Got7 Fansites April Fools

Silence (Jinyoung) -> became Chungha fansite

Stereomood (Jackson) -> became manager fansite

Variety! (Jackbam) -> posting random pictures of other Got7 & Monsta x members

Moonlight (Mark) -> changed name to Sunlight & posts pictures of Jinyoung

Plus 852 (Jackson) -> changed name to Plus 106 & posts pictures of Jaebum

ganpppp (Mark) -> became Jimin & Jungkook fansite

nottothink (Jaebum) -> changed name to 9 7 think & posting pictures of Jungkook & Mingyu  

Juvenile Dreamer (2young) -> changed name to doubleB & became a B1A4 Jinyoung and B.A.P Youngjae fansite

Sunkissed (Jackson) -> Sunkist (a type of gummy candy lol)

BasicInstinct16 (Jaebum) -> changed name to BasicInstinct922 & posts pictures of Jinyoung

WON!twothree (Sf9 Dawon) -> became Jinyoung fansite

CYJsupporters -> posted pictures of Yugyeom & Mark

classic young (Bambam) -> posting pictures where you can’t properly see Bambam

Basic instinct (Jaebum) -> posts pictures of Yura & Jinyoung

"Grocery shopping" (Villainous drabbles)

“Grocery shopping” drabbles 2

In the rare occasion Black Hat and company need to travel outside of their home, it’s usually when they need to buy groceries. It is Black Hat’s worse nightmare, shopping like a normal human being.
Black Hat’s eye twitched when Dr. Flug pulled at Dementia’s leash as they went through the sliding doors. Dementia was on all fours, barking at terrified passerbys making Dr. Flug struggle against her. He tug at the leash, his sneakers sliding across the market’s floors.

“Dementia! Heel! Heel! And stop biting the leash!” Dr.Flug yelled out. Dementia spat out the leash and growled at him. “If you keep acting like that, you won’t get any candy!” Dementia’s tune swiftly changed and stood up, her arms hanging from her sides.

“Okay-” She sighed.

Black Hat growled deeply in annoyance when he saw the shoppers exchanged glances at the odd group, murmuring amongst themselves.

“Dr. Flug! I do not wish to be here any longer than I need to be!” Black Hat snapped. “Where is 5.0.5 with the blasted shopping vehicle?”

“You mean the cart, Sir?” Dr.Flug replied softly. Black Hat whirled at him with a glare, causing the good doctor to raise his hands up in defense.

“Don’t try to correct me, Flug!”

“Sorry Sir!”

“Now, let’s hurry and get what we need on the list.” Black Hat said, straightening his collar. He pulled out the folded up piece of paper out of his breast pocket, just in time for 5.0.5 to show up with the shopping cart. Dementia quickly jumped inside with a large grin, making Dr.Flug tie the end of the leash to the handlebars of the cart. Black Hat rolled his eyes at her and tossed the paper into Dr.Flug’s hands.

“I want everything on that list and into this cart in ten minutes.” He said. Dr.Flug opened up the piece of paper and like an accordion, it fell to the floor. Flug’s eyes nearly bulged out of his goggles from the amount.

“T-ten minutes, S-sir?”

“Did I stutter?” Black Hat snarled, making Flug gulp and Dementia giggle. Black Hat pointed at his wrist. “Tick-tick, Flug…better get moving.”

“Y-yes Sir! Come on 5.0.5!” The trio raced off down the aisle, knocking aside any unsuspecting shopper as Dr.Flug scrambled to get the groceries. Black Hat was left alone, standing silently in the produce section with annoying background music playing in the intercoms. He crossed his arms and tapped his foot. He noticed the other shoppers avoiding him, most even avoiding eye contact with the villain. He does have a reputation, which made his chest swell with pride when he saw the fear in their eyes. But, waiting around and doing nothing was quickly became boring. He gritted his teeth and looked at his watch. Dr.Flug has nine minutes and thirty seconds left. Black Hat yanked his arm down and snarled to himself for not giving the cowardly doctor five minutes instead of ten.

“Free sample, Sir?”

His brow raised and turned around, seeing a young woman behind a small table. She was dressed in a white apron, wearing a chest deli hat and holding out a plate of cheese.

“What?” Black Hat said, his sharp teeth showing with disdain.

She held out the plate, giving him a smile. “Free sample? This is our new type of cheese, it’s monterey jack mixed with Munster cheese.”

He stepped forward with his hands behind his back, staring at the plate with suspicion.

“Hmm, what’s the catch?”

“No catch Sir, just cheese.”

He gave her a glance and with a frown, he picked up a piece of cubed cheese by the toothpick and lifted it up to his face. He gave a sniff and put it in his mouth. He chewed it slowly before swallowing it. He shrugged, unimpressed.


She lifted up another plate. “Would you like to try another type?”

He rolled his eyes and gave out a heavy sigh. “If I must.” And he grabbed another piece.
It wasn’t long until he was sitting on one of the spare sitting stools that the employee had behind her counter. Black Hat tossed his fifteenth toothpick into the garbage. He saw Dr, Flug having a bit of trouble with Dementia, who somehow got out of her leash and was now jumping on the shelves in between aisles. Black Hat blinked when he smacked his lips.

“Not bad, what was that one?”

“West Country cheddar.” The employee replied. Black Hat cleaned his sharp teeth with the toothpick before tossing it away.

“I’ll take it.”

“Very good, Sir.” The employee said. She reached behind the counter and pulled out a pound of the cheese, wrapped in a tight plastic. Black Hat grabbed it without giving her a glance. “Would you like the coupon that goes with it? It will save you one dollar.”

“A coupon?” He turned and grabbed the piece of paper. “This thing will help me save money? What kind of idiot designed this? I would rather keep every penny.”

“Which is why it’s limited Sir, only one for each cheese.”

“Hmm, well I suppose I should use it, no sense wasting it. Dr. Flug!” Black Hat yelled out, his voice reaching through the store. “Time’s up!”

He scowled when he saw the doctor pushing the cart with 5.0.5 struggling to keep Dementia inside the cart and attached to the leash. The mountain of food rocked back and forth as they made their way towards Black Hat.
Black Hat took out a small notebook from underneath his top hat, along with a pen. He glanced back at the employee.

“What is your name?”

“Amanda, Sir.”

Black Hat scribbled the name down and shoved the notebook into his hat. “Congratulations, “Amanda”, you have now made the list of humans to show mercy to.”

She tilted her head. “Excuse me?”

Black Hat ignored her when he strolled up to the cart. Dr.Flug was hanging down from the handlebars, breathing heavily as he lifted up a finger.

“W-we got everything, S-Sir Black Hat.”

Dementia shoved a bag of jaw breakers in front of Black Hat’s face. “And I got candy!”

Black Hat immediately shoved the bag back into Dementia’s face. “Cut it out! Now! Let’s go!” Black Hat began to walk towards the door, but Dr, Flug stopped him when he asked.

“What about paying for the groceries?”

Black Hat’s neck snapped when he turned his head completely around like an owl. He gave the trip a devilish grin. “Who said anything about paying?”

No one really stopped them.

I hoped you all enjoyed!

“Blue-Berry Soda” - Page 3

Previous Page - Next Page soon!

Esto se está descontrolando!!! hahaha, we are almost done and as promised I added a little eye-candy… Fox candy hahaha. I actually changed almost all this page’s panels, you really are making me do this comic more spicy that I intended to… Not that I complain hahaha.

What mischiveous plans Judy has? will find out in the next and last page, hope you like it and enjoy it.

Cheers X3

Being in a relationship with Carl would include:


Originally posted by corlgrimes

• Dates in one of the uninhabited houses of Alexandria where you two are undisturbed

• Carl taking your hand to hold it or wrapping an arm around you while walking through Alexandria

• You noticing the fights between Ron and Carl and being worried about him getting hurt

• Him being pretty protective of you 

• During the attack of the wolves and the walker herd Carl’s priority always being your wellbeing and safety

• Almost going insane when Carl gets shot and you have to see him laying bleeding on the cot, while holding his hand and praying that he makes it

• Him being insecure about his lost eye at first but you giving him the feeling that you love him no matter what which makes him more comfortable with it

• You trying to find chocolate pudding for him on runs

• And when you do find some cans with it, when you see how happy he is about it the whole struggle to get it was absolutely worth it 

• Him also trying to find gifts for you when you’re on runs or trying to get some of your favorite food or candy

• Changing Carl’s eye patch and bandage because he feels the most comfortable with you doing it

• Him putting his sheriff hat on your head and telling you how good it looks on you

• Sneaking out of the gates to spend the day together in the woods 

• Helping him babysitting Judith

• Carl sending glares over to Rick when he tries to tell you awkward childhood stories about Carl when you’re invited over for dinner 

• Roller skating with him

• Him not being able to stay mad at you for a long time after a fight which you also barely have

• Carl threatening anyone who just tries to mock or hurt you

• Sitting in the rocking chairs on his Dads house’s porch and watching the sun going down over the other houses of Alexandria and the trees of its surrounding

• Him not being able to imagine his life without you and making sure that you know how much he loves you


burgerkingwhopperscatfishpotato  asked:

Can you draw Jefferson as Heather Chandler, Madison as Heather Duke, Burr and Heather McNamara, and Hamilton as Veronica (Candy Store?)


I changed Madison to McNamara though, because he’s small and anxious, I hope that’s alright!

I had way too much fun with this…


The Before I Die Wall

After the lost of someone she loved artist Candy Chang turned the side of an abandoned house in her neighborhood in New Orleans into a giant chalkboard.

Painted with chalkboard paint and stenciled with the sentence “Before I die I want to _______”, the wall became a space where people could learn the hopes and dreams of the people around them and turned a neglected space into a positive one to help improve the neighborhood.

Reaction to the wall was more than she could have ever imagined. From the funny and creative to the thoughtful and heartbreaking, the responses have made her laugh out loud and also tear up.

The project was featured in Oprah Magazine and NBC, and The Atlantic called it “one of the most creative community projects ever.”

COTTON CANDY Translation

Stop changing your mind

Because I keep changing around you

Why is it different from what I thought?

This is our first winter

You can’t be like this

You’ll certainly be disappointed


We have to do more than just pray

Then should I start the prepared

Plan for a “just in case” day

If it doesn’t work I’ll try to make it work

If you’ll do it then I’ll do it, like this

Sometimes you just need to show your wits

Like nothing is wrong

I’ll pick out the floating white

Cumulus clouds in that sky

After that I’ll collect and fill

Them into your inflated heart

The fluttering that I put out at the end

If you mix it with the heart thumping

It will bloom like cotton candy


I’ll pick a star that resembles you

And I will get closer to you

Since you’ll like it

I feel good lalala

From over there From over there From over there

Please wait wait wait a little

So that my heart

Can be calmed since when I’m

With you my expressions

Can’t be controlled  close your eyes for a moment

What you wanted was this, right?

I’ll say it now

This is how it started


I closed my eyes and confessed

So today is even more special to me

Even though it didn’t go as planned

If it doesn’t work I’ll try to make it work

If you’ll do it then I’ll do it, like this

Even if you think I’m just faking it it’s okay

I’ll show you now

I’ll pick out the floating white

Cumulus clouds in that sky

After that I’ll collect and fill

Them into your inflated heart

The fluttering that I put out at the end

If you mix it with the heart thumping

It will bloom like cotton candy



Your eyes shined on me

As I got one step

Closer in that moment

Yours and my love was red

The sky we were watching was blue

Since the person who is watching you and only you is me

I’ll become the light that brightens the path ahead of you

I’ll sweetly kiss you on the lips

I’ll pick out the floating white

Cumulus clouds in that sky

After that I’ll collect and fill

Them into your inflated heart

The fluttering that I put out at the end

If you mix it with the heart thumping

It will bloom like cotton candy


If you want to see a breakdown of the lyrics and who sings them, look here!

Translation ©  Admin N via astrofantastic

Do not remove without proper credit

Is That My Shirt? - Armin

This is the second piece of the ‘Is That My Shirt?’ series I am working on. This time, it’s Armin’s turn.
If you have a preference for which boy I do next, or if you want me to do one of the boys that aren’t a dating option in the game, leave me an ask.

So, maybe baking hadn’t been the best idea. Using measuring cups accurately. Softening but not melting butter. Cracking eggs and not getting any shell in the mix. Remembering to preheat the oven. And don’t even think about mentioning the haunting amount of flour that was now coating the pair. Baking required so much time and effort, far more than Armin had anticipated when he first suggested the idea to Candy. All he had wanted was a warm cake to eat with his girlfriend. What he got was a giant mess in the kitchen that he was going to have to clean up… Oh, and a giant mess all over himself and Candy. Precision really wasn’t his thing, and as it turns out it wasn’t hers either.

Once the cake had landed somewhat safely into the oven the pair had split up into separate rooms to get changed. Armin, like the occasional gentleman that he was, had allowed Candy to change in his room while he took the bathroom across the hall. It had only taken him a few minutes to discard the ingredient soaked clothes he had been wearing and replace them with something fresh. Apparently Candy wasn’t as speedy with her outfit swap.

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notyourplotbunny replied to your post “I need Saphael ideas for Valentine’s Day, help…”

rafe being passive aggressive with candy hearts

he knows they cant eat them but its the principle (sp?) of the matter bc noone has celebrated valentines day at dumort in decades 

Okay, I guess I changed it a little bit but I hope you like what I made of it, I certainly had fun writing this :D And thank you for the idea! ♥

Also posting it already because it’s just past midnight here so it’s the 14th for me already - it will be up on AO3 in about an hour (it won’t let me set the correct date before 1am…)

“What is up with this stuff, seriously??” Stan complained and Simon glanced up from the comic he was currently reading to look at the small pink candy heart the older vampire had pinched between his index finger and thumb. It wasn’t the first one a clan member had discovered in the hotel and the fledgeling couldn’t help but think that the idea was absolutely hilarious.

“What does this one say?” Simon asked and he felt his lips already tugging into a grin when the other groaned.

U suck.”

Laughter bubbled up in Simon’s throat and he wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the little messages engraved into the sweets. Whoever had taken the time to scatter these in the whole hotel was clearly a genius in Simon’s book and he would love to know who was behind all of this.

“I’m still convinced that this is your doing, Lewis! You’re the only one here with this stupid kind of humour!” Stan glared at him but without any heat and Simon knew he wasn’t actually mad. He was simply an old, grumpy vampire without a sense of humour and probably didn’t even get why half of the things were funny to the clan members who bothered to keep up with the modern world.

“Stan, seriously, I would be proud if this had been my idea but sadly it isn’t.”

“I found one with ctrl + z in one of the cupboards in the kitchen,” Lily commented from where she was curled up in the armchair with a book perched in her lap, not taking her eyes off the pages while talking. Stan and a few other vampires frowned, clearly not getting the joke, while Simon stifled more laughter by pressing his hand to his mouth.

“When I got up and went to the bathroom there was a blue heart balanced on the tap with the words get lost. I always thought these candy hearts only had nice messages on them but clearly, there are mean ones as well,” another female vampire added and a few other clan members told about their findings as well. Simon’s favourite ones certainly were the drop dead, bite me, tbh I’d rather not and in ur dreams but the u suck was right up there as well.

The first one to discover the candy hearts scattered across the hotel had been one of the oldest clan members who had been very confused about the I literally can’t message on a yellow heart in their room because they couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to mean. Simon had tried to explain the meaning but he wasn’t too sure that the other vampire had understood.

“It’s Valentine’s Day, someone probably just wanted to lighten the mood,” Lily commented with a shrug and it might have been a slightly weird thing to do so with almost insulting messages on pastel coloured candy hearts but most clan members did think they were funny and a few had actually started a competition about who could find the most hearts - and the ones with the best messages.

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Sweets - Finn Shelby

23 , finn

From this prompt list:

23)  “Do you really need all that candy?” (*changed to  “Do you really need all those sweets?” because, you know, they’re Brummies)


There’s a little spot up the cut that no one seems to use. It’s peaceful and sheltered, and it’s where Finn and I have taken to meeting. We’ve both agreed that it’s best to keep things quiet for the time being; his family have a lot going on -although I don’t ask too many questions- and mine, well, my family would flip their lids if they found out I was seeing a Shelby boy.

It’s a warm day so I’m sat with my feet dangling in the water listening to Finn rant about his family and kick about a stone in frustration.

“I just don’t know why they won’t let me get involved!” he concludes, flopping down next to me.

“Probably because they’re looking out for you. Especially with everything that happened after the Russian debacle, you can see why John and Arthur especially, want to keep you out of it,” I say.

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headcanon that candy actually did change her last name to morningstar, and that she obviously wasn’t going to but lucifer told her to, that way the scary traffickers in vegas or wherever else would know to never mess with her again, and he gave her a lot of money and she can go open her juice bar slash tanning salon and live happily ever after

i’m so pleased oh my god they handled that pretty much exactly as i wanted, and THERE WAS EVEN A CHLOE/CANDY HUG AND MOMENT OF RECONCILIATION AND I WANT HER TO STAY AND BE PART OF THE WEIRD FAMILY OKAY ALL RIGHT I DO

but omg lucifer, since you were never actually married, you never were unfaithful to chloe, therefore you can’t understand why she is mad at you, and just… boy that is…

not how feelings work

not even a little

i’ve been thinking about ~2017~ will & grace and I have some headcanons.

Grace obviously has Instragram/Snapchat and is obsessed with experimenting with filters. Jumps on health trends like avocado toast and green smoothies. Secretly binges on Ben & Jerry’s but like, she’s totally earned it because she walked fifty-two steps on her FitBit. Always looking for life hacks online to accommodate her laziness. Uploads vines of her obnoxious singing. Tries to use meme jokes in everyday life (even though no-one understands them.) Totally read Fifty Shades of Grey but will never admit it. Uses outdated terms “on fleek” & everyone groans in frustration and she’s like “what, is that one finished?” Politically, she is simultaneously uninformed and very angry. Big Hillary supporter (bc Grace/Debra, where is the line?)

Will is super into Pinterest; goes through several frosting bags trying to recreate their aesthetic desserts for office pot lucks, but is too much of a perfectionist so ends up baking literally dozens (which Grace eats, obviously). Takes a lot of selfies and deletes most of them (increasingly self-conscious about gray hair/ageing) Still runs a Barry Manilow fan blog and tried to celebrate his coming out although literally none of friends care. Maps out detailed Netflix viewing schedules in order to pace himself, but ends up binge watching full seasons in one night and hating himself in the morning. Pays for everyone’s Netflix/Spotify. Mistrustful of new music but totally went through a Hamilton phase. Gets objects thrown at his head every time he attempts the rap or sings in a British accent. Listens to audiobooks because he’s an ~intellectual~ but literally only buys them if they’re read by a major celebrity. Silently mourns George Clooney’s marriage. Kind of a white liberal, slowly coming to terms with PC culture.Still plays Candy Crush/Angry Birds. Changes his WiFi password every week bc he just KNOWS Jack is mooching from across the hall.