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My queen, my liege, my everything ... I'm the anon who sent you the "LA face/Oakland booty" t-shirt idea for Jensen AND YOU WORKED IT INTO your *amazing* tour de force chapter of FP verse! I have won the lottery! This was my bedtime story and what a story it is! Things in life just don't get any more perfect than this fic! *sighs* *genuflects while kneeling and kissing your shiny pink knee-high Docs!* Thank you! <3<3<3

oh gosh, oh gosh. you’re back. i’m so heart-squeezy right now. i’d hoped so much that you didn’t think i forgot about you or your stunning little request. 

thinking of him in that pulled-loose crop top, all candymouthed and publicly slutty. everyone falling just as in love with the back of him as they do the front. sigh. tiny little boys in chipping polish and a throat full of creamy affection. ♥