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before i erase my 9 and 1/2 year old platinum save file, let me take you with me on a trip down memory lane

i spent a lot of time on this file over the years, i wasnt so original with the name cause i was just so hyped to play it when i finally managed to get it

also i picked the girl because i played as the boy in both diamond and pearl

took me just under a month to beat the game, and i wasnt very original with the trainer card signature either

and of course we have my secret base, complete with row of gems, chimchar doll, and cave tv

as well as my fully decked out villa in the resort area

11 year old me must have been really fed up that tms were still consumable…

and of course who could forget my absolute favorite event, i saved the last motor for the rotom i used on my team. i got like 3 sheets of rotom stickers from walmart when the event was going on, haha.

speaking of my team:

i picked infernape because i used torterra in pearl and empoleon in pearl, so i figured while i was trying new things i would pick the starter i hadnt used yet as well.

this claydol that i transferred from a used copy of sapphire i got from gamestop that i happened to use on my team for some reason

and my main motor, fan rotom. this was back before changing formes also changed rotom’s type, so levitate was actually still helpful

are you kidding me? giratina was too cool NOT to use on my team, especially being able to change formes as well

looking back on it, i always did prefer articuno to the other birds. this one was the first wandering bird i caught so i decided to add it to my team.

and finally, my first hall of fame. along with a lucario i had on my team as well as my first shiny pokemon ever and my original mascot, my shiny floatzel that i caught as a buizel (that i’ve already transferred up from gen 4)

sorry for the long post, but thank you for letting me share the remnants of my oldest pokemon save file to date so far before i wipe it.

fun things to do in october!!!

-pumpkin themed beverages

-plan your halloween

-summon a demon

-bob for apples


-commit first degree murder

-carving pumpkins

-horror movies

-eat spiders

-haunted houses

-sending everyone you know those pumpkin man gifs

-dig your own grave

-find cute halloween costumes

-get a shit-ton of candy

-buy body parts and create frankenstein’s monster

-jump leaf piles

-sip hot tea in the cool fall weather

-replace everyone’s heads with jack-o-lanters


Behind the Scenes of Army of Ghosts/Doomsday (Part 9)

Excerpts from Doctor Who: The Inside Story:

“We specifically designed the Dalek in the first series in relation to Billie’s height,” explains production designer Edward Thomas. “When Billie looks at the Dalek they are eye-to-eye, which is why the Dalek ended up being slightly taller than it had been in the classic series.  In Doomsday, we have the same thing except, this time, Rose is in charge, and against a black Dalek.

“The parallel worlds story was domestic, and therefore a much more real story,” Russell [T Davies] suggests. “Although it involved a sci-fi parallel world, it’s actually about a mum and dad and their daughter; about a family brought together by the Doctor across time and space, and across parallel worlds. And so that was how we wrote out Rose: there’s no other way you could do it. She was so fundamental to the series that I was never going to kill her. I had to seal the walls between different universes and say they can never be transgressed. And I had to leave her happy, that’s the only ending that I could possibly have been satisfied with. So I took the whole history, going all the way back to Father’s Day, as a big set-up for the only thing that could separate her from the Doctor. We knew Billie was leaving at the end of Series Two, right from the end of production on Series One; so we could really plan it all in advance.”

David on Army of Ghosts/Doomsday from DWM #375

They were the scripts that were most affecting when I read them, for obvious reasons, but also for kind of televisual history reasons - with the whole Dalek/Cybermen thing. We filmed those episodes in the middle of the run, rather than at the end, so it was all out of sequence, which is just as well, because it was upsetting enough, really, to film those final scenes. If we’d have done them actually at the end of Billie’s time on the show, I think we might have lost the plot.

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