kiwigreg71 250 million year old crinoid #fossil on perfect display in a museum. Basically they are a marine plants with stems like a life-saver candy. Go to the rim of the #grandcanyon and you’ll be standing on thousands of these.

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2 oz. (60ml) Caramel Vodka
2 oz. (60ml) Rum Chata
Caramel Syrup
Coarse Salt
Caramel Candy

Rim martini glass with caramel syrup and salt.
Shake caramel vodka and rum chata with ice to chill.
Garnish inside of martini glass with caramel syrup.
Pour vodka rum chata mix into the martini glass.
Garnish martini glass with a caramel candy.

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Annnnnnd, my Secret Santa Fic for @justanotherdrarryblog

Fic: Have You Been a Good Boy?When Harry arrives home from work to find Draco dressed in a Santa suit, he finds that the old saying “Santa always knows exactly what you want” is true.

  • Warnings: MATURE RATING - explicit sexual content, anal penetration with a foreign object, misuse of a candy cane, rimming, anal sex, mild bondage, praise kink 

Hartbig. 2.8k. SFW. SFF.  (other writing here)

a/n *sings* Don’t you wish your beta was hot like mine? Many thanks to isilagdur for the beta'ing and for being the absolute greatest member of our Baffled Forest Creatures club. Lots of (parens) to haveyouseenmyplot for all the [sunshine]. A big high five to ficfacfoe for being impatient enough to want to read the end early and reminding me that just kissing is never enough.

You should really read PART ONE found here or else this won’t make much sense!


Part Two: Suitcase Hearts

Smaller defects, tiny perforations in the heart’s chamber walls, are most common and the least cause for alarm; but even someone with a larger hole can walk around almost symptom free. Short-term issues are usually brought on by exercise, whenever you really need to get your heart pumping. Shortness of breath, fatigue, and increased sweating you can manage, but you’ll learn that larger holes have more long-term complications. They don’t cause the most trouble in your day-to-day life, but they will often impair your growth over time. Slow your development. Affect your ability to mature.

The third hole in Hannah’s heart is a direct, piercing blow.

After almost two weeks of silence, Grace and Hannah are finally forced into some version of a truce because of a YouTube party their managers insist they attend as a trio with Mamrie. There are a few flurried email chains about not always needing to be together but with some harsh words about brand image and public perception, both women are subdued into a quiet acceptance that their little game of “I’m not texting you first” would have had to end before their next round of #NoFilter anyway.

Three hours and countless tequila shots later and Hannah is dancing like the music is the only thing holding her up. Mamrie has tried to smuggle her into a cab at least three times, including one final plea when the redhead left herself, but Hannah would have none of it and is currently grinding on a dark-haired woman whose dress is short enough that Grace is pretty sure she’s seen a peek of red panties and a flash of butt cheek twice so far… not that she’s been staring this whole time.

Hannah is watching Grace perch delicately on her boyfriend’s knee and notices the blonde is avoiding direct eye contact even though her head is swiveled in an awkward manner, clearly watching Hannah on the dance floor.  Hannah shakes the image free of her mind, trying to keep conversation with the girl in front of her whose thigh is now wedged between her own. She’s not sure if it’s the alcohol or the fact that Grace looks like some mixture of a supermodel and a teenage girl’s Lisa Frank notebook exploded onto a romper, but the combination is somehow deadly and Hannah’s normal lack of focus is at an all time high.

Her mind keeps turning over in the same frustrating way one tries to flip a pancake that keeps getting stuck to the spatula. There is hurt simmering in her chest that’s easier to turn into rage than sorrow, so she lets the anger build. Loving Grace is a white arched-tunnel painted onto the wall in a Saturday morning cartoon. Just when you think it’s safe to run inside, you are splattered, squashed against cold concrete and wondering how it could have fooled you in the first place. Hannah is still feeling very kersplat when she escapes the incessant chatter of Nancy, Natasha, or maybe Nadia to get more drinks from the bar.

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