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I don’t know why you care about losing followers so much. :/ If they dropped out out they’re not worthy. =w=

Because I guess I always think maybe I’m taking my blog in the right direction or I just wrote a better fic/ drew something better than I have in months, or what not and that is usually when they unfollow. VS the days when I’m just flat out reblogging and not saying anything and it isn’t really ‘me’ doing the posts :\

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-is goth- o3o; People tend to mix me for “emo” because I have depression. :/

That has to be really annoying. :I Especially since emo is basically a joke to everyone anymore. 

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I thought you might want to kill me because I most of the time seem to prefer the old-fashioned things of something. [Honestly I have no clue why I do that. I just…like them better somehow]

Pfft that’s crazy! I prefer the old-fashioned stuff, too(sometimes).

candynights replied to your postIf you think that being white excludes you from being a victim of racism, you need to unfollow me right now.

Personally, I think you can be racist towards whites, but, white privilege still exists.

While that is true, I’m going to say that everyone has privilege to some extent. It may not be the same extent or even the same amount, but in some aspects and to some extent, yes.

I’m really just angry right now that the majority of people who discuss this seem to think that privilege excuses you from, well, being a victim of racism.

candynights replied to your postWait, do you know that I play Shilo in a REPO! shadowcast or no? xD (And, do you get that kool-aid/Graverobber reference? Also, I’m going to kill these ponies if they don’t stop standing on the ask box. STOP IT APPLEJACK.)

My boyfriend plays Luigi in the cast. :P I’ve been in the repo fandom since December 2008. xDThe GR/Kool-aid pic is a reference to the REPO! Kink meme, an old joke.

Augh that’s so awesome! I am just now getting into it(I’ve lived a sheltered life until this year, okay >n<)because of one of my friends finally watching it with me at my house. It’s really awesome and I’m just kind of on a Repo! kick right now xD

Oh, thanks for explaining! XD It was pretty funny to me without even knowing the context :B

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Wait, do you know that I play Shilo in a REPO! shadowcast or no? xD (And, do you get that kool-aid/Graverobber reference? Also, I'm going to kill these ponies if they don't stop standing on the ask box. STOP IT APPLEJACK.)

Okay first:



UNFORTUNATELY…no..I don’t *Shame shame*

The picture made me laugh and so I reblogged it >.>



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The manga is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better ;___;

I don’t care if anyone else likes it, I might have been slightly biased because I was literally forced to watch it even after I told my friend I disliked vampires, but I just don’t understand the appeal. Maybe it’s just the vampire thing, but I didn’t see any real vampires in it lol 

IDK maybe it was all the panties

Point is I was forced to watch it when I expressed my desire to do anything but watch it