gay candy asks 🍬
  • <p> <b>skittles:</b> ideal date?<p/><b>maltesers:</b> gayest ice cream flavor?<p/><b>cinnamon hearts:</b> favorite spot in nature?<p/><b>twizzlers:</b> best lazy day meal?<p/><b>caramels:</b> fact about your crush / s/o?<p/><b>lifesavers:</b> favorite gay movie?<p/><b>swedish berries:</b> gay jam song?<p/><b>candy bracelets:</b> one word to describe your fashion style<p/><b>fun dip:</b> favorite thing to do with friends?<p/><b>suckers:</b> meme you reference too often?<p/><b>truffles:</b> best compliment you've even gotten?<p/><b>nerds:</b> show you've rewatched 100 times?<p/><b>sour cherries:</b> most recent "wow I'm Gay" moment?<p/><b>marshmallows:</b> best view to watch with your crush / s/o?<p/><b>saltwater taffy:</b> ideal roadtrip destination?<p/><b>mentos:</b> item of clothing that belongs to your crush / s/o that you'd rlly like to be wearing right now?<p/></p>
Imagine Castiel hearing you pleasure yourself

I wrote this for @splendidcas and for me and you and yeah. Tags under the cut

Castiel was trying desperately to ignore your moans of pleasure coming from the room down the hall, cursing his angel hearing. He flipped through the magazine over and over, until he couldn’t handle it anymore. He wanted to blame his vessel on this discretion, but it was the way your voice echoed in his ears, all the way down to his now hard cock. Trying to flood out your whimpers, he clutched the magazine; finally rolling his eyes in false annoyance, he threw it down on the table. His hands quickly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his black trousers and let free his hardness. Castiel breath out a sigh of relief as his cock sprang out, he palmed the head gently and slowly worked his hand down his shaft. He let out a soft groan, sliding his right hand up and down his cock. He listened to the sounds coming from your bedroom; a low buzzing from your vibrator and your soft moans. Castiel bit down on his lip, working faster to relieve himself to you pleasuring yourself. He envisioned your naked body, legs spread wide open; your hand moving the sex toy in and out of your tight wet pussy. How he wanted to bury his face between your legs and never leave; his hand worked faster and faster, jerking his hips up in the air. He slammed his left on the table, just as you let out a loud stuttering groan, recognizing the name you called out.

“Oh, Cas…Cas..”

The angel’s eyes rolled back just as he reached the edge, warm cum squirted onto his hand and trousers. Castiel let out a sigh of relief, relaxing back into the chair. He quickly cleaned himself up and tucked his cock back into his pants. He listened for more sounds from your bedroom; the sound of you walking and opening your closet door was all he heard. After a few minutes, he heard your door open and your footsteps moving toward the bunker library; where he was. He quickly grabbed the magazine and pretended to be invested in an article about onset diabetes.  You walked in looking flushed and relax, shocked to see the angel sitting at the table.

“Uh, hey Cas. I didn’t know you were here,” you died internally, wondering if he heard what you were just doing. You had thought you were all alone, the Winchesters had left to the store.

“I’ve been here for quite a while,” Castiel gave you a small knowing smile.

“Oh,” you murmured, because surely he knew. He had to know, with his damn angel hearing. “You..didn’t happen to-”

“I did,” the angel confirmed your terror. “Especially the last part.”

You watched Cas idly flip through the magazine and you swore the handsome angel had a smirk on his face. Completely embarrassed, you rubbed at your neck not knowing what to say.

“Just so you know,” Cas closed the magazine and looked up at you. “I’d be more than happy to take the place of your sexual device.”

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Imagine Castiel outing your secret relationship with him

Gif submitted by the beautiful @sortaathief

“So I had her legs wrapped around my head,” Dean’s eyes widen in delight as he recounted last night’s venture. You half listened, eyes glanced over at Castiel; who was standing over Sam as he researched on his laptop. The angel looked at you and smiled softly; you looked down to your lap, trying to hide a smirk.

“And then she did this one thing with her tongue,” Dean groaned in remembrance. You laughed and playfully shoved the hunter.

“Yeah, I heard you,” you smirked.

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the signs when home alone !! ( check sun + moon)

aries: orders pizza without permission bc rebel!!1

taurus: watching movies on full volume- basically sets their house up like a theater

gemini: cannot sit stiLL, jumps from activity to activity and will probably do karaoke all by themselves

cancer: reading fanfic and probably watching shitty reality TV shows

leo: eating so much candy and jamming to music, all very chill as they value being home alone more than any sign tbh

virgo: playing club penguin or some weird app!? Probably eating desserts as a reward for redecorating their room a fourth time

libra: honestly playing the Wii or having a dance party by themselves

scorpio: video games + anime/binge watching shows

sagittarius: is chill™ for like the first ten minutes but then starts like 29 new projects they never !!? Return to!

capricorn: distracting themselves by procrastinating on the work they “forgot” to do- watches an involved series to do so or watches really weird YouTube videos

aquarius: truly cherishes their time alone, makes the most of it by indulging in what they love the most

pisces: on social media cONSTANTLY,, they fill their loneliness with tumblr + twitter like the whole tiME

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ms-nightray  asked:

So I was reading your jam recipe. And was wondering if you could answer a question? My mom really loves peach jam/jelly, and I was wondering if your recipe could be used with substituting peaches for strawberries? I would really like to make it for my mom! Thanks for your help and have a great day!

You can indeed use that basic recipe to make a peach jam. I have a recipe that uses 4 (peeled) peaches, and the same amount of lemon juice and sugar and it’s got a nice fruity summery taste to it.

Same method: peel, pit and and slice the peaches (in my experience 4 whole peaches = 6 cups worth) and place into a bowl, add in 2cups sugar and ¼ lemon juice.

Either mush them up with a potato masher or blend them up, it depends on how smooth you want your jam. Leave it to sit at room temperature for 2 hours. This will help the natural sugars in the fruit break down and aid in the production of pectin.

After two hours is up, tip into a medium to large pot, and bring to a roiling boil like you see in my strawberry jam recipe for 5-10 minutes. After that lower the temp and keep stirring on medium to low for roughly 20-30 mins until the mixture cooks down and starts to gel.

You might want to invest in a jam thermometer to make sure you get it to the right temp. This is the one I use for candy and some jams if I’m new to the recipe:

Pour carefully into sterilized jars (this thing is a life saver for not burning your hands: ) and seal the lids. If you seal them airtight in a water bath it’s good for up to a year in a dark cool place, or if you can’t seal them, up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator.

Recipe yields about 3-4  ½ pint jars.

Happy jamming :D

Imagine Dean being turned on by the way you eat.

“Here ya go, sweetheart,” the waiter smiles at you as he sets a plate of ribs in front of you, “It’s nice to see a girl with a good appetite.” He winks at you, before putting down Dean’s plate hastily in front of the hunter.

“Thanks, we’re going to need more napkins,” you smile politely, wanting him to go away. He nods and walks away.

“What a douchebag,” Dean grumbles, taking a sip from his beer.

“Why? Cause’ he was flirting with me? I am single, Dean,” you point out, “Plus, I don’t see anyone else trying to snatch me up,” shrugging you look down at the large plate of food. You were damn famished after a long two day hunt with Dean, it was nice to have an actual meal.

“Just enjoy your food, sweetheart,” Dean smiles, not wanting to ruin the mood.

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We Did Good

Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and the reader are two 23 year old hunters, who have to make the biggest decision of their lives.

“We’re doing the decent thing, right Dean?” You look up from your stomach to the green eyed man, tears filling your own.

He stood silent, looking out the window trying to hold back tears. His hand run over his face, the other reaches out for yours.

“We’re hunters. Look how we grew up-” Dean’s voice fades, you immediately start to rub his back.

“I know, Dean. We can’t keep him. I know we can’t.” Your lips tremble, pressing your forehead against his shoulder.

“We’re doing the right thing, Y/N. I promise you this.”

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In A Crowd

Rafael Barba x OC
Part I - Part II

“This is a mistake.”

She uttered the words through the phone but continued walking, one foot after the other with no intention whatsoever of turning around.

“You could be right.”

Her steps slowed at his reply, but her mind began to race.

Maybe he would be the one to call it off, she thought. She gripped the phone tighter. The uncertainty of it all bothered her. At the same time, she wasn’t able to resist her own curiosity.

“Are you still there?”

“Of course.”

“Which part of the park are you in?”

She looked around in search for any landmarks.

“I’m right by the dog statue.”

“The one with the spots?”

 A smile escaped her before she told him that he was right.

“I’m on the North side. Might take a while for me to get to you. There’s still time to change your mind.”

There it was again; a chance to back out. She wondered if the fates were trying to tell her something. She was about to respond but he spoke again.

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All of me


When you cried, I’d wipe away all of your tears. When you’d scream, I’d fight away all of your fears.

“Actually, it’s pretty fucking simple,” your words were wrapped with bitterness, “It’s a yes or no.”

Castiel looked at right, almost like he was seeing you for the first time.You were so raw and beautiful, it was hard for him to directly at you. So his blue eyes pulled down to look at the ground, his black dress shoes shined from the ceiling light.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t love you. Nor will I ever,” he firmly responded, regretting every word that fell through his lips. He wanted to love you, needed to. His body ached for you in ways he never experienced. You were the light at the end of the tunnel, the hope he had clung to when Heaven was being torn apart.

“Do you really mean that?” You whispered, using all your self strength to keep from crying.

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a-z asks or something???

Jbfjd i was tagged to do this by @midnightdae @witchydae @artificial-lxvr @hmsonny @loeychateau


A: Age - 16 gonna b 17 next month lol

B: Birthplace - egypt

C: Current time - 7.16 pm

D: Drink you had last - coffee lol

E: Easiest person to talk to - my two real life friends , nic n alexa

F: Favourite song - omg literally alot? But im currently jamming to candy by doja cat n peach by my ass man zyx

G: Grossest memory oh cant remember tbh

H: Hogwarts house - slytherin lol

I: In love? - whos love? Do we eat it? Idk wht tht means sorry

J: Jealous of people - yeah kinda bc im so inscure n i want to be as half ad pretty , smart whatever as anyone so

K: Killed someone - oh? I lost count bby

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again oh i dont believe in love at first sight bc its based on looks u cant love somebody if u dont know them esp their flaws n shit

M: Middle name - i dnt have a middle name

N: Number of siblings - 3 older brothers

O: One wish - to travel alot find myself be comfortable in my own body find love most importantly to love myself

P: Person you called last - my mum

Q: Question you are always asked - omgf

“Why r u so loud?” “ why do u ask dumb questions?” “Why do u open ur mouth alot breath from ur nose yikes”

R: Reason to smile - seeing my loved ones happy , working hard n achiving what i want, memes , exo , food n much more

S: Song you sang last - oh boy peach dont even ask why

T: Time you woke up - 7:30 am

U: Underwear color - red lol 👀

V: vication destination - EVERYWHERE

X: X-rays - oh i never had x-rays

Y: Favourite food- all food except fish n eggs

Z: Zodiac sign - sagittarius

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