When everyone else is gone, the pastas...

Tim : Takes his pants off and lays on the couch, watching old black and white movies. Ordered Chinese.
Brian : Takes off his skimask and hood, and lays in his room. Doing absolutely nothing. He ordered pizza though.
Toby : Rolls around in the livingroom, watching MLP. Went to McDonalds.
Jack : He lays in his room with his clothes off (exept for his boxers), thinking over life.
LJ : Just basically explodes over the whole house, candy, ribbons and more. Of course he ends up cleaning it up after.
Kate : She goes around and reads books, enjoying the quiet house, loving her Chinese she got.
Charlie : Lays down in the middle of the house, eating leftovers.
Sally : She makes a tea party in the living room, bringing every stuffed animals she has there. For food, she ate sandwiches.
Natalie : She goes around and sets all clocks to hers. After, she goes out to subway for lunch. Then she goes to her room to wire more.
Jane : She would be sorting out her room, and then picking out outfits, lastly cooking.
Liu : He pulls out his game console and plays team fortress two.
Ben : He plays legend of zelda again, modding it too.
Jeff : He sharpens his knives and then goes to steakhouse ribs.
Jason : He stops making toys for a day, actually. He gets dressed up to go to fancy diners.
Slender : Puts away all paperwork, lets his tentacles hand loose and watches some 70’s movies.

easter w/ the gang hcs

🐣  Two-Bit will either steal Easter candy from the others or he’ll trade with them.

🐰  He surprisingly likes jelly beans the most out of anything.

🐣  Dallas would be all like ‘the hell does Easter exist for?’ while Steve explains its religious importance.

🐰  Darry doesn’t really like the idea of having this candy in his house, it gives Pony and Soda a sugar high.

🐣  Most of the time, Johnny likes getting lil’ stuffed animals (like little duck and rabbit plushies) instead of getting candy. 

🐰  Ponyboy always ends up sharing the candy he gets with Johnny anyway, though.

🐣  The rest of the gang thought that having an Easter egg hunt was childish, but oh my lord, STEVE AND SODA GO NUTS OVER EASTER EGG HUNTS.

🐰  They’ll literally try to beat each other with the number of eggs they picked up.

🐣  Dally just sits back and laughs at how crazy they get.

🐰  Johnny pulls the cute decorative ribbons off of the plushies he gets.

🐣  He ends up putting them over random things like shampoo bottles.

🐰 Darry always gets mad about the ribbons being everywhere and then he realizes that Johnny did it, so he’s like 'oh.' 

🐣  Ponyboy likes coloring eggs.

🐰  He especially likes creating color breeds by placing one-half of the egg in one color for a few minutes and then placing the other half into a different color.

🐣  Two-Bit accidentally ends up frICKINg drinking the vinegar used to dye the eggs at some point.

🐰  Sodapop becomes concerned with Two-Bit’s health after that.

🐣  'Hey, okay, buddy?’

🐰 Two-Bit stays in the bathroom for about an hour and just BRUSHES HIS TEETH the ENTIRE TIME.

🐣  Steve’s gotta love those Peeps.


🐣  Dally passes out on the couch and the guys shove a whole bunch of jelly beans down his shirt.

🐰  Darry doesn’t like this idea either.

🐣  ‘Whoever shoves one more of those damn things in there, you’re cleanin’ all of it up.’

🐰 When Dally gets up from the couch, all of the jelly beans come out of his shirt and everyone dies of laughter while Darry is just like..

Hogwarts Houses as Candy
  • for anon
  • Gryffindor: Warheads (people challenge themselves to eat as many as possible, they're quite intense)
  • Slytherin: Peppermints (they're traditional and tend to be accepted more by adults than children)
  • Ravenclaw: Lollipops (they can vary a lot from one to another, and look and taste very different)
  • Hufflepuff: Jolly Ranchers (they're well known and beloved by anyone who grew up with them)
MCL: Amber’s Room

So on my newer account, I’m on episode 23 where Candy stays at Amber’s house for the evening. I decided to pause and look at the image of her room, wondering if she still had the doll that Castiel fixed for her when they were kids…when I spot something on her bookshelf.

She freaking has plushies of Keroshane, Jamon, and Miiko….

bts as pleasing things
  • Jin: a new perfume, the perfect pen stroke, a freshly-ironed shirt, pressed flowers
  • Yoongi: chillstep soundcloud music, a blanket that just came out of the dryer, dark stormy nights
  • Namjoon: a fresh book (or an old book both are nice), rough wool sweaters, old journals
  • Hoseok: old architecture, blurred crowds, amusement parks at night, a warm cup of tea
  • Jimin: small animals, jackets with patches, large fields, the smell of the ocean, butterflies
  • Taehyung: watching fireworks on the pier, warm cotton candy, small, colorful houses, new coffee shop
  • Jungkook: fuzzy blankets, the scent of a rainy morning, neon signs, soft jazz, waves crashing onto your legs