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This was too much.

First, they’d been forcefully taken from their homes and out into a “room” (which was just an over-glorified cell), Shawn had been restrained, and Wily made constant remarks about how they weren’t getting away again. That terrified Sheila more than she cared to admit, and with her brother restrained and medicated to the point where he barely responded to just his name, she really didn’t have any comfort given to her.

Then they had been told that a potential adopter had come in to see them- Ice Man had informed them of this, and this just worried them more. Did that mean they were going to be moved again? That didn’t sound like a good thing, even though the Master’s voice had been oddly cheerful.

The adopter seemed nice enough, and despite​ Shawn being medicated beyond belief he still found some energy to try and gnash at her. So he wasn’t completely gone.

But now they were in an entirely different world - quite literally, as they now found themselves in a room that was very much unlike their original home and the cell they had been in. Sheila was curled up in a corner, and Shawn (having finally sobered up enough to be cognitive) was wandering around and inspecting everything to make sure there weren’t any hidden traps.

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