Valentine’s Day : Pointless Holiday


Out of the 365 days we have in a year, there’s this one particular day that’s specifically for couples. We have this day to show our better half how we love them and shower them with materialistic gifts. Many people celebrate this holiday and spend money on things they don’t need. But is it really necessary to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do people really need to buy gifts, take their loved ones to dinner, give valentine’s cards, flowers, teddy bears and chocolates to prove they love one another?

    I do understand that it’s a romantic holiday and it’s not like it comes around every day of the year. That’s why couples choose to go out and try hard to make an extra special day without caring how much money they spend for each other. But what about those who don’t have their so-called “special someone”? What do they have to do during Valentine’s Day? Will they sit back and watch sweet couples walk by? I think not. They could be with their other loved ones, like family or a best friend, enjoying the day. They shouldn’t be intimidated by the fact that they don’t have a special someone to celebrate Hearts Day with.

     Judging on how we all generalize what Valentine’s Day is about, I don’t think it’s necessary to celebrate this pointless holiday. Why show them how you love them on one day alone when you have 364 days more? If people would stop caring about this commercialized “holiday” so much, then they might just realize that doing small but meaningful things throughout the year, not just during Valentine’s Day, and saying “I love you” would be enough.

     But to those who insist on celebrating during February 14th, I would like to remind you that finding valentine’s gifts is one thing. But most importantly, it is the meaningful act or gesture that one wants to show how important his or her valentine is.

@candycoatedraindrop - HAHAHA. I love the melody :)) LSS ako an F*ck you na song. HAHAHA. Hi Jonas udog. BI. bad na song it gnpapabati ha ak. Hahahaha. I didn't know na Forget You an title an original na song. :))))) Knna la ak sabot. Luzzer much. =)))
Momentary Bliss, Lifetime of being Pissed.


You know the time when you’re really happy and you feel like nothing’s gonna change or stop that feeling of yours. But then, boom. Something happens and it does change that feeling of yours.

But why? Why does it have to end so soon? We only have a momentary bliss. And a lifetime (well it’s not really lifetime but it sure feels like it, yeah?) of being pissed.

But you see, this is a perfect example of what everybody says “You can’t have it all”.

Ano yun? Puro happiness nalang? Ang boring naman ata nun. But yeah, you get the point. So a tip of advice? There’s nothing wrong with expecting things. Just make sure that when you expect, you expect two things. One, the positive outcome. Two, most importantly, the negative one. So you’ll be able to prepare yourself of what to come. How you’re going to deal with it and such.

But keep this in mind though, every obstacle is worth it. Because if you have had your share of heartbreaks, loneliness and the what-nots, and if it hurts a lot, it’d be just as much when you overcome that and be happy again.