Cane (ライデン) 10 y/o

Son of Ash and Misty. Cane doesn’t like Pokémon all that much and isn’t nearly as driven as his parents. He actually went on a journey to get away from Pokémon and out of the house for a while. Personality-wise, Cane is rather quiet and reserved. He’s very much an introvert and would rather keep to himself. He comes off as pretty cynical but he’s actually a pretty happy kid! When there’s no Pokémon involved of course. He finds happiness in swimming and cooking and traveling.

Other trainers are very underwhelmed when meeting him or battling him considering his parentage. Cane has no clear goals unlike all the trainers around him. He’d ideally like to live a life of solitude away from Pokémon. But in a Pokémon world, that’s just not possible. It’s not until me meets Julie and some other pals that he begins to feel a little more ambitious and accept that Pokémon aren’t all that bad.

Cane loves his parents but he finds them to be a bit overbearing a lot of the time. Not only are they some of the greatest trainers in the world which is a lot to live up to, their whole lives revolve around Pokémon and Cane is forced to live this lifestyle he never asked for. It is evident that he feels the pressure but he deals with it by ignoring it. Cane is much closer to Misty than he is to Ash. He enjoys going swimming with his mom even though there’s usually Pokémon present (they can kinda sense he doesn’t want to be near them). Cane has a hard time relating to his dad and Ash remains completely oblivious to this. Maybe one day he’ll build up the courage to tell his parents how he truly feels.

Pokémon Team

  • Pichu
  • Weedle
  • Nidoran
  • Eevee
  • Cubone
  • Dratini