumpmaps, sharpness scan, edge detect, and black and white, all done by the computer, not based on what my brain tells me my eyes see.

now, in case you still can’t quite imagine the angel figure, here is a slight edit I did coloring the cane handle, and finishing the lines and filling in the space around the head, and editing the eyebrow/hole. 

The delta rune, a prophecy of an angel from the surface who would come to the underground and free it of monsters… Whether it is by slaughtering them, or breaking the barrier, or leading the society to collapse. In the very intro to the game, your role and ending in the story is shown. It’s up to you which way you go about achieving your goal.

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Have you posted a tutorial for your Rose's sword? It's incredible and I absolutely love it!

I have not, I was planing on it when I first started making it but it ended up being such a headache that I stopped taking pictures as my hands were so coated in gorilla glue. 

I started with this pirate sword off ebay and sanded all the paint off (fair warning, the blade on the sword that I was sent was crooked and as a result, the blade on my finished sword is also crooked)

After sanding it down I removed the blade. Then I cut the top inch or so off  the tip and sanded it to match the harsher curve of rose’s sword. Then I got some plywood from Micheal’s plywood and cut about a centimeter wide piece of it matching the back of the blades curve, and Gorilla glued it onto the back of the blade, as Rose’s sword is much wider. (I used rubber bands to hold it in place overnight while the glue dried.) After that I filled in any gaps between the two pieces of wood with wood filler, and at the same time I filled in the “notch” thingy in the blade with wood filler. After two or three applications of wood filler I sanded it all smooth and you really couldn’t tell where it was glued at all.

Then I cut the “button” off the bottom of the handle and cut the back half of the hand guard off so I could fit the bowl I got to make the bigger Rose style hand guard on better. I also drilled  a new hole farther forward so that the blade could still be mounted in the center now that it was wider. Cutting and gluing the bowl in place was just terrible as they kept cracking on me (I recommend you use something thicker than a plastic bowl) but once it was on I used some wood filler to graft it into the handle smoothly and sanded it down so it was all flush.

Then I glued the blade back on in its newly drilled hole. Primered the whole thing and started painting. I started with rattle caning the whole handle pink. Then I painted everything else using Micheal’s craft paint. The two colors that I used for the blade are also the colors I used for the thorns spiral on the handle. Then I hit the whole thing with a ton of clear coat to give it a shine.

Then I cut some purple and pink felt and layered it on each side of the blades base, super gluing them in place as I did.

After allll that was done I went to the scrap booking section of Micheal’s and got some half pearl borders. Super glued them one by one at the bottom of the handle and then glued a pink gem over on the very bottom where that button was, and there you have it.


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Can you do the healthy/non healthy thing for INFJ?

Oh, I’m very sorry, I actually haven’t met enough INFJs to really offer you an accurate assessment. I have only met one INFJ and he was an interesting situation. He had a rough past, and he actually told most people he was an ENTP unless he became close to you. However, I can offer you that example and then try to give you my idea of healthy and unhealthy based on some of my research. Thank you for the interesting question and I hope you find my response helpful, entertaining, and relatable to some degree.

The INFJ I’ve met

1. My first impression of them: self-assured, skeptical, likes to be entertained and active, a bit standoff-ish, picky about friends

2. My current impression of them: a bit arrogant but rightfully confident, occasionally judgmental, incredible capacity to see through people, intelligent, played devils advocate not for the fun of it but because he wanted to help people grow, would outwardly agree with the reason of something but still oppose it because he didn’t feel it was right, upheld strict principals that were generally accurate but didn’t allow time for exceptions, chose friends with extreme caution but if you made the cut he was a very low-maintanence friend, never required entertaining, just sitting silently by him as you did separate things was completely acceptable, easily cut off friendships instantaneously, independent, competent, rather reserved, emotionally unavailable but easily offended if he feels he’s been slighted.

3. My relationship with them: friends that drifted apart due to physical distance

Research impressions

Unhealthy INFJ

1. My impression of them based on my research: self-righteous, jumps to conclusions without any adequate knowledge, tries to help too much and help in the way that they know you need help to the extent it is actually more harmful, doesn’t speak up and follows the crowd but silently judges, passive-aggressive, think they know everyone better than anyone else, wants to change the world but thinks the way to do that is by criticizing everyone else into making the change, constantly doubts everyone else and their friendships, cynical, prone to put distance between them and everyone else because there’s no way anyone could understand them.

2. If I’d want to know that type irl: no.

Healthy INFJ

1. My impression of them based on my research: insightful, skilled at reading people and their intentions while open to being proven wrong, gives advice and assistance based off of the individual (rather than universal “this is what everyone must do”), uses criticism to constantly improve and help more people rather than to hold a grudge against someone, takes action within their power to help improve the world, inspirational and encouraging, self-sacrificing and helpful, open and enjoy sharing with others the things which sets them apart, spends time alone to nurture themselves and recharge, enjoy doing strange things to put smiles on faces (I once saw someone that a friend of mine knew as an INFJ walking around campus during finals week in the winter with lights and bells covering him handing out candy canes), effective at handling conflicts so that nobody gets hurt, intelligent, socially adept but still non-conforming.

2. If I’d want to know that type irl: absolutely! I wish I could find some INFJs. 

3. What relationship I would want to be in with them: close friends, consultants, each others idea boards, friend for both intellectual conversations and emotional support

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Do either/any (how many mods?) of you guys use a cane? If so, any advice for a new cane user? I just got mine the other day for severe fibro, and boy it's hard starting out. Like stairs, how even (okay to post)

Hi Anon!

We have two mods, and Admin E (thats me!) does use a cane.

So starting off, you want your cane to be at about hip level, around where the waistband of your pants would lay (assuming you wear low riders or hip huggers, not like those high wasted pants that hit your belly). It seems a bit odd because while you might feel like you want your cane to rest close to where your hand naturally falls - you don’t. You want your cane to be higher than your hand because you’re using it for leverage. 
Next, you should technically use your cane in the opposite hand for the leg you need it for.

So if your left knee sucks, you use your cane in your right hand. If its your right knee, then you use your left hand. However, most people tend to use it in their dominant hand, and I think that’s OK too. Especially for those of us with two crappy knees or legs, who switch which leg we use it for based on the day.

To use a cane you pick the leg you want to use it for (because you can only choose one), and swing your cane in time with your leg. Lets say you’re using it for your left side. Swing your left leg forward, and your cane forward at the same time. When your leg is hitting the ground, so should your cane be. Then you use your cane to push down while your leg hits, and propel yourself forward using the leverage from your cane. Practice walking. Trust me, this takes quite a while to figure out and get used to. Also, if you’re using your right leg and right hand to use your cane (or left and left) you might end up doing a funny maneuver where you swing your cane forward…and put it down on your own foot. You’ll probably trip. Hopefully you’ll laugh, and nobody will notice but you.

Next - pay attention with doors!! I know this doesn’t seem like a thing you would worry about, but it is. When entering a building that has a door that will swing shut on its own, assuming that nobody is holding the door for you then try to get inside or through the door before it shuts. That, or hold the door yourself with your shoulder or hand. Otherwise, another funny cane thing happens where the door starts to swing shut, and hits your cane. Most canes have rubber tips, which means it gets stuck, pinched between the ground and your cane, and you cant pull it out until you push the door open again. The cane is stuck. The door is stuck. You, are stuck. You’ll probably trip. Hopefully you’ll laugh. Hopefully nobody will notice that you just got stuck on your own cane. 

These are the basics of cane use! As for stairs, I’ve been using a cane for almost 5 years now and I still have trouble figuring that out! I tend to brace the cane on the step you’re on (as opposed to putting it on the step above or below you), and then use it as leverage or stability to get to the next step. The problem with this maneuver is that you have to stand on the step with both feet. So while a healthy person or non cane user might climb the steps with one foot per step, you have to do a step-step shuffle. Cane down, step, step, now youre there. Cane down..step step..shuffle. You know, maybe our followers know the best way to use a cane on stairs, because I certainly don’t! I just hope there’s a railing to grasp and nobody notices my fumbling.

ALSO some basic cane stuff

1) Get a folding cane. Seriously. Put it in your backpack. Even if you think you wont need a cane at the beginning of a’ll wish you had it in the middle. Folding canes are great for that.

2) Try to find a cane with a rubber handle, and one thats not shaped like a shepherds crook. Those hurt your hands after long periods of use.

3) Get a cane with a wrist strap, or attach one yourself! Believe me, you will need your hands free at some point.

4) Consider a cane that can stand on its own because trust me, no matter how many times you lean it against something…it will fall. If you don’t want the typical geriatric style claw tipped canes, try something like this - although it is about ten bucks (USD) more expensive than a regular adjustable cane.

5) Lastly - consider weight! You don’t need a wooden cane, and you probably shouldn’t get one. The lighter a cane is, the easier it is for you to use effectively, especially with fibro. 

Good luck using your cane, friend! Remember you can always decorate it!

-Admin E

NQC continues…

Summary: “Belle makes money by filming herself masturbating with various unusual items; she’s surprised to receive a request from Gold to touch herself with his cane.”

Rated: NC-17, natch


A Woman On Film

It’s a simple arrangement. They send a request. She says yes or no, and if she says yes, she sends them an invoice. They send her money. She makes the film and burns it to disc and posts it.

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The View Toward M106 : A big, bright, beautiful spiral, Messier 106 is at the center of this galaxy filled cosmic vista. The two degree wide telescopic field of view looks toward the well-trained constellation Canes Venatici, near the handle of the Big Dipper. Also known as NGC 4258, M106 is about 80,000 light-years across and 23.5 million light-years away, the largest member of the Canes II galaxy group. For a far away galaxy, the distance to M106 is well-known in part because it can be directly measured by tracking this galaxy’s remarkable maser, or microwave laser emission. Very rare but naturally occuring, the maser emission is produced by water molecules in molecular clouds orbiting its active galactic nucleus. Another prominent spiral galaxy on the scene, viewed nearly edge-on, is NGC 4217 below and right of M106. The distance to NGC 4217 is much less well-known, estimated to be about 60 million light-years. via NASA


A Beauty Junkie in Asakusa (Beyond Sensoji Temple): Hyakusuke and Calaugh Cat Cafe!

If you’re a beauty junkie and ever in Asakusa (Tokyo) to visit the majestic Sensoji Temple, make sure to wend your way through the little nearby alleys to visit Hyakusuke, a “blink and you’ll miss it” corner store that has supplied makeup and beauty supplies to geisha and kabuki theater actors for almost 200 years. 

I was slightly taken aback by how modest - and tiny - it was. And you need to really look hard to find what you want. I purchased 3 traditional hand-made Yachiyo brushes. (I didn’t realize it at the time but if you’ve seen those distinctive cottony goat-hair brushes with cane-wrapped handles from premium brands like Nars, Hakuhodo, and Rae Morris, these are the same thing for cheaper.)

In top image from left:

Flat Kabuki brush: these slightly stiff, flat-top brushes were meant to blend and paint on white face paint, but have been adapted by brands like Nars and Rae Morris for use as contouring and finishing brushes. These flat brushes come in a range of lengths and widths. 

External image

Large Yachiyo face brush: this slightly slanted puffy brush was the largest face brush available in Hyakusuke (7cm in length), so it’s not huge but perfect for applying powder and contouring/blush quite precisely, because it’s a lot softer and more cottony than the slanted MAC 168. 

Medium Yachiyo face brush: this is more typical fluffy kabuki brush shape that most people know, but a lot smaller. This shape comes in a myriad of handle lengths.

Most of the brushes I saw range from just around 1500 - 3000 yen. Very reasonable.

I also bought a large jar of the ShikOlive face cream sold in the store, which is a rich but non-greasy moisturizer containing lithospermum root and olive extracts for long-lasting hydration. (This is less well-known than Horse Oil cream, but it’s no less effective - besides being made from pure plant extracts. If you see it around, do check it out.)

Do remember that a lot of the little stores around the Asakusa area do not accept credit, so if you want to stock up on skincare and brushes, or invest it one of those gorgeous little traditional lip makeup bowls coated in red lacquer, you will need to bring plenty of cash. (I would have bought a lot more than the above if I’d know.)


This one’s for the cat lovers.

If you’ve not heard of them before, they’re uniquely Japanese system (although I hear there is at least one in South Korea now). It’s quite normal to pay to spend a bit of time with a few furry friends while having a cup of matcha patte - without the emotional and financial commitment of actually owning a cat. Payment options vary; in some you have to pay an amount upfront for the first hour in the cafe, during which you have access to free-flow snacks and drinks on premise, and in others like Calaugh, you have to order a compulsory dish or beverage, during which your first hour in the store is free, and a small sum is added on for every additional 15mins.

In the cafe, you’ll find quite a number of pampered felines lounging around on couches, and up on shelves or perches. You can go right ahead and pet them (they’re all very gentle and even-tempered as far as cats go, unless you really annoy them or threaten them) or purchase some cat treats for them. When we visited, there were 2 other couples as well as a family of 3 in the cafe.

Some cafes require that you make an appointment before visiting, so do find out ahead of time!

What if Bleach used guns rather than swords?

As requested by anon. :)

According to the anon that requested this list, Tite Kubo originally planned for Bleach to involve guns, not swords. So it’s time to imagine what Bleach would have been like in that alternate, gun-toting reality!

1. Rukia transfers her powers to Ichigo…by shooting him.

After a hollow leaves Rukia badly injured and unable to fight, she asks Ichigo if he wants to borrow her power. When he says yes, she slowly raises her gun, points it at his chest, and shoots him point-blank. 

Ichigo: Although if you can still shoot your gun….why aren’t you shooting the hollow?

Rukia: Shut up and eat this lead.

2. Ichigo’s gun is the biggest and most ridiculous gun ever.

So big that he can’t wear it in a side holster like most shinigami. He has to wear it strapped to his back. And it fires giant blue, glowing bullets.

Rukia: Y-you just blew that hollow’s head off in one shot!!

Ichigo: I know.

Ichigo: I want to blow dramatically over the muzzle of my gun, but I can’t reach it because it’s too tall.

Ichigo: This gun is really big. 

3. You perform konso by bopping the soul with the butt of your gun.

Much like you bop the soul with the pommel of your sword in canon Bleach.

Rukia: Bop, Ichigo! Bop the soul to peace!

Ichigo: Please stop saying “bop.”

4. Hunting hollows is all about head shots.

So pretty much the same as canon Bleach, I guess.

Rukia: Ichigo! You must blow off the hollow’s head with one shot!

Rukia: If you just graze the mask, you might see who the hollow really is!

Ichigo: Look, this gun is a little hard to aim, okay!!

5. Urahara’s cane doubles as a gun.

I’m not really sure how. I’m not exactly a gun person. Maybe…he pulls a gun out of his cane and the cane handle is also the handle of the gun? Oh and I guess it needs to fire magic bullets that can blow up into shields.

Urahara: I know what you’re thinking, Kurosaki.

Urahara: “His gun can’t be a zanpakuto-gun, so it won’t hurt me in soul form.”

Urahara: But no. These are soul-cutting bullets. So you’d better run. Or I will kill you.

6. “Shikai” means your gun turning into a different gun.

As Renji demonstrates when he shows up to arrest Rukia, and also to show off to Ichigo how his gun can turn into a CHAINSAW GUN



Renji: Like I said! If you want to beat me, you’re a thousand years too early!

7. Squad 11 is known as the squad that just PUMPS opponents full of lead.

People like Ikkaku carry dozens of magazines with them.

Ikkaku: I’m from Squad 11! The strongest squad!

Ikkaku: And by “strongest” I mean the guys who through the most bullets.

Ichigo: Oh cool, I like to fire lots of bullets too!

Ikkaku: I thought I sensed a kindred spirit!

8. Kenpachi walks around with a sawed off shotgun.

That just feels right, for him.



Ichigo: I am so freaked out right now.

9. Bankai means yet another kind of gun.

In bankai, Ichigo’s giant gun of giantness becomes a slender sniper rifle. Byakuya’s, on the other hand…

Byakuya: That skinny gun is no bankai.

Byakuya: Here is a real bankai.

Byakuya: It is a machine gun that fires of thousands of tiny pink bullets that momentarily hang in the air like falling cherry petal blossoms….before all honing in on the opponent.

Byakuya: You are about to be ripped to pieces.

10. Aizen carries around a blow dart

The darts are dipped in a poison that makes you hallucinate anything he wants. His plan requires him to go around quietly shooting everyone in the neck.

Aizen: The poison works on everyone…except people who are blind.

Tosen: Because that makes sense.

11. Fights would just be….different.

Sword slashing is unbelievably cool, in my opinion. I don’t know that it would be quite as cool to watch people fly around firing guns at each other. But who knows. Tite Kubo could really make anything cool.

Ulquiorra: In order to show my disdain for your gun, I will block your bullets with my hand.

Ichigo: I’m not going to lie. That stings a little.

12. But some things would always be the same.

Like Ichigo always winning. And -

Soi Fon: This is my bankai. It is a giant rocket launcher.

Barragan: I have seen a lot of guns in my time. I think that is the biggest I have ever seen.

Soi Fon: I know. 

Soi Fon: And I hate it.

Fic: In Grand Central Terminal

I’m not sure if it’s even possible to break the fourth wall in fanfic but I think I just did. Told from the first person point of view of an anonymous third party. I’ve used this style before a very long time ago and got good feedback, please let me know what you think.

Enjoy the fix-it fic. Follow-up may be forthcoming if there is enough interest…

Summary: Written off the back of Episode 4x11 ‘Heroes and Villains’

“There is a man in Grand Central Terminal. I think he’s living there…”


There is a man in Grand Central Terminal. I think he’s living there.

He’s always in the same place, morning and night. I see him every day on my way to and from work. He’s been there for three weeks.

He’s always in the same clothes. A dusty, dirty suit that was once designer and a double cuff shirt flapping open over his hands, the cufflinks long since sold, pawned or simply lost. He has a cane and walks with a limp. I think he’s an alcoholic but I’ve never seen him with a bottle. Or maybe some other kind of addictive substance that’s completely screwed him over. He looks like he had it all and lost it overnight.

There are more than enough homeless people in this city but this one looks so completely out of place. It’s almost as if he’s not real, like a fictional character brought to life. I keep expecting someone to yell 'cut!’ and he’ll drop the limp and walk away to hair and make-up.

But they never yell and he never moves.

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anonymous asked:

For the headcanon thingy: Les Amis taking care of each other (stress, illness whatever) in a college au. Sorry if this is weird/general haha

Nah man, this is a fantastic prompt!

  1. Four words: sick Feuilly cuddle pile.  Because Feuilly has an immune system like a brick wall – he never gets sick.  Except when he does and it hits him like a ton of bricks, because once he starts getting the sniffles he’ll do whatever he can to deny it and ends up making it turn into something way bigger than it should have been.  So Les Amis do everything they can, which is nothing short of a stealth operation since Feuilly doesn’t normally feel comfortable accepting “charity”.  So they’ll decide that this week, y’know, we’re not actually going to have the meeting at the Musain, we’re going to have it and someone’s apartment instead – oh, no reason, just because, thought it’d be a nice change, right?  And since we’re here, we might as well get comfortable – Feuilly, you should take the couch, no yeah, just lie down, don’t even worry about it.  And of course then the heat gets turned up because Feuilly’s apartment is frigid and 23 degrees ambient temperature is like the greatest luxury Feuilly can imagine. Of course the meeting is still held… just at low volumes and if Feuilly falls asleep during it, well.  From there, they conspire to get Feuilly to stay over for the next couple days instead of returning to his miserable apartment so they can fatten him up with hot food and make sure he takes some medicine and relaxes.  Oh, and there’s a 100% chance of snuggles because Feuilly isn’t use to a lot of physical affection but oh so obviously adores it so every takes turns getting under the blankets with him and cuddling and he just spends the entire time blowing his nose and grinning because he has the best friends in the universe even if they’re not half as subtle as they’d like to think.
  2. Jehan and Grantaire both have depression and they completely watch each other’s back.  Grantaire, for one, has only just finally begun to address his problems and still feels pretty awful about it, so Jehan starts going with Grantaire when he has to refill his prescription to keep it from triggering him and they make a day out of it, going out and having fun before and after.  Jehan’s the first to appear at Grantaire’s door when deadlines are approaching because they know how Grantaire’s self-doubt and depression feed off each other, and it’s Jehan who turns up when Grantaire hasn’t been able to get out of bed for two days with food, who can coax him into getting up and taking a shower and cleaning up the dishes in his sink.  And it’s Grantaire who holds Jehan when they can’t stop sobbing and don’t want anyone else to see them because they’re Jean Prouvaire and they’re supposed to be all flowers and sundresses and happiness they’re not supposed to be like this, and it’s Grantaire who makes emergency runs to the pharmacist when Jehan’s forgotten to fill their prescription and has crashed hard.  Basically, Grantaire and Jehan are bros who get how sucky brain chemistry can be and who help pull each other out of bad places.
  3. Joly gets all the piggyback rides.  He has a bad leg and while normally it’s not terrible and his cane is enough to handle it, he can have really Bad Days where he just hurts so much he can’t stand to move on it but gets really miserable about being stuck inside.  So Joly gets a lot of piggy backs.  The first time this happened there was going to be an important debate going on at campus about accessibility that Joly has been looking forward to and he’s just so upset when he wakes up with pain flaring up his hip and realizing that there’s no way in hell he can walk to the bathroom without help, never mind all the way down to the university (the irony doesn’t pass him by – he laughs but it’s frustrated and bitter).  Well, Bossuet, being the superhero that he is, sends out an SOS text and instead of just bringing comfort movies like he requested, Bahorel turns up, wraps Joly up in a blanket with a hotwater bottle, and carries him all the way to school. (And it still hurt, but he’s not putting weight on it so it’s not so bad and Joly laughs the entire time they ride the bus because the looks they get with huge, tattooed Bahorel carrying tiny Joly in his fuzzy Disney blanket.)
  4. Combeferre is not as put together as other people (himself included) like to think.  He gets super bad exam stress because the problem for him is he wants to know everything.  He ends up spending hours a day studying… but studying things that he’s not getting graded on because he started wondering about the biological reason of flower petal veins or the exact structure of the local subway and – oh there’s old, closed platforms how cool is that he can totally take a break from his biology notes to go explore that.  So he ends up getting really behind and really stressed because he holds himself to such a high standard and starts panicking when he feels like there’s no way he can cram in all the work he has to before finals. Courfeyrac and Enjolras have emergency procedures for this though, and both will drop anything when the other sends out a warning text.  They force Combeferre to step away from his desk and relax, one of them makes food (usually Enjolras) because when Combeferre gets this stressed he probably hasn’t been eating well, and the other (usually Courfeyrac) just asks him about what he’s studying and gives Combeferre a chance to calm down and talk it out.  It almost always turns out less dire than it seems, and Combeferre will let himself be pulling into Courfeyrac’s lap and take the soup that Enjolras gives him and let them quiz him and the three will spend the rest of the day studying together.
  5. Enjolras didn’t realize just how important self-care can be until he started dating Grantaire.  Grantaire who by now has been seeing a therapist for a couple years and has an intense self-care regime set up, who knows when he needs to take breaks and when he needs to push himself and what foods are comforting and when to ask for hugs and when to take a break from people.  And faced with this, Enjolras finds himself slipping into it too… only to realize he’s not just doing it to help his boyfriend this is actually kind of the greatest thing ever. Eventually he finds himself stepping away from an essay that just won’t take shape properly instead of spending frenzied, pointless hours being unproductive on it and goes to take a nap and doesn’t feel guilty at all when he wakes up.  Grantaire who realizes what Enjolras is doing when he tentatively asks if he and Grantaire can just spend the afternoon watching Netflix after spending the past three hours ansty and frustrated trying to study.  Grantaire who then starts trying to slip Enjolras tip on how to spot triggers and how to find the best ways of decompressing and who relishes at being able to help Enjolras the way his friends helped him when he was at some of his lowest moments.

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