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I've always found it significant that Susan's siblings make no comment on her issues. Peter "shortly and gravely" mentions she's not there, but the overtly critical ones are Eustace, who has a history of bluntness and can likely see some of his own former immaturity in her; Jill, who hardly knows her and never met her before the change; and Polly, who's always been outspoken and may have only recently met her too. No one who's been with her in Narnia. No one close to her as a child. Too painful

This is so true. 

Susan isn’t even the first Pevensie to deny the existence of Narnia despite having been there. This was precisely Edmund’s point of no return in the first book–the one that took him from spoiled brother with a mean streak to poisonous little beast, to borrow Peter’s deadly phrase. He let Lucy down by telling the others she was playing a game when he’d seen for himself that she wasn’t. 

And now Susan is doing the same exact thing to her own brothers and her sister, who ruled Narnia with her, who have all experienced the constant sensation of feeling doubted by those around them and being outsiders in the Shadowlands together. She’s decided it’s easier just to dismiss the whole thing as a ridiculous childhood fantasy, essentially gaslighting them all in the process, just as Edmund did to Lucy. Imagine how they must feel. (Devolving into fanfiction always weakens a literary argument, so I’ll spare you my thoughts on Edmund and Peter apologizing to Lucy, again - they thought they were sorry before, for lying about her, for not trusting her, but they didn’t know how it felt.)

As far as I can see, this parallel pretty much kills the argument that Susan’s fate is meant to associate femininity - rather than the condition of humanity itself - with triviality and shallowness. Okay, so Susan was willing to trade eternal life for lipstick and invitations. Edmund was willing to trade it for candy.

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NAC: Could you name all of the music videos that Skins actors/actresses have been in? Much appreciated if you do! :)

I will do my best - if I miss any please let me know.