candypixel replied to your post “i’m using Fire Alpaca. let me try what you suggested! :D”

i do its basically sai but less complex and more free and it works on mac

Can you make a transparency layer then?  And/or multiply layer?

jackthevulture said: Yes! Firealpaca is a nice free software for PC and mac and it has a stabilizer and perspective tool. Its most comparable to Paint Tool Sai.

You know all the programs, don’t you, Jack? XD

If he can help you out that would be great because it seems all your problems could be solved :)

  • 40: Hogwarts!AU

Ewan was trying very hard to get this essay done. He’d been working on it for the last couple of hours in the common room, and the evidence for this (broken quills, ink stains on various pieces of paper and several open books) was strewn around his area. There, done. Better clean up and oh shit i need to get to class.

He practically skidded into potions, just on time, and took his seat, grinning at his classmates. Nice.