candysweet twilight

Candysweet Twilight will continue shortly~

Though! I am strongly considering rebooting it/starting the story over, as I feel like I’ve lost the connection of where I kinda wanted to go with this whole thing and it just becamse a huge mess.
So yeah. Ask box has been nuked & opened again, so if you want, you’re more than welcome to send in some new ones. ^^

Alright, Candysweet Twilight has been transformed to fromdusttomist, the new NextGen blog and here we have the main family consisting of Princess Twilight Sparkle, former king Sombra, oldest daughter Obsidian and youngst daughter Misty.

Misty’s hair usually doesn’t look like that, but when she gets excited he, her hair gets all shadowy like Sombra’s shadow form. This is an ability she picked up on, that Obsidian has not caught onto.
I will get more into detail on them later on.

And, for those wondering, I headcanon Sombra being an alicorn. Why? Cause I dislike the lack of male alicorns in the show, so I dare to headcanon this!

Also, ask box has been opened~!