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New details about Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee

  1. There are different size of Pokémon depending on the size you capture alters the amount of experience you earn

  2. Pokémon will appear with 2 types of aura
    * Red: The Pokémon is bigger than normal
    * Blue: The Pokémon is smaller than normal

  3. All the Pokémon in your party will receive experience point from capturing Pokémon

  4. Partner Pokémon will wag their tail when a item is close

  5. Second player can connect just by shaking the second joy con

  6. When both players are in sync when throwing the ball, they get a bonus

  7. Trace is the name of the rival

  8. You will need a grass or water Pokémon to have access to the Pewter Gym

  9. To connect to another play you are required a Link Code, the code is made of different Pokémon

  10. Safari Zone has been replaced for the GO Park

  11. In the GO Park you can capture Pokémon from Pokémon GO. the higher the CP the higher the Level 

  12. Candy will be given in Pokémon GO when the Pokémon is captured in Let’s GO

  13. Candy is available on Let’s Go, the candy can raise the status of a Pokémon

Unlucky Robot

by reddit user IPostAtMidnight

When I was young, I had the worst luck making friends. Not for the regular reasons—I wasn’t much different than the other kids in my neighborhood, and I wasn’t too weird, or at least I wasn’t back then. No, I was actually pretty normal, until that one Halloween night when my luck changed.

For my costume that year, I wore a box wrapped in tinfoil. There were blinking lights and buttons glued on the front, and I’d cut two holes for my arms, which were covered in those flexible dryer vent hoses. With a metal colander strapped on my head and a plastic laser gun, I was a serious robot death machine. Humans beware.

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Half-Blood Princess (Part 3): This Time Around

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader, Hannah (Twin Sister)

Length: 1150+ words

TW: Nothing of any sort! Just all the fluff~

A/N: Someone asked about writing a Part 3, and I seriously wasn’t going to write one, but this just came out of nowhere, and now I just had to write it. I hope this was somewhat believable, and true to character! I hope this gives you some comfort after Angst Appreciation Day yesterday! Feedback is encouraged!

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

It was a few days later, and Y/N wasn’t sure what to expect when Dean made the promise. Everyone seemed so sure they were going to start treating her differently, but she wasn’t sure how they could change so easily like that. She decided early on that she would give her siblings another chance. It takes two to make a relationship so she would try her best to form a bond with them, and see how it goes. Though, she was pretty wary of them still, she wanted to give them another chance. 

“Hey, kiddo,” Dean greeted, seeing her already in the kitchen making breakfast. “Need any help?”

She was about to shake her head when she paused. “Sure. Wanna help me make the eggs?” She was already halfway in making the pancakes, a pile already stacked beside her. 

“’Kay.” He grabbed another pan from the cabinet, and the carton of eggs along with the bacon. “What’s eggs without bacon, right?” he joked with a wink.

She laughed at his antics, shaking his head. “If you want to get high cholesterol, and die early- then knock yourself out.”

“Sounds like someone’s been spending way too much time with Sam.”

Y/N scoffed, but it came out more like a snort causing her to slap her hands to her lips in embarrassment. Dean looked at her for a millisecond before an evil grin formed on his face, reminding her of the Grinch. 

“Did you just snort?”

“Nope. Didn’t happen.”

“Yes, it did!” Dean threw his head back in laughter before bumping her hips with his. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Your secret is safe with me.”

“What secret?” Y/N said, playing dumb.

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Player : Hey, at the risk to be off-topic, when will Moonlight Lovers come out ?

Chino : One day, I hope… xD. This year surely, but we work well on it anyway.

I don’t know why, but seeing this, something in my heart feels a little soothed. I’m saying “ok, in the next 9 month”. And I’m more relax.

rainbowneko1  asked:

So how would mtmte Cyclonus/tailgate, Rung, Megatron, Whirl, and Rodimus deal with a very grumpy/agitated female human s/o who is cramping and in pain and on their time of the month?

Cyclonus is calm even when you’re being a huge grump. He’s more concerned about getting rid of your pain. While he gathers some supplies Tailgate fluffs up blankets and pillows. Cyclonus comes back with your medicine and something sweet to drink, as well as a healthy snack. They cuddle up to you to keep you warm and take turns telling you stories. Once the pain ebbs you’re sleepy, and they sing you to sleep while Tailgate rubs your head.

Rung sees how agitated and uncomfortable you are, squirming and whining. He helps you to the wash racks for a warm shower; you’ll feel much better once you’re clean. He even washes your hair; he gives the best head scritches.  When you’re squeaky clean and content he rubs the tension from your back while you munch on candy. You’re given extra snuggles and kisses.

Megatron is… bothered, to say the least, by human blood. It’s not that he’s squeamish; it’s the memories that come with the blood. He’s more freaked out than you thought he would be. Several times he suggests taking you to Ratchet- should you really be bleeding that much? He gets you a heating pad, stocks up on products, and brings you candy. He dotes on you and is even more scared of hurting you than usual. If he has a meeting he asks Ravage to keep an eye on you.

Whirl thinks you’re pretty badass. Wow, you can bleed for six days without dying! When you get grumpy he just laughs it off, honestly it’s so cute when you try to be intimidating. He asks Ratchet to give you some pain medicine (more like demands) and gets Rodimus to pull over so you can get some sweets. He’s also extra protective when you’re not feeling well. Everyone thinks he’s being annoying, but you know he’s just taking care of you.

Rodimus drops everything. HIS BAE IS IN PAIN??? NOT ON HIS SHIP! Cancel his afternoon, Magnus, he has to take care of his s/o! This is not time for work! He steals Swerve’s collection of Disney movies and wraps you up into a blanket burrito- is that enough blankets? Are these snacks okay? He tucks you under his chin and puts on Treasure Planet.

Here’s why the Women’s Rumble Match meant so much to me/was so good:

SO many of the entrants were women that have been misused and mistreated and belittled through their careers in WWE. Not all the time, but definitely at times. They have been eye-candy, rarely given the chance to fulfill their athletic potential. And when they did get to shine, it usually involved a man’s involvement OR was in a tiny capacity that didn’t show all they could do.

Women in the WWE have and continue to be lower than the men. We’ve been fortunate in recent years to see a shift in this, but it’s still very much not the norm.

But this match? This main event match? This match of only women, only about women?

It was a time for all of them to shine for who they are and what they are and what they can do just by being themselves. Strong, tough, real women. Women that don’t need a man to be valid. Women that work hard and give their all and can entertain us good and well. Women that come in all shapes and sizes and backgrounds and paths, and they all got here.

There were perfect bits of nostalgia and perfect bits of progressing-the-stories. I loved that match. I will always love that match.

Hetaween 2016 - Part 3
  • Iceland: ... are we seriously doing this...??
  • Denmark: yep, go for it! We're so going to win this contest!
  • Iceland: *rings the doorbell* T-T-Trick or T-T-Treat!
  • Person: oh, hi... um... haha, aren't you a little too old to trick or treat-
  • Denmark: *takes out axe*
  • Norway: *ominous spirits in the background*
  • Finland: *murderous aura while smiling*
  • Sweden: *intense glaring*
  • Person: *sweats nervously* h-h-here... um... take all of it!
  • Iceland: oh... well, that was easy...
Twix and Daisies || Do Kyungsoo

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 1,045

Do Kyungsoo + Reader + Fluff

—Turns out, a secret admirer is not really good at staying unknown. 

On a normal day at school, students are usually greeted by other students; either a simple ‘Good morning’ or maybe just the normal ‘How are you today?’ that can be thrown to anyone you come across with at the hallway.

And you? You’re greeted by a Twix chocolate bar and a single daisy.

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anonymous asked:

There's nothing sweeter than the candy Given out by Mistress Mandy. The price is low, not even money. All it takes is a jar of honey. But beware, those weak of will, for the cost grows higher still. For each piece beyond the first, gives the fool a nagging thirst. For nothing's sweeter than the candy, given out by Mistress Mandy.

We must not look at goblin men, / We must not buy their fruits: / Who knows upon what soil they fed / Their hungry thirsty roots?