“I think David was as nervous as I was. Anyway, we sort of spontaneously decided to get it all over with as quickly as possible. We kind of lunged at each other and started these mad, frantic hugs and kisses. Suddenly the director called out: ‘Hey, this isn’t a wrestling match! Let’s calm down and take it slow.’ " 

Candy Clark talking about her love scenes with David Bowie in the movie 'The Man Who Fell to the Earth.' 

(The Pittsburg Press) 

Actress Candy Clark has news for David Bowie fans who consider the self-proclaimed bisexual Glitter King about the most far-out character in creation. “That’s what he’d like us to believe, but the truth is he’s not that far out,” says the gal who got to know him well during production of the current “The Man Who Fell To Earth” release. “A lot of it’s put on. Actually, David’s very down-to-earth, a hard-working professional who’s a scholar on such subjects as religion and history.” She does admit it took her a while to uncover such qualities in Bowie. The first time she met him, in fact, “I thought he was pretty bizarre.”

It’s easy to see how she developed such thoughts when she talks of their introduction at a restaurant dinner party, where David sat sipping tequila out of a bottle — then, after ordering snails, instead of eating them, he used the escargot holders as clips for his nose and his ears.

How did she react?

“I didn’t. I thought he was just looking for a reaction. And so I simply sat there, acting as if I saw people behaving like that every day." 

Excerpt from St. Petersburg Newspaper, August 12, 1976.