candy x grenda

Dick jokes are hard/Imagine your OTP
  • Me: Hey, wanna hear a joke about my dick?
  • Friend: What? You don't-
  • Me: Nevermind, it'd be too LONG anyways!
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: You don't even have a dick.
  • Me: Why can't you take a joke, woman?!

Gravity Falls Alternate Universe: Vampire and Hunter

Dipper Pines (Demon Hunter) is the main protagonist of the story and long lost twin sister, Mabel Pines. He was cursed by the demon, Bill Cipher. His left eye is very powerful and was given by his late master, Ford Pines. 

Pacifica Northwest is the leading character of the story. She is a vampire princess and daughter of King Dracula, Mr. Preston Northwest. She later realizes that she won’t find a new fiancee and disobey with her father. She truly love Sir Johnny (familiar with Dipper Pines) for long time ago (19th century).

Mabel Pines is a beautiful witch and along with her bestfriends, Candy and Grenda. They were kidnapped by the evil witch, Giffany and left Dipper Pines. She was sought to kill Demon Hunter as her master’s request. They also has lost to their memorize. 

Gideon Gleeful is the spoiled mayor of Gravity Falls. He has known Bill Cipher since his childhood days. He immediately fell in love with Mabel Pines. He became more jealous of Dipper Pines. 

Bill Cipher is the most powerful and immortal king demon character of the story. He is friendly, gentleman and adopt of a spoiled child, Gideon Gleeful when his parents were killed by King Dracula. 

The New Mystery Squad

With the twins and the Grunkles gone, someone still needs to protect Gravity Falls from all the weirdness, and who else would it be but Soos, Mr. Mystery himself, along with Wendy, Melody, Candy and Grenda?