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Jeongyeon x Reader


College AU

Word Count: 1141

Written by Admin LJ

You and Jeongyeon promised each other you wouldn’t go all out for your one year anniversary. You agreed on dinner and just a small present for each other- neither of you could afford anything crazy on your college budget, so you settled on what you could manage.

A whole year with Jeongyeon had been an experience, to say the very least. She was fun and spontaneous. Dates were never boring, and she always had some new idea in mind to try whenever she swung by for bi-weekly date night (though you had to admit, a picnic in the snow wasn’t one of her best ideas, and she learned her lesson after being sick in bed for a week). It wasn’t uncommon for Jeongyeon to come banging on your dorm door in the wee hours of the morning to drag you out to the local diner for pancakes, and while you did make a fuss about it, you never really minded- Jeongyeon seemed to thrive when it was just the two of you, at three in the morning, in some rundown place that had a plethora of breakfast foods.

You thought it was simply adorable.

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When I Fall in Love

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(Steve x Reader) 

Request: @holycoldcoffee said: My birthday is in a few days can you do a story where all the avengers compete to get the reader the best gift for her birthday (reader x peitro) or (reader x bucky) or (reader x steve) whatever is easier for you to write 

A/n:  I’m so sorry @holycoldcoffee I’ve no idea when you sent this just noticed it in my inbox the other day!  Hope you like it anyway. xxx 

Cute Steve and fluff, wanted to write something with him for ages. :) If you haven’t heard the song ‘when I fall in love’ by Nat king Cole, listen here (x) x

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“Hey there birthday gal.”  

Steve smiled and handed you a mountain of cotton candy. You grab it eagerly and sit on a nearby bench, patting the seat next to you for him to sit down. You felt your heart fluttering a little when his leg brushed yours, the material tickling your skin.

“This is the best gift yet, thank you.”

You sat back and watched the lights and people walking by, thankful for a lull in all the excitement. Steve’s idea for you to spend the day at Coney Island had turned into an Avengers field trip and you were dragged from ride to ride all day, with hardly a breath in between. It was fun but exhausting.

Turning to Steve you admired his profile and the shape of his lips, thinking about the way he smiled at you and desperately wishing he would lean over and kiss you. It was an image that had been playing on your mind since the first day you met; along with many more that made even you blush.  

Steve started fidgeting and looked down at his shoes. It was so cute to see him so nervous, there weren’t many people he let see this side of him.  

You knew he was building himself up to ask you something, so you tried to act casual when he turned to you and not bite your lip at the outline of muscles in his tight t-shirt. Why was your mind always in the gutter around Steve?

“I’ve been meaning to ask you something…all day actually…” he sighed and you giggled.

Thinking back, every time Steve would try and talk to you someone pulled you away to give you a gift or go on a ride with them.  

“As long as it’s not the cyclone…eight times with Pietro is enough for one day…”  

You forced yourself to stop rambling and let Steve carry on. Your own nerves skyrocketing with a thousand different questions running through your mind.

“Would you ride the wonder wheel with me?”  

“I’d love to.”  You answered quickly, not convinced that was his real question.

He flashed you a relieved smile and you squeezed his hand, standing up and pulling him with you.  

“Y/n! Why are you here with grandpa? One more ride!”

Damn it. Tony grabbed your arm and pulled you away from Steve, but you shrugged him off.  

“Sorry Tony, I promised Steve we’d ride the wonder wheel.”  

The others wandered up behind him, most looking happy, if a bit tired. All except Pietro of course, being the ever ready bunny he was still over excited with arms full of sweets and chomping down on a hot dog.  

“Yes! Wonder wheel, not done that yet, come on y/n!” Tony raised his hand for you to follow and everyone happily complied.  You glanced back and Steve rolled his eyes, muttering under his breath.  

Drifting to the back of the group you got into step with Steve, nudging him playfully.

“Cheer up captain, I know they took over your idea, but look at them, especially the twins, they needed some time to have fun.”

“But have you had fun? It’s your birthday, y/n.”

“I’ve spent the day with my best friends, no fighting, no serious drama,” you looked pointedly at Tony and Sam arguing over who would ride with Natasha, “if you’re all happy, I’m happy.”

You took a huge mouthful of candy, enjoying the sweet taste.  Steve raised his eyebrows at you sniggering and you licked your lips realizing you had a cotton candy mustache. You grinned at Steve and he burst out in laughter.

“I mustache you to stop laughing sir,” you twiddle the candy with your fingers, attempting your best villain laugh,  “muahahaa-“ and falling into a fit of giggles, Steve joining you.  

“You’re something else, you know that?”  

You shrug, reluctantly letting him wipe the candy off your face. 

After a few moments of silence he flashes you a sheepish grin and takes hold of your hand. His fingers are surprisingly soft and you daren’t look at him in case he let go.

You spent the rest of the walk to the ferris wheel enjoying the feel of his warm hand in yours, heart jumping when he would give it a squeeze to get your attention or point out something he remembered.  

Steve told you stories of him and Bucky coming here as kids. Chasing girls, throwing up, little things like staying late to see the park lit up at night and sitting on the beach just listening to the sea. Both of them falling asleep some nights and getting prodded by passers by in the morning; checking they were still alive - that was a funny one. As was the time Steve woke up with Bucky wrapped around him, sweet talking in his ear…Steve swore you to secrecy on that one.

Too soon you reached the wonder wheel and the others, getting pulled away from Steve again and smooshed into a car with Pietro and Wanda.  

Wanda gave you a knowing smile when she noticed you glance over at Steve, now sat with Sam and Natasha. Wanda nudged you and Pietro glanced over curious.

‘Stay out of my head please.’  

‘I wasn’t hearing your thoughts, surată.’  Came the reply and you blushed.  

Wanda laughed, giving your arm a gentle squeeze and went back to chatting to Pietro, avoiding his questions. You pretended to watch the ground fall away as the old ferris wheel creaked into life, trying your best not to get your hopes up that Steve felt the same way about you, and definitely not imagining his thoughts with Wanda around.  

After practically having to drag Tony home, he was organizing drinks and arguing with the others about what to do next. Everyone with a different opinion on how you should spend the last few hours of your birthday.  

“Let me know what you decide guys…” you mutter, not surprised when you get no answer and fall back on the sofa. A nap would be awesome right now.

Music starts playing in the background and it takes you a moment to realize it’s ‘When I fall in love’ by Nat king Cole.  Your mums’ favourite song, you often listened to it alone. It was an unusual choice for Tony. You stick your head over the top of the sofa, seeing everyone as confused as you were, all gawking at Steve walking over to you.

His eyes focused on yours, ignoring everyone else in the room and your breath hitched as he stopped in front of you, holding out his hand for you to take.

“Miss, may I have this dance?”  

Unable to speak, you just nod meekly, your small hand finding his. You have to hold in a gasp when he lifts you up over the sofa and pulls you into his arms in one smooth move.  

A little dazed, you stand there a moment with your hands splayed over his warm chest, his heart was pounding.  Coming back to reality you drop your hands to your sides but he smirks and gently takes your left hand placing it on his shoulder while he grabbed your waist, pulling you to him and taking hold of your other hand.

“Ready?” Steve asks and you nod again.

The volume increases and you slowly start to move, Steve leading you into a waltz.

“I thought you couldn’t dance?” You whispered into his ear and he glanced over at Bucky, sat watching you with the other Avengers.  

“Bucky taught me a few steps.”  

Steve squeezed your waist, moving his hand to your back pulling you as close as he could.  

“Thank him for me will you?”  

Your voice trailed off when you saw the intense look in Steve’s eyes, his pupils wide staring at your lips. He licked his lips and leaned forwards to kiss you.  

“Go cap!” Shouts and whistles made you both jump, you’d forgotten they were still there.

“Out, now! That’s an order.”  Steve shouted and they eventually left, not really taking him seriously. Bucky winked at you and patted Steve on the shoulder. You loved the authoritative side of him, it was so hot.

“Don’t forget to use protection kids.” Tony remarked and you both glared at him, Steve actually blushing.

Once they all filed out you both laugh nervously, the room suddenly very quiet. You look down at your feet, desperately wracking your brain for something to say. Thankfully the song started playing again.

“Damn Stark,”  Steve mumbles and catches your eye, that twinkle back in them, “where were we?”  

Forgetting your nerves you start dancing again, attempting to jive this time. Steve starts to twirl you around and you loved it the first few times, not quite as much when he twirled you into the coffee table, smashing your knee into the wood. Cursing you jump back, accidentally stepping on his toes…causing an expletive you never thought you’d hear to pass his lips and you stare at him a second before giggling.

“I better do this now before one of us gets hurt.” He laughed and you watched curiously as he ran to grab his jacket, pulling out a small box.

“This might not be as fancy as those other gifts…”  

You take it lifting the lid and sifting through the tissue paper, your fingers finding something cold and metal.  You turned the beautiful gold locket over in your palm. It was antique with an intricate flower carving and a beautiful amethyst. There was something familiar about it, you remembered this, it was...oh my god.  

Mum. It was her locket.  You couldn’t breathe as you opened it, your heart jumping at the sight of the small black and white photograph. Mum and dad held you close while you sat on their lap, reaching up to poke your dad’s nose just at the moment the camera clicked. Natural loving smiles on your faces.  

It wasn’t possible, Hydra, they had destroyed everything.  

“Steve, where did you get this?”  You ask, attempting to hold in tears of joy and love. He had no idea what a precious gift he had given you and it was something only he would think of.     

“It was buried in Shield storage…”  

Steve’s eyes grew concerned as he brushed a tear from your cheek. You wrap your hands around his neck pulling him down into a slow, passionate kiss, desperately trying to convey everything you wanted to say.

“I know how much they meant to you,” he said softly, his arms back around your waist, “and I wanted you to know how much you mean to me.”

You rest your head on his shoulder, swaying slowly as your song starts a third time, the world melting into just the two of you. Steve places a soft kiss to your temple and hums in your ear.

“When I fall in love, it will be forever.” 

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How would the boys react if Candy drew a mustache on them while they were sleeping and everyone was laughing at them at school for a reason they didn't know until they looked in the mirror?

Nathaniel: Cannot fathom why Candy would do this but would eventually laugh about it.

Castiel: Annoyed at first. He would have to get her back for this.

Lysander: Confused and doesn’t find it amusing, but doesn’t make a big deal about it.

Kentin: Not happy at all. He doesn’t like being laughed at. He’s been through that enough.

Armin: Would roll with it and own the mustache all day long.

I wish I could love A-force, a spoiler heavy review.

So A-force was one of the most exciting titles coming from Secret Wars to me. All female cast, with two female writers (both whom are great), with some of my favorite characters, set in a paradise.  Yet somehow I ended up really not liking this book, Maybe Post Secret Wars A-force will redeem this story but I can’t recommend this zero volume. Beyond this point spoilers dwell so do beware.

This comic has several problems going into it. One of the major issues i have with it is the setting of Secret Wars, they can’t avoid it but the setting potential is actually made worse. Arcadia is an amazing concept, as is A-force but being set inside Secret Wars make the characters of a feminist paradise ruled under cruel males. It’s super annoying but I figured maybe it would have a pay off where these betrayals were to break Arcadia free of the patriarchy, no the story here is it would have been better if they had not angered their god and things would be normal if a non binary female had not ruined it.  Doom really damages the story and the story they wanted to tell was further ruined by them not really addressing it. Many other Secret Wars titles did so this book not doing it has no excuse.

Next major issue is the way Nico is written here. So far out of 4 issues she has cried in every single one. They also all follow the same basic beats. Something bad happens in issue 4′s case it was the reveal that Loki was the traitor, they punch something, then Nico Cries. That is A-force, that’s it. Nico and She Hulk are the only characters given real speaking lines outside of our baddie Loki nether do anything particularly interesting for their character. It’s amazing to see She Hulk as a leader, it’s amazing to see a happier Nico at the start. However, both these things are crushed, i’d much rather seen any other day in Arcadia then the day they are giving us. A smaller note is the choice to use everyone’s most iconic costume here meaning a lot more bad costumes being put on display here and that takes away from even the cameos.

Other complaints include, Zombies at the end are a totally lame left field kind of thing when there is obviously a ton more room for better storytelling outside of let’s have a last stand against zombies. I know they tried to set it up with the shark toss scene but it really felt like this is a random element in this storyline that could have been tighter. Then we have an ad in the middle of a two page spread that’s on marvel but it’s still really annoying. Nico has always been a pretty white passing Asian character but when only white woman and her get a speaking role in this book and they actually use the same white in the coloring as Loki’s skin it’s a little lame. That one is a nit pick and I might even be reaching she does have Asain features it just bothered me near the end likely just because that point I might have been looking for things to be upset about. 

Let’s go on to my least favorite thing about this book and that’s Loki’s betrayal of Arcadia. Creating the portals to overthrow Arcadia and become queen was all Loki’s doing. First off just to gain power is a totally weak, cliche, outdated villain goal. We have so many more dynamic villains but this version of Loki is made paper thin. This also makes the touching scene in issue 1 with America Chavez totally pointless. Then she proves to be petty as well another classic oh look how evil I am thing. She blows up the Shield and lets zombies come in to kill the people of Arcadia.

Loki being bad is bad on so many levels it’s not even funny. First off Loki being bad is the most obvious option A writing possible. Who did a bad, must be the trickster god. We have it being bad for this story because it ends up making it a story of woman against woman in a very corny way. It’s bad because this is a league of cis straight women against the one LGBT+ non binary person in the book. Gay is bad in this book of powerful woman and straight is good. If lesbians were in this teen + rated comic maybe it would be too feminist, grrr. At the very least Loki’s fight against A-force was pretty cool although not even as cool as that could have been since it was really just vs  She Hulk and Nico. It just angers me how we can’t just let Loki change, can’t we be over this whole evil Loki thing. 

This book in the end didn’t leave me feeling empowered, inspired, or even really having a fun time. Maybe if this was more cotton candy a mustache twirling baddie loki would have served it. However, here it does it no favors. I even bought a variant cover for this books issue one plus a second copy to have both issues and I was just so let down. I’ve done everything I could to support this book and I feel like i’ve been slapped in the face by it. Dropping the series, sorry to G. Willow Wilson who might have amazing plans post secret wars but you’ll have to to work harder to get me back. Until then I’ll see you in Ms. Marvel.

1 AM

Please listen to this when reading.^^

“Hello?” you asked in a sleepy tone as you slowly sat up in bed.

“_____, can you meet me at the park? The one we always went to when we were kids? I have something to tell you,” whispered Mark as he sat on a bench in the cold.

“Alright. I’ll be there soon.”

You hung up and Mark stared at his phone screen and looked at the time. 12:55 am. By the time you will get here, it will be one in the morning. And at that time, Mark is determined to tell you something he has been holding for a while.

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