candy corn on the cob

Delicious RP meme

🍓- To share strawberries and cream with my muse.
🍕- To order a pizza with my muse.
🍪- To bake cookies with my muse.
🍞- To bake bread with my muse.
🍣- To grab some sushi with my muse.
☕- To have a cup of coffee with my muse.
🍅- To help my muse harvest the vegetable garden.
🍟- To grab some fast food with my muse.
🍩- To bring my muse a box of donuts or pastries.
🍎- To make caramel apples with my muse.
🍝- To eat spaghetti to forgetti your regretti with my muse.
🍭- To visit a candy shop with my muse.
🌽- To eat corn on the cob with my muse.
🍦- To go out for ice cream with my muse.
🍸- To get drunk with my muse.
🍖- To barbecue with my muse.
🍜-To grab some takeout with my muse.
🍫- To give my muse some chocolate.

Livin The Dream (Part 2)

Summary: You and Benny begin dating, and learn a lot about each other. A shocking phone call causes some problems.

Pairing: Soldier!Benny x Reader

Word Count: 2,100

Warnings: implied smut, mention of war and deployment, sass, fluff, and angst because I can’t help it

A/N: Part 2 of soldier Benny! Again, thank you @deanssweetheart23 for helping me with this whole series. I hope you guys like it.

Read Part 1 HERE

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Here’s a photo of candy corn on the cob. That might be some sort of dough in the center? Wishful thinking says cookie dough.

DUDE…. THAT LOOKS REALLY COOL…. Honestly I’ve only eaten candy corn once and it wasn’t really the best but like my experience with American Candy is very small..