Easy Candy Cane Nails (by cutepolish)

Nail Art

I really love nail arts, fortunately, my cousin (ate Buningning) have the talent to do some. I always had my nail arts every other week before, will show you some of the designs that my cousin made. Forgive our not so good hands and feet. hahaha! 

Actually, the very first nail art I had was Black nailpolish with white polkadot, wasn’t able to take photo because it was a long long time ago. 

The second one was this yellow with black accent, its just an experiment, but it looks like a puppy, so we called it it a “puppy nail art” :)))

For my sister’s nail art, my cousin made a Watermelon nail art. We just search the design over youtube and she made it perfectly. :) 

These not so good feet belongs to my cousin (ate odette) hahaha! Anyway,we also got the design from youtube. 

My cousin Jessa chose the simple “Candy Cane nail art

These Rock Chic nail art also belong to my sister Xy. It was her 2nd nail art.  

For my third nail art, I really don’t know what to call this design, uhhmm.. maybe we can call it the Metal chic nail art lols :P

And for the last nail art that I had, my favorite classic Strawberry nail art. I know its common but I really love this design, the combination of pinkish red, green and dots of yellow were really cool. I had this design for like three times and I would love to have it again sometime. 

It’s been so long since I had this nail art. Its just that, I am into simple nail polish nowadays and sometimes I prefer having a clean nails with a colorless nail polish. :)