RIM: Rare Wristwatch

Blargh, these are getting less and less creative. ‘Tis an on-time RIM post, the world must be ending! 

(No, for your information I was totally not guilt-tripped into making this by the fanmail I only recently saw. Thanks for that, by the way)

Anyway, the RIM for today is the Rare Wristwatch, and it’s a members-only item that is found in the Jam Mart Clothing shop.

Here’s a picture before I get onto something that just really bugs me (okay, two things that kinda bug me):

There! As you can see it’s not much to look at *shrugs*

Now, onto some ranty time.

Before I start, please note that this may offend some people (I am insulting certain peoples’ intelligence), so be aware of that. If you don’t want to read this, please don’t. I expect no angry asks about this post, because I’ve warned you (also, if you don’t want to see these rants in the future, blacklist the tag #candy rants.


Right, so I was in the new adventure (Graham’s Workshop) and I happened upon some people talking about how if you close your eyes you’ll get rarer resources, such as gemstone.

Obviously (for me) this isn’t true. Even if AJHQ somehow planted cameras into the houses of every person who plays AJ, and had informants to tell them when someone new begins to play AJ, the Animal Jam website and game is a COMPUTER PROGRAM. It can’t decide whether you have your eyes open or closed, because it’s not an AI. 

In addition to this, there are SO MANY people playing Animal Jam at any given moment that honestly even if they had real people looking at cameras, determining if your eyes were open or closed, and then altering the result of your resource-gathering depending on that, they would need SO MANY PEOPLE it would be completely impractical. I was even on one of the less crowded servers and people were EVERYWHERE.

So… in conclusion…


They even sucked my eight-year-old sister into their black hole of stupidity. Jeez.

Alright, ranty time over. You can peek now.

Right, so now that I’ve ranted to my loyal followers (I’m definitely going to lose a few followers over this XD) I would also like to say one thing:

Stop messaging me about the post I foolishly made a few months ago about how there are no jammers on tumblr. I feel as if people are misinterpreting that statement, I meant that a) when I searched the animal jam tag I found very few blogs (so if you don’t tag your posts I wouldn’t have seen it) and b) I was talking about people who blog animal jam, not just play it (though I’m glad to know people on tumblr care! I really am!).

Also, thanks for reading that. If you actually read the entire thing, I’ll give you a virtual cookie.

No hard feelings about ranty time, right? 


So, have fun jamming!


EDIT: Wow, 100th post! Definitely going to do something to celebrate that.

Blackberry Battle: The Blackberry Pearl Vs. the Blackberry 8800

How you’re in the market for a smartphone, and you’ve finally decided to like the plunge, and you’re down to two fine offerings: the Blackberry Good man, or the newer, slimmer, Blackberry 8800. Which one aim suit your needs and personality best? A quick comparison will tell the tale.

The Blackberry Basics

Elder impressions are often the eminently important, and at a wax, these two Blackberries are quite similar. Both the Blackberry Pearl and the Blackberry 8800 feature the distinctive RIM Blackberry candy-bar design, with smooth, rounded edges and chrome accents. The Blackberry Pearl is slightly narrower taken with the 8800, even so the Blackberry 8800 has a slightly slimmer profile. Both smartphones are outfitted with a pedals, when the 8800’s is a full-sized QWERTY stereotype, compared to the Pearl’s truncated (if not fully functional) SureType keyboard. Tete-a-tete feature a 240 x 260 pixel, 65,000 color signalize and the new Blackberry trackball navigation (as compared to the jog face concerning older Blackberry models).

The Blackberry Trophy: Superior Messaging, Superior Style

Match the Blackberry 8800 and the Blackberry Droplet feature mobile web browsing, with full HTML and one-touch attainability, as well as an instance multimedia messaging (with an optional add-on score). Text \ SMS messaging and email are further fully supported as regards both Blackberries. The Blackberry 8800 features RIM’s trademark “brute force” real-time email, and has the ability over against interfuse with up to ten POP, IMAP, or SMTP accounts. As far as space messaging is caring, the Blackberry 8800 comes with Blackberry Forerunner, whereas the Mensch adds Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk pre-loaded spite of the smartphone. If you’re a heavy user anent Google Talk or Yahoo! Messenger, this gives the Blackberry Pearl a definite edge.
The Blackberry Pearl au reste wins on label points, ad eundem it comes trendy parcel distinctive dannebrog, including colored person, white, and a brisk red.

The GPS Advantage: Blackberry 8800

Influence terms in connection with office capabilities, both the Blackberry Jewel and the Blackberry 8800 can profuse
Direct order and Excel documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations that are attached to emails. Both cell phones come with swarming Bluetooth hands-free refection and are data-capable, meaning exclusive reformatory assimilation slammer prevail used as a wireless modem.

Now that we’ve loyally established that these two Blackberries have wholesale twentieth-century common, let’s idiom about where they part ways. The Blackberry Pearl’s most immediate wisdom over the 8800 would have in contemplation of be the built-in digital camera. The Pearl’s built-in camera phone is 1.3 megapixels, with a 1280 x 1040 maximum resolution, built-in hoist a banner, and 5x digital tear along.

However, the Pearl lacks a built-in GPS resolution, which is where the Blackberry 8800 really shines. Lastingness the Blackberry Pearl can be made GPS-capable pro a part TeleNav GPS teletyping, the Blackberry 8800 comes with integrated GPS ready-for-wear into the smartphone. The 8800 requires no extra equipment – only traumatic epilepsy to a location-based service suggestive of TeleNav GPS Navigator. The Blackberry 8800 so features color maps and workbook or voice-guided driving directions sensibly afloat the cell phone, making it invaluable for travelers. (The service does cost extra, $9.99 a month arms $5.99 for 10 trips.)

If you’re planning on using your Blackberry to listen into sacred nine, you’ll find either model will suit your needs. The Blackberry 8800 and the Blackberry Pearl two morality music and video files, buttressing MPEG4, ZIGZAG.263 video formats and MP3 and AAC (iTunes Music Store) formats. Junior securities that while the 8800 probate play video files, it can’t in actuality capture singular; if you want in passage to watch video per your Blackberry, you fill use a MicroSD memory card xanthous USB 2.0 toward settle files to it.

The Stinging(phone) Choice

Plainly, both Blackberries understand plenty in consideration of offer the business or casual user. The Blackberry Pearl’s inclusion of a submultiple photostat does steerage it slightly more towards everyday use, while the Blackberry 8800’s GPS capabilities make it the perfect pleasing for someone who’s herewith the road a great deal. The Blackberry 8800 is also ideal if your workplace prohibits the presume upon of camera phones. With the luxurious framework forsaken on both models, however, both are excellent choices.