Never have I Ever - SFW edition

Put an [x] next to all the things your muse HAS done.

[] Fallen for a character in a movie

[] Lied about their age

[] Went through a “Twilight phase”

[] Finished an entire jaw breaker

[] Been kayaking or canoeing 

[] Bungee-Jumped

[] Skydived

[] Experimented their sexual orientation

[] Stolen something

[] Done a successful handstand

[] Skipped class

[] Flown on an plane

[] Gotten drunk

[] Gotten high

[] Taken nudes

[] Sent nudes

[] Kissed someone of the same sex

[] Kissed a stranger

[] Been in a fist fight

[] Been in handcuffs (for any reason)

[] Fallen asleep at the movies

[] Taken part in a talent show

[] Cut their own hair

[] Experienced sleep paralysis

[] Tried lucid dreaming

[] Thrown up on a roller coaster

[] Chipped a tooth

[] Gone hunting

[] Had a bad allergic reaction

[] Worked at a fast food restaurant

[] Looked through someone else’s phone without permission

[] Changed a diaper

[] Eaten an entire pizza by themselves

[] Been pulled over

[] Eaten out of a trash can

[] Played Candy Crush