Meiji Kinoko No Yama Matcha Milk

A popular snack from Meiji a very cute stem biscuits with matcha milk on top. Shaped like a mushroom literally kinoko in Japanese means mushroom. I ordered it from Candysan. The biscuit stem was very crunchy and slightly sweet. The matcha milk on top of it was very creamy and a little bit of grainy maybe because of the matcha powder they used for this chocolate. It has a double layer of milk and matcha chocolate just like the latte picture on the box. The aroma of matcha was not that strong but once it melts in your mouth you can taste the strong flavor of it. Packaging was pretty cute and green :) My only concern was a box of it contains a whooping 372 calories. So you better watch out those sweet tooth. Munching on these matcha treat was satisfying. 


Kracie Fuwarinka Rose Soft Candy

Rose tea is one of my favorite tea flavor. When I saw this at Candysan online I was pretty much excited to try it out. I like the resealable bag for freshness idea. No more hassle to transfer in a candy container. It also says in the package that the candies are rich in vitamin c. When I open the bag the scent of the fragrant rose just say hi to me. It smell so good. These pretty pastel pink candies has a crunchy outer shell and chewy on the inside. Just imagine eating mentos. It was sweet and you can actually taste the rosy flavor. I did enjoyed eating these. 126 calories per 38g. 


Someone take my credit card from me! I just love Japanese candy and snacks way to much.

The first picture is from I’ve ordered from them before and I was satisfied with everything.

The second picture is from This is my first time ordering from them. The prices are high compared to candysan but they are way up to date with new popin cookin kits.

And the last picture is entirely from Some items are repeats because I enjoyed them that much. The only thing is I am missing one item but I am seeing if I can get that item sent to me. We’ll see.


Glico Pocky Peach

Glico collaborated with Kobito Zukan that means “Dwarf Encyclopedia”. The character on the box is very popular with kids in Japan. Everything is pink and girly. At the back of the box there was a mini game. One pouch inside the box and the peach heart shapes designs were cute. As I opened the pouch it smelled really sweet and peachy. The light pale pink chocolate coating was very thin but you can still taste the fruity and sweet taste. Contains 215 calories per box. I bought this limited edition Pocky at Candysan.


Lotte Kajitte Kajitsu Gumi - Mango

The first treat that I tried in my Candysan haul. When I open it the scent of the Mango was really strong. It was very rich and tasty with fresh pureed Mango pulp. Funny how I felt like I was just eating dried Mango in a squishy texture. The sweetness was not that strong. I heard the peach flavor was really good too. Each pack contains 10 gummy pieces. Check Candysan if you are interested in trying one. Cheers!


with l-ost-and-found


Pocky Otana Milk Chocolate

Another Otona (mature taste) sweets I bought from Candysan. The first Otona sweets I tried was Kit Kat. What makes this Pocky different from the others? The cookie sticks! It was more crunchier and crispier. Just like eating a pastry pie. The chocolate coating was very extra milky and melts in your mouth. Definitely a must try. Check Candysan for this Pocky treat. 

Candysan Haul

Yesterday I received my package from Candysan :) It only took a week to arrived in Vancouver from Tokyo. This was my first time doing transaction to them and their prices were affordable same as the shipping fee. They sell lots of variety of Japanese and Korean treats.

Spazzing! Excited to open it up :)

Pretty neat packaging. Can’t wait to see them.

Wiiii :) Which one should I try first? Seeing them makes my so so happy! Will be doing some reviews on each treat soon.

They gave me a freebie too. Awesome! Thank you so much Candysan. Till next time.